June 2005 Table of Contents

Editorial Comment Why not concrete?

At the most recent meeting of the American Concrete Institute in New York City, Senior Editor Joe Nasvik and I had the opportunity to meet with some of the people who are taking the concrete message to the streets of New York. The facts are compelling, and developers in New York, notoriously a steel-only town, are listening. Read more

News and Events News & Events

Keynote speakers chosen for tilt-up convention, Women in Concrete Network events and Construction Wordksite Spanish-English Books Available and more in this months News & Events Read more

Concrete that Drains Features Concrete that Drains

Most people consider concrete to be impervious—after all, it's HHl used to make swimming pools and kitchen sinks. And most concrete is, indeed, nearly watertight. But a new kind of concrete that allows water to flow through virtually unimpeded is gaining popularity. Pervious concrete is being used mostly in the construction of parking lots, but also for sidewalks, bike paths, playgrounds, and erosion control. Pervious concrete pavement is not, however, suitable for areas subject to high traffic volumes or speeds. Read more

New York Rises with Concrete Features New York Rises with Concrete

Two powerful organizations are having great success increasing the use of concrete in high-rise construction in New York City. The Cement League membership includes union concrete contractors who specialize in structural reinforced concrete construction, general contractors, concrete repair contractors, and manufacturers of concrete products. The League acts as the collective bargaining agent for eight different building trade unions, and it employs a professional engineer to assist members with technical issues. Read more

The Gentle Art of Fogging Features The Gentle Art of Fogging

Fogging, or fog spraying, is effective in reducing the chances of plastic shrinkage cracking in mixes with low rates of bleeding. It can also make the difference between success and failure in controlling evaporation between placing and curing the concrete. To fully appreciate what a powerful technique fogging is and how important it can be, we have to understand three things: how concrete dries, what the effects of that drying can be, and how drying can be controlled. Read more

The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground Decorative Concrete Project of the Year - Winners The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground

The inspired use of decorative concrete is on full display in this wonderful children's playground. Read more

The Business of Concrete Contracting Create Employee Teams to Develop Better Processes

Too often when problems are discovered on construction projects, it is too late to correct them. That's because most management tools analyze historical information and are typically used to place blame on the responsible parties. A good example of this is the job-cost information that most construction companies use to analyze performance on their jobs. In most cases, this information is at least one to two weeks old and allows managers only to react to problems rather than avoid them. Read more

Reader Response Letters: Working for Free

I've worked in both the fire protection and concrete industries in Florida and have seen several approaches to deal with the “working for free” problem (Editorial Comment, March 2005). Read more

Reader Response Letters: Response From the Lightweight Concrete Industry

From our perspective, the article as well as the response by Mr. Ahal makes excellent points in addressing the issue of finishing lightweight concrete. However the real issue as we see it is not finishing lightweight concrete but finishing air-entrained concrete. Read more

Reader Response Letter from ASCC

I read with interest your article titled “Finishing Lightweight Air-Entrained Concrete” which discussed causes of delamination of lightweight concrete slabs. The theme that seems to be implied in the article (“No problem if you follow standard practice”) and the line in the table of contents (“Be wary of heavy trowels”) seemed to indicate that two questionable conclusions had already been made... Read more

Reader Response Letters: Finishing lightweight concrete—contractors beware!

The January 2005 issue of Concrete Construction included an article entitled “Finishing Lightweight Air-Entrained Concrete.” In response to that article, the American Society of Concrete Contractors Technical Review Committee sent a letter to all ASCC members and to all members of ACI Committee 302, Construction of Concrete Floors, decrying what they viewed as our efforts to blame the contractor for any delamination of lightweight floors. Read more

Hime & Erlin On Concrete Strength—Whatever It May Mean and Whatever Its Purpose

In New York it's pronounced “strenth.” To concrete people it's compressive, flexural, tensile, or shear strength. To others it may mean muscle strength, the strength needed to rip a telephone book in two or open a jar, the strength to lift objects, stamina, the mental strength of deliberation or tolerance. Whatever it is, strength is usually confusing unless adequately qualified. Read more

Decorative Concrete Terms Glossary Decorative Concrete Terms

A complete glossary to the Decorative Concrete argot. Read more

The Power of Partnership: Contractor- Producer Collaboration Results in a Quality Product Features The Power of Partnership: Contractor- Producer Collaboration Results in a Quality Product

Some contractors don't see the need for a close relationship with ready mix producers. They shop for the lowest prices, place the order, install the work, and move on to the next job. But close collaboration can make for vastly improved work. Read more

Features Contractor's Checklist for Integrally Colored Concrete Flatwork

From the initial order to the placement, the finish, and the cure, this checklist will help you get colored flatwork right. Read more

Concrete Artists and Their Craft Features Concrete Artists and Their Craft

Concrete artists represent a variety of talents. Some creatively express themselves with a flare for a new tool or stencil system invention, some innovate with new concrete mix designs, and still others approach their work as multimedia artists. They bring an array of coloring agents, objects to embed in fresh concrete, or they develop layering processes for just the right visual effect. All bring a love of concrete and a spirit of adventure. Read more

History of Decorative Concrete Features History of Decorative Concrete

Between 1890 and 1920 many companies, especially precast companies who produced members for building facades, used colors and stains to make their work more interesting. Some mixed pigment into fresh concrete for a casting; others submerged their castings in solutions similar to chemical stains. Some of these creative and ingenious techniques are described in journals and publications from that era, which can be viewed today at the Portland Cement Association (PCA) library in Skokie, Ill. Read more

The business and the craft Editorial Comment The business and the craft

Our goal is to provide a resource for expanding and improving the craft and the business of decorative concrete. Read more

Increte Systems Texture-Crete and Spray-Deck

From driveways and sidewalks to entryways and pool decks, Texture-Crete and Spray-Deck overlay systems are the ultimate cover-up for plain, old, or unsightly concrete. Read more

Durall Industrial Flooring Application Kits

With Durall Industrial Flooring's epoxy and color quartz application kits, concrete and wood floors can be flow-coated with 100% epoxy and colored quartz to make hard, skid-resistant surfaces. Read more

Decosup Deco-Top Overlay

Deco-Top Overlay is a hybrid tri-polymer topping mix used to resurface concrete for repair or decorative applications. Read more

Decorative Concrete Hill Brothers Desert Crete Overlay

Ideally suited for finishing any concrete surface, the Desert Crete Overlay system combines high-performance acrylic-modified cements with a unique pigmentation process. Read more

Decorative Concrete Decorative Problem Clinic: Improving Traction and Durability

We recently asked Harvey Chichester of Durall Industrial Flooring about some common questions relating to coating concrete floors. Here's what he tells his customers. Read more

Stampable Vertical Overlays Decorative Concrete Stampable Vertical Overlays

Stampable vertical verlays were developed primarily for contractors who hand-carved artificial rockwork, which led to polymer mixes that could be plastered on walls and hand-carved to look like unit masonry. Mixes made with cement and sand for that kind of work often developed shrinkage cracks, marring the appearance. This evolved into the development of small, hand-held stamps for creating rock masonry patterns rather than carving them. The material and the process is currently being used for “theme” concrete, insulating concrete form (ICF) wall surfaces, artificial rock work and trees, and swimming pool amenities. Read more

Products Solving Problems The Legacy of Galloping Gertie

The Tacoma Narrows Bridge was the third longest suspension span in the world when it opened on July 1, 1940. It quickly earned the nickname “Galloping Gertie” from its tendency to sway and twist in the wind. Read more

A New Approach To Crossing the Tacoma Narrows Products Solving Problems A New Approach To Crossing the Tacoma Narrows

The 2007 Narrows Bridge, being constructed near Tacoma, Wash., will be supported by hollow reinforced concrete towers rather than steel towers as in the adjacent bridge. Read more

Problem Clinic Curing With Well Water

We are on a job where the only source of potable water for curing concrete is about a mile away. The general contractor plans on using a deep well as a water source for curing. While waiting for water quality test results, however, we noticed red iron sta Read more

Problem Clinic What's New?

I am an interior design student and am currently taking a class on building materials and systems. For our final paper and presentation we must find something new in construction. I came across something called PermaTreat (www.ietpower.com) and was wonder Read more

Poppoff Inc. Contractor to Watch Poppoff Inc.

I didn't think I would end up a concrete guy. While I was in college I thought I would be a suit guy somewhere in downtown Seattle. Read more

Other Articles
Product Update Trailer-Mounted Concrete Pumps

One of the best ways to gauge a pump is by its pressure. Pressure determines the horizontal or vertical pumping distance. Trailer pumps are workhorses in the concrete industry, quietly doing their job with little fanfare and less exposure than their boom Read more

Born of a Need Material Selection Guide Born of a Need

Synthetic fibers have been around for 25 years, and are acknowledged as being effective at controlling plastic shrinkage cracking in concrete and can be beneficial to help concrete resist abrasion and impact. A new generation of fibers, though, has now be Read more

Project of the Month Toledo Museum of Art: Glass Pavilion

From its humble first exhibition space in two rented rooms, the Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, Ohio, has grown to cover approximately 32 acres with six buildings. Its latest addition, the Glass Pavilion, began in May 2004. Read more

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