July 2005 Table of Contents

Editorial Comment Keep on Growing

This month we present, for the fifth year, our list of the top 100 concrete contractors in the United States. Read more

News & Events News and Events News & Events

Alan Wilson, AIA, design principal at the Haskell Co., has agreed to speak at the first annual convention hosted by the Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA). Read more

Where Contractors Are Trusted Partners Features Where Contractors Are Trusted Partners

You might think that contractors shop wherever they can get the best prices, but few list price as most important when choosing a supplier. Read more

Tips for Building PT Slabs Features Tips for Building PT Slabs

Designing slab-on-ground foundations to include unbonded post-tensioning reinforcement is one good way to control cracking without cutting joints. Read more

Whole Firm Marketing Features Whole Firm Marketing

Many contractors we work with believe that their marketing and sales efforts are the weakest link in their organizations. When we probe a little deeper to understand their concerns, we find that most are stuck in an “old school” marketing frame of mind. Read more

The 2005 CC100: Seeking Higher Quality and Margins Features The 2005 CC100: Seeking Higher Quality and Margins

Concrete contractors are like farmers—things are never perfect. In the hot years of the late 1990s, labor shortages abounded and quality suffered. Fighting to find business and get decent margins were the main woes during the cold years from 2001 through 2003, then in 2004, just as business warmed again, steel and cement prices spiked and margins suffered. Read more

Reader Response Grain Elevators

in 1906 "the first concrete elevator [was] erected on the Buffalo waterfront and was the first anywhere to be constructed by continuously pouring concrete into slip forms." Read more

Reader Response Earlier Tile Placement

Desiccant dehumidification looks like a very nice solution that will allow tile to be placed on concrete sooner. I would also like to mention another solution that will save even more time and will also save money. Read more

Reader Response Working for Free

I enjoyed reading your editorial comment in the February issue of Concrete Construction. In response to the question of held retainage, pay-if-paid contracts, and owners that refuse to pay on change orders, I can offer our policy on these issues. Read more

Cracks Cracks Cracks Hime & Erlin On Concrete Cracks Cracks Cracks

They come in all configurations, shapes, and widths: from gigantic to nearly invisible, from invisible to the naked eye but visible under a microscope to invisible even under a microscope—that is, the nonstructurally induced cracks. Read more

Waterborne Urethane Coatings for Concrete Decorative Concrete Waterborne Urethane Coatings for Concrete

Larry Good, chemical engineer for Specialty Concrete Products, West Columbia, S.C., defines coatings as products that penetrate into concrete, and sealers as products that form films on top. Read more

Products Increte Systems Texture-Crete and Spray-Deck Overlay Systems

Texture-Crete and Spray-Deck overlay systems are the ultimate cover-up for plain, old, or unsightly concrete. Read more

Products Artcrete Faux Brick

Faux Brick texture rollers add texture and accent color to concrete and provide an antique look to stenciled concrete. Read more

Marshalltown Rock N Roller Marshalltown Rock N Roller

Rock N Roller stamping system lets contractors roll impressions in concrete fast. Read more

Products Innovative Tool Design Color Spreader

The process of applying color hardeners and release agents by hand can be inconsistent, wasteful, and even unhealthy. Read more

Products Pyramid Cement Products MarbleTone

The MarbleTone rugged two-step stain and glaze process highlights the beauty of concrete floors while also sealing them. Read more

Products Benron Equipment & Supply Bucket Gripper

The Bucket Gripper allows users to mix materials in a 5-gallon bucket without spinning the bucket. Read more

Concrete Basics Ordering Ready-mixed Concrete

The key to placing an order for ready-mixed concrete is to provide all the basic detailed information and to keep the requirements as simple as possible and relevant to the application. The ready-mixed concrete producer has mixture formulations for a wide variety of applications and can help decide the required mixture characteristics. Read more

Proactive Service Boosts Productivity Products Solving Problems Proactive Service Boosts Productivity

Most contractors know the importance of good service and maintenance to keep their equipment available and productive. But as equipment outlets and suppliers consolidate their operations, reducing service and limiting their parts inventories, many contrac Read more

Problem Clinic Sealing Vapor Barrier Penetrations

I am consulting on a new commercial building, specifically for indoor air quality issues. I read a good article on your Web site, “Preventing Moisture Problems” by Martha Van Geem and Medgar Marceau. I have one follow-up question regarding vapor retarders Read more

Problem Clinic Stamping a Long Driveway

I recently did a stamping job on a long driveway. Part of the job went fine, but in some areas the concrete had already started setting, so we had trouble getting it to take the same textures. How can I overcome that problem on my next project? Read more

Keystone Concrete Contractor to Watch Keystone Concrete

I started out working for a big general contractor who got bought out. That was in 1972. My three sons and I started out doing big custom homes, then went into multi-family and then commercial. Read more

Other Articles
Product Update Insulating Concrete Forms

Over the past decade, the insulating concrete form (ICF) industry has focused on selling to homeowners. ICFs are appealing because of energy savings, wind resistance, and noise reduction. Read more

Project of the Month Project of the Month: Rancho Arroyo, California

In a remote mountain location between Los Angeles and San Francisco, a 4000-acre ranch site is gradually coming of age. When complete, it will include a winery, an olive farm, a horse-training and -trading facility, greenhouses, and a number of other facilities. Read more

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