August 2007 Table of Contents

Immersed in Concrete Editorial Comment Immersed in Concrete

For a concrete contractor, managing the day-to-day business operations is just as critical as winning a new project in terms of the success of a contracting business. Read more

Preventing Plastic Surface Cracking Features Preventing Plastic Surface Cracking

Some Midwest ready-mix producers report there have been more problems associated with plastic shrinkage in concrete this past spring. Read more

Engineered Forms and Shores Formwork Engineered Forms and Shores

Contractors today have more options than ever before in selecting form and shoring materials and systems., but the key to proper selection is understanding the driving forces behind increased use of engineered forming and shoring systems: economy, contract language and federal regulations, and environmental responsibility. Read more

Water-Based Release Agents Formwork Water-Based Release Agents

Chemically active form release agents have been the standard in forming concrete for years. Usually, a petroleum-based substance (such as kerosene or mineral spirits) serves as a carrier for the active ingredients. However, rising oil costs and increased Read more

Getting More Out of Plywood Forms Formwork Getting More Out of Plywood Forms

The North American plywood industry has been using the same wood veneers and the design values for many years.Changing wood resources, however, have forced North American plywood manufacturers to seek out new sources of veneer and new overlays to provide Read more

Formwork Some Imported Concrete Form Panels Fail to Meet Grade

APA is cautioning the marketplace to beware of imported panels that in many cases fail to meet North American standards. APA recently tested samples of nontrademarked imported concrete form panels in which the average glue bond performance of the sample d Read more

News & Events News & Events

Sustainable concrete goes to Norway; John Deere's student sponsorship program and more. Read more

News & Events Seeking abstracts for 2008 forum

The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) is seeking abstracts for its 2008 Concrete Technology Forum Read more

Tolerances: Two Field Reports Tolerances Tolerances: Two Field Reports

This past June, thanks to teleconferencing, I was able to sit in on the kickoff meeting for Colin Milberg's "Improved Tolerance Management in Concrete Construction" project. Read more

Tilt-Up The Tallest, Largest, and Heaviest: The Complete Lists

This year's TCA lists include the Top Ten Tallest Panels, Top Ten Heaviest Panels, Top Ten Largest Panels, and Top Ten Largest Building (Footprint). Read more

Safety Matters Be Safe in the Sun

Studies have found that those working in the construction field can be exposed to 10 times the National Health and Medical Research Council's recommended daily exposure to UV radiation. Read more

Decorative Concrete Products Decorative Concrete Decorative Concrete Products

Stay up to date on the latest decorative concrete products. Read more

Decorative Concrete: Installing Salt Finish Concrete Decorative Concrete Decorative Concrete: Installing Salt Finish Concrete

As one of the older more traditional decorative concrete finishes, salt finish concrete is the most popular in nonfreeze/thaw regions around the country. For little additional cost you can add texture to just about any hardscape. Read more

Connections for engineered forming systems Jobsite Products Connections for engineered forming systems

Manufacturers of engineered form systems have focused their efforts on making their systems faster and easier to use. Read more

Products Solving Problems Hydrodemolition at Pearl Harbor

Removing delaminated concrete at Pearl Harbor, and restoring coating at an animal hospital in a week--without closing for business. Read more

Products Solving Problems Rapid Restoration at Animal Hospital

The Arapahoe Animal Hospital and Kennel, Boulder, Colo., needed a complete coating restoration for 2000 square feet of horizontal surfaces and 2000 square feet of vertical surfaces. Read more

Problem Clinic Correcting for Aggregate Moisture

Q: I'm fairly new in the concrete business and I know that a mix's water-cement ratio affects how well the concrete turns out, but as a contractor why should I care about something called "aggregate moisture?" Read more

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