March 2005 Table of Contents

Editorial Comment Making Mistakes

There are plenty of opportunities to criticize a concrete contractor. If you make a mistake on a job, it is literally cast in stone for everyone to see. Read more

Desiccant Dehumidification Puts Slab Drying on the Fast Track Features Desiccant Dehumidification Puts Slab Drying on the Fast Track

Often construction schedules won't allow the luxury of waiting for a concrete slab to dry to manufacturer's specifications before proceeding with scheduled flooring work. Read more

Sulfate in the Soil and Concrete Foundations Features Sulfate in the Soil and Concrete Foundations

Sulfate's effect on concrete foundations has been the source of litigation and large settlements in California and has raised questions in other parts of the United States. Read more

Material Selection Guide: Reinforcement Features Material Selection Guide: Reinforcement

Most concrete has some embedded steel reinforcement. If the steel is being counted on to provide bending or tensile strength— if the structural element is intended to behave as a composite—we call it reinforced concrete. Read more

Features Let's Talk About Really Big Slab On Grade Placements...

Watching concrete hit the ground at over a hundred yards per hour can be just plain exciting to a concrete guy. But after it's all over and the slab is sawed and cured, are we producing a better product? Read more

Taking a chance on SCC Features Taking a chance on SCC

Taking a chance on new technology takes guts. But Juan Alvidrez, president and owner of Plaza Construction, Denver, felt it was worth the risk to try self-consolidating concrete for his Broomfield, Colo., project. SCC is a highly fluid concrete that does not segregate. This is achieved by using a well graded aggregate to prevent segregation and high-range water reducers (a superplasticizer—typically one of the new polycarboxylates) to get the fluidity. This new kind of concrete has been used extensively in precast plants, but less often in the field. Read more

Preventive Maintenance Pays Dividends Features Preventive Maintenance Pays Dividends

“Equipment is a big asset, but it's also a big liability,” says Harry Moats, president of Precision Concrete Construction. “You've got to control your equipment costs, such as fuel and repairs. It's a large task, and that's why we built our own shop, employ our own mechanics, and do our own preventive maintenance." Read more

Buying a Compact Excavator Features Buying a Compact Excavator

Most concrete contractors don't do extensive earthwork prior to placing concrete. There are, however, many situations where you need to do some digging, and the invention of the rubber tracked compact (or mini) excavator has been a real boon for those times. Read more

The Business of Concrete Contracting Managing Successful Projects

Let's face it, most contractors got into the business because they like to build things, and often little else about the business of construction interests them. Being able to look at something and say “I built that” offers boundless pride. Read more

Reader Response Grain Elevators

I am reading the book Failures in Civil Engineering: Structural, Foundation and Geoenvironmental Case Studies. It mentions that the Transcona Grain Elevator, Canada, was completed in September 1913 and failed due to ground settlement in October 18, 1913. Read more

Reader Response Specifying Performance

Concerning the article “Specifying Concrete for Performance” in the January issue of Concrete Construction. Read more

Reader Response Safe Jobsites

Just a note that the January cover of Concrete Construction shows a jobsite that has many safety violations. Read more

News & Events 2005 Tilt-Up Achievement Winners

The Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA) has announced the recipients of the 2005 Tilt-Up Achievement Awards. Read more

Hime & Erlin On Concrete Our World in a Different Perspective

When Bill entered our industry 56 years ago, and Bernie 48 years ago, progress in the concrete industry was at a snail's pace, sometimes slower, and sometimes it even went backwards. Read more

Products Decorative Concrete Products

Designed for fast-track resurfacing of concrete surfaces. Concrete Canvas is a self-leveling, polymer-modified overlayment that comes in white and gray, and readily accepts acid stains and acrylic shading materials. Read more

Water-based Stains Decorative Concrete Water-based Stains

Even though water-based stains aren't new, the technology is constantly improving, and these stains are taking decorative concrete in new directions. Read more

Placing Reinforcing Steel Concrete Basics Placing Reinforcing Steel

Although on larger projects iron-workers will place the reinforcing steel, most contractors place some reinforcement. Getting it in the right place and keeping it there during concrete placement is critical to the structure's performance. Read more

Problem Clinic Improving Traction on a Pool Deck

How can we best improve the traction on the pool deck, remembering that budget is always an issue? Read more

G-Katmar Concrete Contractor to Watch G-Katmar Concrete

The most important thing is our people. We don't believe in all the yelling and the big stick. We believe in teamwork. Read more

Other Articles
Product Update Cranes and Lifting Equipment

The Igo 50, MA21, and HOT 80 self-erecting cranes feature a small footprint, excellent reach, easy setup, and transportability—making them ideal for rental companies, residential jobs, and smaller construction sites. Read more

Product Update The Next Big Thing

Now that World of Concrete is over, ConExpo-Con/Agg 2005 pulls into the Las Vegas Convention Center in mid-March for one of the largest equipment shows in the world. Read more

Project of the Month Toyota Center, Houston

In September 2003, downtown Houston welcomed its latest sports landmark, Toyota Center. The $175 million arena will seat 18,300 people for NBA/WNBA games and includes 92 luxury suites on two suite levels and 2900 club seats with access to luxury amenities. Read more

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