February 2006 Table of Contents

Changes upon changes Editorial Comment Changes upon changes

As part of our anniversary celebration, as we look back at what we've covered in the magazine for the past 50 years, we find so many interesting developments that we don't have space in the magazine to include them all. Read more

Flat Floors, Mega Pours Features Flat Floors, Mega Pours

Half a century ago, in the early days of Concrete Construction, it was big news to hear about a project where 5000 square feet of floor was placed and finished in one day. Completing a 3000-cubic-yard mat pour in less than a day was unheard of. Read more

Cable-Stayed Concrete Wonder Features Cable-Stayed Concrete Wonder

Antebellum landmarks may be sacred in Charleston, S.C., but the recently opened Cooper River Bridge (officially known as the Arthur P. Ravenel Bridge) has changed at least part of the city's skyline in a big way. As North America's longest cable-stayed bridge, it was designed to withstand an earthquake more powerful than the 1886 Charleston earthquake, estimated at 7.3 on the Richter scale. Construction of the bridge required 330,000 cubic yards of concrete, enough to fill an entire NFL stadium. The Cooper River Bridge was built through the cooperative efforts of a number of different companies. The general contractor was Palmetto Bridge Constructors (PBC). The O.L. Thompson Construction Company of Charleston handled the road construction. Wando Concrete Company, a subsidiary of O.L. Thompson, produced the concrete. Read more

How to Moisture Test Concrete Floors Features How to Moisture Test Concrete Floors

Testing concrete slabs for excess moisture has become a common construction requirement, particularly where flooring or impermeable membranes are to be installed on top of the slab. But, while several standard moisture test methods are available, no single test reveals everything that should be considered in deciding when flooring can be installed or a coating applied. Read more

Quality Construction of Suspended Floors Features Quality Construction of Suspended Floors

Building suspended floors that are acceptably flat and level is one of the many challenges that contractors face. Read more

Constructing High-Quality Industrial Floors Features Constructing High-Quality Industrial Floors

Building a reputation for installing long-lasting, hard-wearing, maintenance-free floors means going the extra mile. The Fricks Company, Fort Worth, is known across North America for just that kind of work: dense, durable concrete floors built using aggregate surface hardeners, shrinkage-compensating concrete, de-watered toppings, and superior joint and slab details that outperform conventional concrete floor slabs. Read more

The Business of Concrete Contracting What It Takes To Be A Good Contractor (Part 1 of 2)

Gauge your own level os susceptibility to each item as you read the list of problems that cause contractors to go broke. Read more

Reader Response Pozzolons Missing

I wait each month to consume Concrete Construction and its wealth of information. I always learn something new! Read more

Reader Response Erlin & Hime Missed

I was sorry to read in the December issue that the “Hime & Erlin on Concrete” column will be their last. Read more

Reader Response Wrestling With Welded Wire Reinforcement

An advertisement in the December 2005 issue of Concrete Construction depicts a masked wrestler diving to grapple with a roll of welded wire reinforcement. The pictured roll of welded wire reinforcement appears to have been deliberately sabotaged—cut and bent to support the advertiser's claims. Read more

TCA's 2006 Tilt-up Winners News & Events TCA's 2006 Tilt-up Winners

The Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA) has announced the recipients of the 2006 Tilt-Up Achievement Awards. Read more

News & Events NRMCA's Pervious Concrete Symposium

Register now for the 2006 Concrete Technology Forum Focus on Pervious Concrete to be held on May 24–25 at the Renaissance Nashville Hotel. Read more

News & Events 2006 Concrete Bridge Conference

The National Concrete Bridge Council will host the 2006 Concrete Bridge Conference (CBC) scheduled for May 7–10, 2006, outside of Reno, Nev. Read more

News & Events Tailoring Insurance for the Concrete Industry

With insurance premiums increasing every year, and construction/remodeling companies taking on the burden of insurance costs that may not even relate to their business, many of these businesses are finding themselves unable to make a profit due to the high insurance payments. Read more

News & Events Highways Predicted to be “Hot” in 2006

Highways and bridges will be among the hottest markets for design and construction firms in 2006, according to “2006 AEC Industry Outlook: Strategy and Insight for Design & Construction Firms,” a new report from ZweigWhite. Read more

Supporting Soils Slabs on Grade Supporting Soils

Although generally these may be considered decisions made by the designer, contractors should understand the basics of slab design in order to be an involved partner in a project. Read more

Protection in Cold Environments Safety Matters Protection in Cold Environments

When working in cold weather, employers and workers must take certain necessary precautions to prevent serious health problems such as frostbite, trenchfoot, and hypothermia. Read more

In-crete Systems Stone-Crete Fire Pit Products In-crete Systems Stone-Crete Fire Pit

The Stone-Crete fire pit is primarily a decorative feature. But this cast-in-place item can serve as decorative landscape planter. Read more

Decorative Concrete Impressions LLC Sticky-Bak Products Decorative Concrete Impressions LLC Sticky-Bak

Sticky-Bak adhesive backed stencils are made of a high-strength, flexible material that does not lose form and is water permeable. Read more

Degus-sa Wall Systems Finestone Textured Acrylic Systems Products Degus-sa Wall Systems Finestone Textured Acrylic Systems

Finestone Textured Acrylic Systems for insulating concrete forms (ICFs) are available in a virtually limitless color selection. Read more

Garon Products Tigerbond 221 Products Garon Products Tigerbond 221

Tigerbond 221 high-solids epoxy floor coating beautifies and strengthens concrete, brick, wood, and metal floors. Read more

The GrailCoat Co. LLC Grail-Coat Products The GrailCoat Co. LLC Grail-Coat

Grail-Coat is a direct-applied concrete coating that's waterproof, yet permeable, and does not require repainting. Read more

Decorative Concrete Decorative Problem Clinic

On an upcoming job, the owner is thinking about using paper stencils. I've seen the coloring and texturing part of this operation done before, so I think I'll be OK there. But is there anything special I need to do when placing the slab? Read more

Working with Flammable Solvents Decorative Concrete Working with Flammable Solvents

There are advantages to using volatile solvents in decorative coloring agents like dyes: They spray well and dry immediately, very controlled work can be achieved, they don't puddle and run, you can apply multiple coats very quickly, and they produce a “soft touch” effect. Read more

Stone Construction Equipment Stomper Line Jobsite Products Stone Construction Equipment Stomper Line

The Stomper line of rammers now includes three models with 4-cycle engines, eliminating 2-cycle oil and pre-mixing fuel. Read more

Wacker Corp. BS 50-4s and BS 60-4s Rammers Wacker Corp. BS 50-4s and BS 60-4s Rammers

The new BS 50-4s and BS 60-4s rammers feature low-oil shut off. This patent-pending system uses an electronic sensor incorporated into the engine. Read more

Multiquip MT-65HA, MT-74FA, and MT-84FA Jobsite Products Multiquip MT-65HA, MT-74FA, and MT-84FA

These gasoline-powered rammers—MT-65HA, MT-74FA, and MT-84FA—include contoured handles that reduce vibration by up to 61%. Read more

MBW R440HC Percussion Rammer Jobsite Products MBW R440HC Percussion Rammer

This 142-pound percussion rammer delivers up to 700 bpm at 3800 pounds/blow. Read more

MMD Equipment CompactionPro 65 Jobsite Products MMD Equipment CompactionPro 65

The 148-pound CompactionPro 65 rammer delivers 4380 pounds per blow, with half the vibrations. Read more

Ingersoll-Rand RX Series Jobsite Products Ingersoll-Rand RX Series

The RX series upright rammers are built for compacting materials ranging from mixed and cohesive soils to heavy clay. Read more

Terex Light Construction Vibratory Plate Compactors Jobsite Products Terex Light Construction Vibratory Plate Compactors

Three sizes of vibratory plate compactor are available with centrifugal forces up to 3600 pounds and operating weights up to 200 pounds. Read more

Bomag Americas BPR45/55D Reversible Plate Compactor Bomag Americas BPR45/55D Reversible Plate Compactor

Ideal for work on granular, cohesive, and mixed soils, the BPR45/55D reversible plate compactor offers an 8.9-hp air-cooled diesel engine that delivers nearly 50% more power than its predecessor. Read more

Weber Machine (USA) CR 8 Jobsite Products Weber Machine (USA) CR 8

The CR 8 reversible plate compactors feature the new Compatrol continuous compaction control system. Read more

Corniver Technologies CT 48 Jobsite Products Corniver Technologies CT 48

The CT 48 vibratory compactor features a water-cooled diesel engine, four independent hydraulic circuits, and articulated steering. Read more

MIGUTAN Provides Joint Sealing Solutions Products Solving Problems MIGUTAN Provides Joint Sealing Solutions

Deck expansion joint sealing is critical to parking structure performance and longevity. Even more critical than watertightness of joints is parking deck design that incorporates a structural slab waterproofing membrane under a wear-course or topping slab Read more

Fibers in Concrete on Metal Deck Products Solving Problems Fibers in Concrete on Metal Deck

In September 2003, federal, state, and local officials broke ground for the new U.S. Census Bureau Headquarters in Suitland, Maryland. The new 1.5 million-square-foot complex, a $331 million investment, will feature two eight-story, curvilinear office bui Read more

Problem Clinic Concrete Under Water

Is there a valid reason to specify air entrainment in underwater concrete, especially if there is no freeze/thaw condition? Read more

A Jacket for Your Cold Concrete Problem Clinic A Jacket for Your Cold Concrete

What can I do so that I can place concrete in the winter the same as I do in July? Read more

Bontrager Concrete Contractor to Watch Bontrager Concrete

We do mostly residential work and some light commercial--if it resembles residential. We don't get into heavy commercial stuff. Read more

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