December 2007 Table of Contents

Paving With Gusto! Features Paving With Gusto!

At the front end of the job, the widening and reconstruction of U.S. 377 in Keller, Texas, looked like a fairly straightforward project. But when unprecedented rain earlier this year washed out the schedule for the better part of two months, it began to l Read more

Concrete Pavement Projects Go for the Gold Features Concrete Pavement Projects Go for the Gold

In late November, the American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA) named the winners of its 18th annual “Excellence in Concrete Pavement Awards” program. Read more

Five More Influencers Features Five More Influencers

The editors of The Concrete Producer magazine join Concrete Construction in selecting their own influencers of 2007. Read more

Guiding Our Industry Features Guiding Our Industry

They may come from different areas within the industry, but all of the choices for our list of people guiding the industry share one thing in common: they are driving the industry forward. Read more

Integrating Office Technology Technology for Construction Integrating Office Technology

There comes a time when it is imperative for every concrete contractor to either implement new technology or upgrade their current systems. This could include new or additional software programs, a variety of hardware devices, and many wireless applicatio Read more

Physical Sulfate Attack That Isn't Hime & Erlin on Concrete Physical Sulfate Attack That Isn't

"In this phenomenon, there are no chemical reactions involving any sulfate salt with any component of the concrete. It stands alone and is its own worst enemy. It needs no help from anyone or anything, except ambient temperature and humidity." Read more

Tolerances Building a Lean, Mean Statistics Machine

There was a huge amount of energy and enthusiasm in the room when the ACI Committee 117, Tolerances, met in Puerto Rico in October. One interesting item discussed was a change in the measurement protocol for slab thickness testing. Read more

Safety Equals Profits Safety Matters Safety Equals Profits

Many factors can motivate you to integrate safety plans and measures into your company's culture, including legal reasons, public image, and employee/labor relations. Creating and executing an emergency action plan is just one step in the process. Read more

Brickform Freestyle Pro Decorative Concrete Brickform Freestyle Pro

Designed for finished concrete surfaces, Freestyle Pro water-based stain is self-sealing. Read more

Collaboration Decorative Concrete Collaboration

Both contractors and designers must collaborate with owners, and sometimes contractors collaborate with each other on joint ventures. Read more

Total Wall Moisture Drainage Decorative Concrete Total Wall Moisture Drainage

Total Wall Moisture Drainage exterior wall cladding provides a beautiful stucco-textured finish, energy efficiency, and excellent moisture resistance. Read more

GAF Materials CanyonRock Decorative Concrete GAF Materials CanyonRock

This premium decorative stone is manufactured using a proprietary curing and drying process and features special additives to help protect against freeze/thaw damage. Read more

Butterfield Color Perma-Cast Decorative Concrete Butterfield Color Perma-Cast

Perma-Cast is a dry-shake color hardener with a water-reducing wetting agent that allows it to integrate quickly and easily into the concrete surface. Read more

Paving the Way Into the Future Jobsite Products Paving the Way Into the Future

There are two ways to form curbs and gutters: using traditional forms or using the slipform method. Read more

Winter Blues Melt Away Fast Products Solving Problems Winter Blues Melt Away Fast

The Powerblanket is lightweight, waterproof, and runs on 120 V, but most of all, it is more than 5000% cheaper to operate than using propane. Read more

Problem Clinic Wind Chill and Concrete

When the temperature is above 32F but the wind chill is well below 32F, does that mean the concrete could freeze? Read more

Problem Clinic Sealing Terminology

What is the difference between a sealer and a sealant? Read more

Scale Construction Inc. Contractor to Watch Scale Construction Inc.

Scale Construction Inc. is a family owned, family operated construction company that specializes in general construction, construction management services, and design/ build. Read more

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