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Technology Emerges and We Adapt Editorial Comment Technology Emerges and We Adapt

The early adopters of any new technology are brave souls. Embracing change, they almost always are blazing new trails with its use. But it's usually the second wave of users who discover innovative ways of deploying a new technology. Read more

Pile Driving Gives Way to CIP Concrete Features Pile Driving Gives Way to CIP Concrete

The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) is using a technique relatively new to North America--replacing with more than 2000 of the 2700 piles originally called for on vibro cast-in-place concrete columns (VCIPCC). The result is a savings in la Read more

3-D Laser Scanning Features 3-D Laser Scanning

Imagine that you are about to place concrete for an industrial floor that is 8 inches thick, post-tensioned, and has specified requirements for levelness and flatness. But before you place any concrete, you first create a “spatial image” or “digital scan” Read more

Features Spinning off from a GC

Clayco, a large St. Louis-based general contractor, has been on the CC100 list for years as a self-performing tilt-up specialist. Read more

Features Growing large with parking structures

Bomel Construction Co., Anaheim Hills, Calif. (#5) Read more

Features Reducing sales to increase margins

Tony and PJ Lampasona, the cousin team that runs Lampasona Concrete, are typical New Englanders—young, brash, and in a hurry. Read more

Features Poised to break into the CC100

Even through the tough years of 2002 and 2003, JH Concrete maintained steady growth. Read more

Features Supplementing Construction With Retail

Having developed expertise in rebar fabrication, Van Laan Concrete decided to take advantage of this asset and in 1988 they started Van Laan Construction Supply Read more

Decorative Concrete Project of the Year - Entries Submit Decorative Projects

In October Concrete Construction will publish its decorative concrete special issue featuring significant, large-scale commercial projects but we need your help to pull it off. Read more

Feature The 2007 CC100: Still Going Up

Despite a challenging home-building environment, the concrete business is in the midst of a historic boom. Read more

News & Events News & Events

News and Events from July 2007 Read more

How Close Are We Getting? Tolerances How Close Are We Getting?

Colin Milberg, Ph.D. is convinced there is a more rational way to come up with better tolerance values using state-of-the art technology. Read more

What's flat enough? Slabs on Grade What's flat enough?

Developing an industrywide standard for measurement is the first step. All the trade associations involved with floor construction should agree on a system of measurement that will provide relevant information related to their requirements as well as ever Read more

Safety Matters Water Does a Body Good

Every year around the country, summer temperatures reach record-breaking highs, while the concrete industry toils on erecting buildings, constructing high-rises, and paving roads. And as the heat rises, so do the concerns about proper hydration for constr Read more

Sherwin-Williams UltraCrete Texture Coating Decorative Concrete Sherwin-Williams UltraCrete Texture Coating

UltraCrete Texture Coating results in a textured, uniform finish with good color retention. Read more

Decorative Concrete Americrete Water-based Acrylic Stain

A-1000 concrete stain is a user-friendly, water-based, acrylic stain that penetrates new and old, pigmented and nonpigmented, concrete, masonry, and wood surfaces. Read more

Niagara Protective Coatings Epoxal Stain System Decorative Concrete Niagara Protective Coatings Epoxal Stain System

Suitable for new or old concrete and any porous material, the Epoxal Stain System is available in 20 standard colors, plus custom colors. Read more

Pure Texture Chem-Stain Decorative Concrete Pure Texture Chem-Stain

Chem-Stain is a penetrating liquid stain that provides an alternative to decorative acid stains that is suitable for interior as well as exterior applications. Read more

Decorative Pervious Concrete Decorative Concrete Decorative Pervious Concrete

Decorative concrete contractors have been working on ways to make pervious pavement more decorative as well as functional. Learning how install durable work remains the first most important step. Read more

Hydraulic Cranes Jobsite Products Hydraulic Cranes

Hydraulic cranes—whether referring to rough-terrain (RT), all-terrain (AT), or truck cranes, and the knuckleboom or telescoping boom variety—provide a wide range of capacities for almost any lifting job. Read more

Self-Climbing Placing Boom Speeds Project Products Solving Problems Self-Climbing Placing Boom Speeds Project

Early tower placing booms, first introduced in the 1970s, required the use of separate cranes, massive counterweights, and nonproportional booms, and were considered for only the largest projects. But today's modern systems take less time to install and a Read more

L.A. Finds Path to Better Concrete Paving Products Solving Problems L.A. Finds Path to Better Concrete Paving

When the Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services needed to pour a 4000-foot bike path connecting an existing path in Burbank, Calif., to the North Hollywood arts district, it abandoned traditional wood forms in favor of reusable metal forms and a truss scre Read more

Problem Clinic Early Morning Slab Pours

I am a concrete contractor in the Southwest and to beat the heat in the summertime, I cast my slabs early in the morning, starting before dawn. By avoiding the heat of the day, doesn't this reduce the need for curing? Read more

Problem Clinic Testing Curing Effectiveness

What tests can I use to determine if the curing has been effective? Read more

Problem Clinic Does Superplasticizer Reduce Need for Curing Water?

I am using a superplasticizer in my concrete. I have heard that since this is a water-reducer, the need for curing water is reduced. Is this correct? Read more

Problem Clinic Curing

Questions about the effects on curing of temperature and superplasticizers. Read more

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The Concrete Construction 100 CC100 The Concrete Construction 100

Our collection of the annual CC100 listing of the top commercial concrete contractors in the country, from 2003 to date. Read more

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