March 2006 Table of Contents

In our hands Editorial Comment In our hands

Unsafe practices for the sake of efficiency or expediency or ignorance cannot be tolerated. Read more

Special Events at the 2006 World of Concrete World of Concrete Special Events at the 2006 World of Concrete

World of Concrete shattered all previous registration and exhibit space records with the 2006 show. As part of this massive event, the editorial staff of Concrete Construction planned and provided leadership for several special events. Here's a run-down. Read more

Strength & Beauty Features Strength & Beauty

David Howard's dream came true when his company built an innovative, open, and appealing home that would be able to survive coastal tides and winds. Read more

Materials Selection Guide: Special Purpose Aggregates Features Materials Selection Guide: Special Purpose Aggregates

Broadcast onto the surface, aggregate can give concrete unique characteristics. Read more

Features Before the Pour

Excavation, soil testing, compaction, moisture control, trench safety ... the list of site preparation tasks goes on, along with the equipment needed to perform those tasks. Here’s a sampling from the pages of Concrete Construction over the past 50 years. Read more

CSI Jobsite Features CSI Jobsite

Those directly involved in a project can do a lot of detective work themselves when they know what to look for. Read more

A Guiding Light: Lasers and GPS increase site preparation efficiency Features A Guiding Light: Lasers and GPS increase site preparation efficiency

Lasers and GPS increase site preparation efficiency. Read more

The Business of Concrete Contracting What it takes to be a good contractor (Part 2 of 2)

Defining everything it takes to be a good contractor would be a very long list. But last month (in Part 1 of this article) we developed the following list of management skills needed by the good contractor and reviewed the first two in detail. We will cover the last three this month. Read more

News & Events The Ladies' Bridge

Designed in 1937 by Giles Gilbert Scott, Waterloo Bridge across the River Thames was the last major reinforced concrete bridge built in the UK. Read more

News & Events Mexican Cement Duties

The U.S. Commerce Department agreed with Mexico to reduce anti-dumping duties. Under the agreement, shipments of Mexican cement into the United States may reach 3 million tons annually, an increase from 1.6 million tons in 2004. Read more

2006 Concrete Technologies Tour News & Events 2006 Concrete Technologies Tour

The 2006 Concrete Technologies Tour, “Building with Concrete: The Basics and Beyond,” will show participants how cement-based building materials are produced. Read more

News & Events RMC's P2P Projects

Two important Prescriptive-to-Performance (P2P) research projects have been released by The RMC Research Foundation. Read more

News & Events Salt-water Concrete

A revolutionary new salt-water concrete said to be more cost-effective, strong, and durable than conventional fresh water concrete was introduced by A.I.M. Resources, Nevada. Read more

News & Events Estimating kit for Gulf Coast

The 2006 Gulf Coast Reconstruction Estimator, edited by Jonathan Russell is now available. Published by Craftsman Book Co., it is divided by type of repair: Concrete, Masonry, and Water Extraction, to name a few. Read more

News & Events Materials Costs on the Rise

According to ARTBA, highway and street construction materials prices outpaced inflation in 2005. Read more

News & Events Tilt-Up Celebrates

The Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA) recently kicked off its year-long 20th anniversary celebration at the World of Concrete. Read more

Tying rebar: Machines Can Ease the Pain Safety Matters Tying rebar: Machines Can Ease the Pain

Tying rebar with pliers or with a manual tying tool can be backbreaking work. Two recent studies document the advantages of rebar tying tools. While these studies focus on battery-powered tools, spring-return manual tying tools could provide workers with some of the same advantages. Read more

Decorative Concrete Decorative Problem Clinic: March 2006

We recently cleaned and resealed a decorative slab that was initially installed and sealed by another contractor. Everything looked good for the first months afterwards. Then, after rain showers, the sealer suddenly looked white and “frosty” everywhere. Are there issues of compatibility between the two sealers? Read more

Decorative Concrete It's Time to Implement Decorative Concrete Certification

The Michigan Concrete Association decided it had to act, so it developed a decorative concrete certification training program for finishers. Read more

Decorative Concrete Vero-Rialto Velasil Siloxane Glazed Coating

Velasil siloxane glazed coating transforms walls by aging, tinting, or completely changing their colors. Read more

Dryvit Systems TerraNeo premium finish

The TerraNeo premium finish features a blend of multiple-sized quartz aggregates and chips of mica to create a unique finish that replicates the look of granite. Read more

Decorative Concrete Polymerica MasterPiece Hardwoods

Blending the elegance and richness of natural wood with the durability of an epoxy mortar system, MasterPiece Hardwoods is an architectural finish for concrete floors with heavy foot traffic. Read more

Decorative Concrete D.I.T. Equipment Stone Picker Retaining-Wall Aging System

Blending the elegance and richness of natural wood with the durability of an epoxy mortar system, MasterPiece Hardwoods is an architectural finish for concrete floors with heavy foot traffic. Read more

Jobsite Products Safety Maker VersiShield Guardrail Clamping System

The VersiShield Guardrail Clamping System allows contractors to quickly erect freestanding, OSHA-compliant guardrail and stair rail. Read more

Jobsite Products Rostra Precision Controls RearSentry System

The RearSentry system is an economical accessory for industrial and commercial vehicles that uses microwave technology to alert drivers. Read more

Jobsite Products Dräger Pac 7000 Gas Monitor

The Dräger Pac 7000 is a gas monitor that can reliably warn users of the presence of harmful concentrations. Read more

Jobsite Products Worldwide Vision Technologies Foresight Safety Glasses

ANSI Z87+ certified for high impact, Foresight safety glasses provide a sturdy hold so glasses won't slide down a user's nose or cause irritation to the ears. Read more

Kirchner Block Fall-Guard Safety Fencing Jobsite Products Kirchner Block Fall-Guard Safety Fencing

Fall-Guard is an adjustable safety fencing that attaches to the face of the wall with ease. Read more

Jobsite Products Quest Technologies QuesTemp II Monitor

Working in high temperatures can lead to heat-related illness, disability, and even death. Read more

Jobsite Products MSA 1-Touch Suspension Hard Hats

Quickly adjusting to the user's head circumference with an easy-open, easy-close feature, 1-Touch Suspension offers a comfortable fit. Read more

Jobsite Products Doka USA Top 50 Formwork System

The Top 50 formwork system is ideal for large-scale projects such as multilevel buildings, water tanks, and bridges. Read more

Jobsite Products Valbruna Stainless Reval Stainless Steel Rebar

The Reval stainless steel ribbed reinforcing bar can reduce the harmful effects of chloride attack on roads, bridges, and buildings. Read more

Jobsite Products Reid Safety Supply Co. Safety Supply Catalog

The Winter 2005 release of Reid Safety Supply Co.'s safety supply catalog contains more than 1600 safety related items. Read more

Jobsite Products Forney J-Ring Test Set (LAG-3770)

The Forney J-Ring Test Set (LAG-3770) is one of the first products available for testing self-consolidating concrete (SCC). Read more

Jobsite Products Bradley On-Site Gravity-Fed Eyewash

On-Site Gravity-Fed Eyewash provides greater mobility between locations without a piped water supply. Read more

Egleston Children's Hospital, Atlanta Products Solving Problems Egleston Children's Hospital, Atlanta

As part of the upgrades at this children's hospital, a new three-level, attached parking garage is being constructed, using a new and innovative method of building shoring walls, designed by Atlanta's ABE Enterprises. Rather than digging down to the requi Read more

Shutting Off the Pump Problem Clinic Shutting Off the Pump

The best way to solve your problem is to mount a shut-off valve (also referred to as a guillotine valve) where the pipe enters the form. You can slide the guillotine closed when you are done placing concrete, allowing you to disconnect the pump hose. Read more

The Fricks Co. Manufacturer to Watch The Fricks Co.

Greg, Terry, and Brad Fricks run The Fricks Company, one of the nation’s best concrete floor contractors. Read more

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