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Concrete to the rescue Editorial Comment Concrete to the rescue

Knowing how to personally respond to something as terrible as Hurricane Katrina is difficult. Most of us—especially since we are in the construction business—have a knee-jerk reaction to want to go and help people dig out, clean up, rebuild. And we also want to send money—if it will be used effectively. Read more

Features Material Selection Guide: Tilt-up Hardware

Tilt-up construction is hot. “There will be about 2000 tilt-up buildings built this year,” says Meadow Burke's David Kelly. “That's up about 25% over 2004, and that was up about 30% over 2003. Owners like the look of the new formliners and the brick or block finishes we can provide. And of course they like the speed of construction.” Read more

Working in Cold Weather Features Working in Cold Weather

Cold weather is defined by ACI Committee 306, “Cold Weather Concreting,” as “a period when for more than three consecutive days the following conditions exist: Read more

High-Rise Californian Condo Features High-Rise Californian Condo

Affluent baby boomers becoming empty-nesters are fueling a demand for luxury urban living. Read more

Tilt-Up Construction Basics Features Tilt-Up Construction Basics

Many factors must be considered when placing and finishing site-cast tilt-up concrete panels, but proper planning and thorough quality-control measures can ensure that this process is completed with ease. Read more

Features A new building for Citigroup: Urbandale, Iowa

Urbandale, Iowa, just west of Des Moines, will soon be the home of Citigroup's new 180,000-square-foot credit card processing center. Concrete Strategies provided design, engineering, and construction services for the project, one of several the firm has completed for Citigroup. Read more

The Business of Concrete Contracting How customer service shapes your image

Why would a concrete contractor care about customer service? In order to answer that question, you first must decide whether we're talking about the service you get from your suppliers or the service your customers get from your company. Read more

Reader Response Restoration is Key

Your July 2005 news story “U.S. Cement Shortage Dire” indicates that the AGC has urged intervention to remove barriers to Mexican cement. Read more

Reader Response Temperature's Up

ASTM C 31 specifies 73° F for Standard Final Curing and not 70° F as implied in your article. After all, curing temperatures also affect strength! Read more

Reader Response Safety Concern

I find your magazine informative and helpful. Read more

News & Events News & Events

Past year's project bidding increases; Bosch and SkillsUSA align to support the future of the building trades; CIM program seeking equipment donations; Reward's ICF discount to families rebuilding; Increte opens Midwest training & distribution center. Read more

Hime & Erlin On Concrete A Near-Apocalypse to be Defused—A Challenge to Our Future

We occasionally run across concrete conundrums that lead to acres of headaches. One of them is surface distress, usually blamed on finishing or cyclic freezing or both. Its cause depends upon circumstances; responsibility for it flip-flops depending upon to whom you are talking. Read more

Products Engrave-A-Crete Simulated Artistic Layout Engraving Software

Simulated Artistic Layout Engraving Software (S.A.L.E.S) is a Windows-based program that allows contractors to simulate decorative concrete engraving projects before the projects begin. Read more

Products Kemco Industries Pro Series Chemical Stains

When placed on a cementitious surface, Kemco Pro Series Chemical Stains infuse color into the surface, becoming a permanent part of the substrate that will not crack, chip, fade, or peel. Read more

Problem Clinic Decorative Problem Clinic

Which is more important for a concrete countertop: reinforcement or a strong concrete mix design? Read more

Products Specialty Concrete Products Concrete Canvas

Designed for fast-track resurfacing of concrete surfaces, Concrete Canvas self-leveling, polymer-modified overlayment comes in white and gray, and readily accepts acid stains and acrylic shading materials. Read more

Painting Concrete Decorative Concrete Painting Concrete

Although painting concrete is the term most often used, it's not correct. Coating is the proper term for products that provide decoration and protection for exterior concrete walls; sealers or coatings are the products used on floors. Read more

Using ride-on trowels Concrete Basics Using ride-on trowels

For the construction of floors of significant size, riding trowels have become indispensable. Read more

Products Solving Problems Contractor Ditches Buckets for Concrete Pump

Worth Engineering found that when it comes to getting concrete work done fast, sometimes it's not how many workers you have on-site but the type of equipment you use. Read more

Problem Clinic Decorative Problem Clinic

Which is more important for a concrete countertop: reinforcement or a strong concrete mix design? Read more

Problem Clinic Getting Into Decorative

I am a concrete contractor with no experience in decorative concrete work. How can I get involved in this industry without assuming too much risk? Read more

Problem Clinic Unsightly Staining

We recently had a driveway pour and the contractor covered the wet concrete with polyethylene sheeting in case it rained. When the poly was taken off the next day, we saw discolored concrete in waves and stripes. Will this go away over time or can it be w Read more

Problem Clinic Silt Fence or Hay Bales?

Typical silt fence fabric seems to work fine but there’s a lot of maintenance. Are hay or straw bales better? Read more

Problem Clinic Sand Streaking

We often find water trails on the surfaces of walls when the forms are removed. Is there a way to avoid this? Read more

TK Concrete Contractor to Watch TK Concrete

I started working during the summer for my grandfather's construction company when I was in the seventh grade and continued to do concrete work on the side as an adult. Read more

Other Articles
Braces for tilt-up construction Product Update Braces for tilt-up construction

So you've decided to give tilt-up a try. You've poured the concrete and lifted it in place. Now, what? The simple answer is don't let it fall over. The wind will be your biggest enemy, and braces are necessary to resist these lateral forces until permanent wall connections can be made. The Tilt-Up Concrete Association offers “The Guideline for Temporary Wind Bracing of Tilt-Up Concrete Panels During Construction” to help you. Read more

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