November 2007 Table of Contents

Let Your Opinion Be Heard Editorial Comment Let Your Opinion Be Heard

As a means to profile some of the new products and equipment, our 2008 Most Innovative Products (MIP) contest collates these new, innovative products and equipment in manner that allows the industry to determine the products they feel are best. Read more

The State of Our Country's Infrastructure Features The State of Our Country's Infrastructure

The price tag to upgrade our infrastructure and make it safe is considerable—much more than the war in Iraq is costing. The only way to raise this kind of money is to increase taxes and politicians won't do that until after the next election. So what is likely to happen and what is the role that concrete will play? Read more

Secrets to Success Features Secrets to Success

This past September, prior to the American Society of Concrete Contractors' (ASCC) Annual Conference in Charlotte, N.C., a roomful of concrete construction professionals met with the editors of Concrete Construction for the Sixth Annual Roundtable Discussion. Read more

The Industry Takes a Breather But Continues to Grow—and Change Features The Industry Takes a Breather But Continues to Grow—and Change

At first glance, the concrete industry appears simple and straightforward. Mix the right materials and put it where you want, let it sit awhile, and soon another reliable dam or highway or building or plant is built. Add up all the pieces and you have the infrastructure we've all grown to rely on. But the reality is much more complex, and like all industries, both large and small, market forces can have significant effects on the robustness of concrete construction. Read more

Witnessing the Magic Tolerances Witnessing the Magic

Sometimes we get complacent and begin to take for granted some truly amazing things that happen all around us every day, like Colin Milberg's laser scanning system, which he is using to gather and analyze data from which he hopes to derive more rational c Read more

Slabs on Grade Measuring the Reflectance of Floors

For big box retail stores, it's not only the levelness and flatness of a floor that counts, it's also the ability of a floor to reflect light that matters. Read more

Kneeling in Pain Safety Matters Kneeling in Pain

As a construction worker, you can't afford time away from the job. That's why it's so important to take care of your joints. Read more

Surface Retarders for Exposed Aggregate Concrete Decorative Concrete Surface Retarders for Exposed Aggregate Concrete

In the last couple years, there has been a revival of interest in exposed aggregate, in part due to the introduction of micro-exposed finishes. Surface retarding agents have changed in recent times as well. Read more

Flatwork Saws Jobsite Products Flatwork Saws

When choosing a saw to fit your particular needs, there are several variables to consider including depth of cut, blade size, revolutions per minute (rpm), weight, propulsion, and power source. Read more

Prefab Saves Time and Money Products Solving Problems Prefab Saves Time and Moneyuxrqqcrsxeybwdzwucufxsrfqxwttece

Florida school districts are continually fighting rebuilding costs due to damaging storms—a common problem in the hurricane-ridden area. A growing student population on campuses and the need for strong, safe buildings demanded a better solution. Read more

Problem Clinic Is Slump Test Outdated?

A lot of the concrete we're now placing would be considered “low slump.” Years ago it would have meant trouble for the crew. But today, we're able to work with most of the low slump concrete we get. Is the slump test outdated? Read more

Concrete As Insulation Problem Clinic Concrete As Insulation

What is the R-value of concrete? Read more

Problem Clinic Cosmetic Slab Repairs

There was a thunderstorm shortly after our slab was poured. The contractor covered the wet concrete with plastic sheeting to protect it from the rain. The next day there were marks from the rain and the plastic sheeting, as well as some light footprints. Read more

Help is Just a Click Away Women in Concrete Help is Just a Click Away

Although sometimes small in numbers, women still persevere in areas that are traditionally devoted to men. In the age of the Internet, women are finding resources through the Web to educate themselves and network with each other. Read more

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