October 2007 Table of Contents

Avoiding the Perfect Storm Editorial Comment Avoiding the Perfect Storm

The next generation of workers should understand immediately that it is a smart decision to invest in a career in this industry. Read more

Perfect Polishing Features Perfect Polishing

In 2002, a few contractors aggressively marketed the concept of diamond polished floors, but after five years of growth, how has the industry changed in terms of tools, procedures and the market for polished concrete floors? Read more

Features Considerations When Designing and Building a Tilt-up Project

With a mindset that tilt-up is not an option but a standard, a design team must develop ways of thinking that include planning for this building method in the earliest stages of the design process. Read more

Office Depot Global Headquarters Features Office Depot Global Headquarters

The new office complex that will soon be the corporate home of Office Depot posed quite a few challenges as a tilt-up project for concrete contractor Woodland Construction Co., Jupiter, Fla. Not only were the three towers five stories tall, the architect Read more

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Features Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

Engineers like to work from the top down, designing the roof, then the decks, the structural supports, and finally the foundations upon which the entire structure rests. Such was the case on a three-story structure now nearing completion in Frederick, Md. Read more

Working Tilt-Up From Both Ends Features Working Tilt-Up From Both Ends

There's general acknowledgement on the benefits of using tilt-up construction. Read more

Angle Grinders Tools for the Concrete Pro Angle Grinders

Although angle grinders were not initially designed with concrete in mind, concrete contractors have found plenty of use for them. In fact, angle grinders are one of the most versatile tools in the concrete contractor's arsenal. Read more

Getting in on the Ground Floor Tools for the Concrete Pro Getting in on the Ground Floor

A new certification program from the American Concrete Institute (ACI), called the"ACI Specialty Commercial/Industrial Concrete Flatwork Finisher/Technician," will take place at the World of Concrete 2008, Jan. 21-25 in Las Vegas. The program is open to c Read more

Internal Vibrators Tools for the Concrete Pro Internal Vibrators

Vibrators consolidate freshly placed concrete by helping entrapped air to escape. Read more

The Sulfate Panorama Hime & Erlin On Concrete The Sulfate Panorama

Sulfur keeps concrete in and out of tune. It is in tune when concrete performs normally, but hits a sour note when in excess or gets out of control for a variety of reasons. Read more

Extracurricular Learning Tolerances Extracurricular Learning

This summer the San Diego State University students who signed on to help Colin Milberg collect data for his construction tolerance project learned something they wouldn't get through even the best classroom simulation. Read more

Now Hear This Safety Matters Now Hear This

Noise-induced hearing loss is one of the most common occupational diseases and the second most self-reported occupational illness or injury, according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). Read more

HTC 950 RX Products HTC 950 RX

The HTC 950 RX remote-controlled grinder uses four-head technology to balance the grinding process and make grinding easier. Read more

Creative Urethane Concepts Magnumcrete Stamp System Products Creative Urethane Concepts Magnumcrete Stamp System

The Magnumcrete stamp system offers a large selection of systems to choose from. Read more

Custom Rock Formliner Products Custom Rock Formliner

Custom Rock formliners use actual textures to simulate stone, rock, brick, block, granite, and other appearances. Read more

Advanced Surfaces Inc. Pigmented Concrete Sealer Products Advanced Surfaces Inc. Pigmented Concrete Sealer

Advanced Surfaces' water-based, pigmented concrete sealer can be applied to stamped concrete, brick pavers, and any concrete surfaces. Read more

When Concrete is too Wet Decorative Concrete When Concrete is too Wet

When there is too much water in the concrete, there is greater shrinkage with the possibility for more cracks and reduced compressive strength. Read more

Stabilization Leads to Speedy Transformation Products Solving Problems Stabilization Leads to Speedy Transformation

The highly complex transition to a gothic cross from an octagonal shape in the cross section of the Maumee River Crossing, now known as the Veterans' Glass City Skyways, was the largest and most expensive project ever undertaken by the Ohio DOT. Read more

Speedy Dam Project Products Solving Problems Speedy Dam Project

Seven Dynapac rollers were used on the Nam Theun 2 dam project—one of the world's largest hydroelectric dam designs. Read more

Problem Clinic Are Polycarboxylates Worth It?

Is it worth the performance enhancement and peace of mind to go with the more expensive polycarboxylate admixture as opposed to using a naphthalene-, lignin-, or melamine-based admixture? Read more

Problem Clinic Concrete and Pet Waste

What effect, if any, do dog feces and urine have on finished concrete? Read more

Problem Clinic How Curling Happens and How to Control It

I am about to install a 10,000-square-foot floor and the owner believes that wet curing the floor will result in no curling. Is this true? Read more

Builders Plus Inc. Contractor to Watch Builders Plus Inc.

Builders Plus Inc. began as a shell contractor for apartments and residential homes. Read more

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