November 2005 Table of Contents

A Very Busy Week Editorial Comment A Very Busy Week

Fast forward to World of Concrete 2006—I won't have much spare time this year. We have greatly increased the number of special events sponsored by our magazines: Concrete Construction, Residential Concrete, The Concrete Producer, Masonry Construction, and Concrete & Masonry Construction Products. Read more

Using SCC to Battle Bug Holes Features Using SCC to Battle Bug Holes

Self-consolidating concrete (SCC) has been used to produce many aesthetically critical projects since its development nearly 20 years ago. Read more

Repairing Joints In Concrete Slabs Features Repairing Joints In Concrete Slabs

Your concrete slab is poured, but if that slab is going to have hard-wheel traffic on its surface, your concerns may be only starting. Read more

Industry Trends Roundtable Concrete Constructions Industry Trends Industry Trends Roundtable

Each year we invite some of the concrete industry's best minds to come together to discuss the defining issues of the day. We never know where the conversation will end, but it's always interesting getting there. Read more

The Growing Concrete Market Features The Growing Concrete Market

Our research shows that the concrete market is strong and healthy; in fact it accounted for nearly 11% of the value of U.S. construction in 2004—that's $109.6 billion, up from $79.6 billion just five years ago. And the 2005 numbers are on track for another good year as concrete work continues to provide a solid foundation for the nation's construction industry. Read more

A Tool's True Cost Tools for the Concrete Pro A Tool's True Cost

Most construction companies today have large tool fleets—a significant capital expenditure throughout the year. Read more

Unlocking Hidden Profits The Business of Concrete Contracting Unlocking Hidden Profits

While field managers or superintendents do not have to know specifically how your company is performing, they must understand just how low the profits are in this industry and some of the basic factors that affect profitability. Read more

Beware of Defective Vapor Barriers Reader Response Beware of Defective Vapor Barriers

A very serious issue that concrete contractors need to be aware of concerns the use of 6-mil polyethylene as a vapor barrier under a concrete slab. Read more

Record-breaking Concrete—22-minute Set News & Events Record-breaking Concrete—22-minute Set

Transit Mix Concrete and Materials, partnering with its chemical admixtures supplier, Degussa Admixtures, designed and produced the concrete mix used for the “2 Hour House” in a subdivision of Tyler, Texas. Read more

Scofield Celebrates 90 Colorful Years News & Events Scofield Celebrates 90 Colorful Years

In 1915, Lynn Mason Scofield started the company that first successfully manufactured reliable products for coloring concrete. Read more

News & Events ARTBA's Task Force to Shape Year 2009

The American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) is forming a member task force to develop the group's legislative agenda for reauthorization of the “Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act—A Legacy for Users” (SAFETEA-LU), due in 2009. Read more

News & Events Masonry Structures ‘Built to Code' Performed Well in Hurricane Katrina

Masonry structures built to comply with current building codes performed well in the face of Hurricane Katrina according to the preliminary assessment of a disaster investigation team sponsored by The Masonry Society (TMS). Read more

The Cost of Doing Business With Concrete Hime & Erlin On Concrete The Cost of Doing Business With Concrete

Our world would be a far poorer place if concrete was not available to help make our lives easier, and certainly more enjoyable—and at less than 2 cents per pound for plain portland cement concrete (and just a little more with admixtures). What a bargain! Read more

Surface Retarders for Exposed Aggregate Surface Retarders for Exposed Aggregate

Specifiers of exposed aggregate finishes are increasingly interested in low profile etches that resemble limestone finishes, according to Chris Forgey, commercial development manager for Grace Construction Products, Cambridge, Mass. Read more

Setting Anchor Bolts Concrete Basics Setting Anchor Bolts

Setting anchor bolts may sound like a simple task in preparing a slab or foundation for placement. But for industrial/commercial concrete contractors it can become a very complicated and important detail. Read more

Problem Clinic Implied Warranty

I was hired to build a concrete slab for an addition to a church. My winning bid was $65,000. When it was completed, according to plan, the building inspector decided it was not up to code and could fail. Read more

Brothers Paving & Concrete Corp. Contractor to Watch Brothers Paving & Concrete Corp.

I've been in the construction business all of my working life. Read more

Other Articles
Undercut Anchors Product Update Undercut Anchors

Post-installed mechanical anchors come in several styles: wedge, sleeve, drop-in, stud, and undercut. The undercut anchor can sometimes require additional drilling, and often can be three times the cost of other post-installed mechanical anchors. So why w Read more

Cleveland State University Plaza: Cleveland Project of the Month Cleveland State University Plaza: Cleveland

Located at the heart of the Cleveland State University campus, this new raised plaza creates a space for large social functions and spots for small student gatherings, and allows traffic and parking directly below. Read more

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