June 2006 Table of Contents

Perfect vision Editorial Comment Perfect vision

A strategic plan always sounds like a good idea, but how many companies actually have a plan and use it like a real guide? Read more

Computers: A New Frontier Features Computers: A New Frontier

For fifty years, Concrete Construction have witnessed the way computers have paced industry-wide changes and innovations. Read more

Tips on Post-Tensioning Elevated Slabs Features Tips on Post-Tensioning Elevated Slabs

Choosing an experienced post-tensioning (P/T) material supplier and installer will help ensure a smooth construction process, but there is much more that contractors should know about the post-tensioning process. Read more

Lithium-Ion Batteries–Changing the Jobsite Features Lithium-Ion Batteries–Changing the Jobsite

After 10 years of research and development, major tool manufacturers are introducing tools powered by lithium batteries, delivering the high amperage needed to run today's tools while offering lightweight ease. Read more

Concrete California Style Features Concrete California Style

Concrete Construction takes a closer look at concrete construction in the high-seismic regions of California to see what's different. Read more

Are You Investing in Your Most Valuable Asset? The Business of Concrete Contracting Are You Investing in Your Most Valuable Asset?

By choosing high quality people and building their capabilities, you will be investing in and enhancing the value of your greatest asset and the value of your company. Read more

New ACI Officers News & Events New ACI Officers

The American Concrete Institute welcomes its newly elected officers. Read more

News & Events Record U.S. Tilt-Up Sales in 2005

Tilt-up construction method continues to gain market share. Read more

Holcim Awards honor sustainable construction News & Events Holcim Awards honor sustainable construction

The Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction awarded one million dollars in prize money to the best sustainable construction projects entered in the first global Holcim Awards competition. Read more

News & Events Memorial to Katrina victims

Industry professionals volunteer to raise spirits and remember Katrina. Read more

Iowa bridge marks technology milestone News & Events Iowa bridge marks technology milestone

A four-year research partnership between the Iowa Department of Transportation, Iowa State University, and Lafarge North America has lead to the opening of an innovative concrete bridge. Read more

Water and Concrete—Part I Hime & Erlin On Concrete Water and Concrete—Part I

The first of a two-part column, about water and some of the roles it plays in the life of concrete. Read more

Selling tilt-up Tilt-Up Selling tilt-up

Being able to show others why tilt-up is the optimal solution will set you apart from your competition and position you for success. Read more

Eliminating Joints in Stamped Concrete Decorative Concrete Eliminating Joints in Stamped Concrete

How to get smooth concrete finish without the flaws and cracks. Read more

Products Solving Problems Letters from Manufacturers

Read some feedback from industry manufacturers. Read more

FRP Forms Two-Way Joists for Clean Room Floor Products Solving Problems FRP Forms Two-Way Joists for Clean Room Floor

Construction specifications for the 200,000-square-foot clean room at Texas Instruments's (TI) new $3 billion semiconductor manufacturing facility in Richardson, Texas, (RFAB) mandated strict indoor air quality and structural requirements. Read more

ACI Encourages Student Interest Problem Clinic ACI Encourages Student Interest

ACI posted the following problem to students in engineering and construction management programs around the country. Read more

Mitchell Foundations Contractor to Watch Mitchell Foundations

In 1990 I was working for a contractor, but work became slow. So I went to the bank and borrowed $75,000 and bought a set of aluminum forms, a couple of old trucks and went into business. Read more

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