October 2006 Table of Contents

Real Diversity Editorial Comment Real Diversity

We have a diverse industry that is healthy and thriving and can support all of these niches with a specific group. Each of these groups has its own specific audience and spends the majority of its time representing those interests, but all of the groups in the concrete industry also work with one another, usually quite harmoniously. Read more

A Century of Tilt-up Features A Century of Tilt-up

A look back at the history of Tilt-up concrete construction. Read more

Constructing Your Brand Features Constructing Your Brand

Developing a brand for the architectural, engineering, and construction industries is like the construction process itself. Careful planning and a step-by-step process are needed to lay the foundation and build a company and its brand. Read more

Mega Features Mega

Concrete Construction a closer look at the challenges posed by massive concrete projects and the ways in which industry professionals surmount these obstacles. Read more

Moving Forward Features Moving Forward

In the twenty years since the founding of the TCA, tilt-up construction has made monumental gains. Read more

News & Events Alliance for Concrete Codes and Standards Reorganizes Structure

The Alliance for Concrete Codes and Standards (ACCS) has recently incorporated in order to secure funding for building code and standards development. Read more

Built to Last News & Events Built to Last

The Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (CRSI) has announced the winners of its 18th biennial Design Awards Competition. Read more

News & Events CFA Announces Conference in Hartford

The Concrete Foundations Association (CFA) will host a regional conference in Hartford, Conn. on Oct. 27 and 28 at the Crown Plaza, Enfield. Read more

New Protocol Helps Prevent Material Incompatibility Problems in Concrete News & Events New Protocol Helps Prevent Material Incompatibility Problems in Concrete

The CTLGroup has recently completed a comprehensive Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) study of material incompatibility issues and developed a testing protocol to prevent problems before construction. Read more

Post-Tensioning Institute Awards Announced News & Events Post-Tensioning Institute Awards Announced

The winners of the biennial Post-Tensioning Awards (PTI) were presented during their 5th Annual Conference and Exhibition in Reno, Nevada. Awards of Excellence were given to five projects and Awards of Merit were presented to 12 projects. Read more

Being There at the Right Time Erlin and Hime on Concrete Being There at the Right Time

The early decades or so of our lives were spent doing research on portland cement, aggregates, mineral and chemical admixtures, air-entrainment, and many other miscellaneous aspects of concrete. We were fortunate to be where we were and at the right time. Read more

Warehouse Construction's Growing Needs Tilt-Up Warehouse Construction's Growing Needs

Super flat floors, extremely tight schedules and a host of special considerations make today's warehouse and distribution centers some of the most challenging construction projects. For decades, site cast tilt-up has been known as the best solution for some of the largest distribution centers in the country. Read more

Safety Safety Matters Safety

Every day untold numbers of construction workers suffer irreversible damage to their hearing and have no idea they are being harmed. Unlike other occupational injuries, noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) causes no immediate pain or trauma, leaves no scars or bruises, and is unnoticeable in its early stages. Read more

Polyaspartic Polyurea Coatings Decorative Concrete Polyaspartic Polyurea Coatings

Polyaspartic polyureas are fairly new in the marketplace and have great potential for decorative concrete because of their many unique qualities. Read more

Materials Selection Guide / Product Update Jobsite Products Materials Selection Guide / Product Update

Formliners are a cost-effective method for creating patterned or decorative concrete walls, sound barriers, and retaining walls. However, it is rare to get much more than 30 uses out of a formliner. To protect that investment, Ed Fitzgerald, of Fitzgerald Read more

Keeping Equipment in the Field Products Solving Problems Keeping Equipment in the Field

Texas-based contractor JC Evans has more than 1300 pieces of light and heavy equipment, valued around $20 million. Because of its size, the company runs its shop like a rental business. Read more

Pervious Pads Control Runoff at BMW Showroom Products Solving Problems Pervious Pads Control Runoff at BMW Showroom

Pervious pads control runoff at BMW showroom, and how to keep your tools in the field. Read more

Problem Clinic Air Entrained RCC

Are air-entraining admixtures necessary to produce frost-resistant roller-compacted concrete pavement (RCC)? Read more

Problem Clinic Lightweight Aggregate

Is it permissible to use synthetic aggregate produced from FGD sludge in lightweight concrete? Read more

Problem Clinic Cold-Weather Correction

What is the coldest temperature at which to place concrete? Read more

Problem Clinic Repair Basics

What are the best kinds of materials to use for a concrete repair? Read more

Cedar Valley Construction Contractor to Watch Cedar Valley Construction

The majority of our work is residential, although the commercial market is better in Sacramento today so we are doing more commercial work. Read more

We Were There Women in Concrete We Were There

We know women have traditionally been a minority in the concrete industry. While the numbers may have been small, it's encouraging to discover how women have been involved our industry's development. Read more

Other Articles
Custom Rock Elastomeric/Urethane Formliners Custom Rock Elastomeric/Urethane Formliners

Elastomeric/urethane formliners add beauty and elegance to cast-in-place walls. Read more

High-Performance Formliners Material Selection Guide High-Performance Formliners

Designed for the precast concrete form market, MCO/Flex liners can be applied to new and used wood and metal forming sheets. Read more

Fitzgerald Graylastic Formliners Material Selection Guide Fitzgerald Graylastic Formliners

Graylastic formliners provide maximum design latitude for precast or cast-in-place applications. Read more

Scott System Flex-Liner Formliners Material Selection Guide Scott System Flex-Liner Formliners

Made of elastomeric-urethane and guaranteed for 100 uses, Flex-Liner formliners reproduce the same texture in perfect detail every time. Read more

Spec Formliners ElastoSpec Material Selection Guide Spec Formliners ElastoSpec

ElastoSpec formliners combine resilience and high tensile strength for reproductions of even the most complex designs. Read more

Pacific Concrete Images Pacific Formliners Pacific Concrete Images Pacific Formliners

Pacific Formliners can add beauty to any concrete work. The flexible, polyethylene formliners can be used to create a variety of looks for decorative steps, pool copings, wall caps, and even countertops. Read more

Increte Systems Stone-Crete Material Selection Guide Increte Systems Stone-Crete

Stone-Crete is a patented cast-in-place decorative concrete wall system that duplicates the look of hand-laid stone. Read more

Greenstreak Group Formliners Material Selection Guide Greenstreak Group Formliners

Greenstreak formliners produce aesthetic architectural concrete surfaces in over 70 different patterns. Read more

Distri-mat Inc. Reckli-Vectogramm Formliners Material Selection Guide Distri-mat Inc. Reckli-Vectogramm Formliners

With Reckli-Vectogramm formliners, concrete walls can showcase faces, murals, logos—just about any picture imaginable. Read more

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