April 2008 Table of Contents

Editorial Comment When in Doubt, Look Long

While contractors in some areas of the country still have a consistent amount of commercial and residential jobs, others do not have the luxury at the moment. Read more

Industry Shows Its True Colors Features Industry Shows Its True Colors

WOC is an opportunity for the industry to assess itself—to look back at where it's been and take a look forward to where it's going. Read more

Features Repairs Using Cementitious Masonry Products

Commercial buildings constructed in the past 30 years experience a myriad of below-grade water infiltration problems at the lower levels, basements, and elevator pits. Fixing damages belowgrade prevents water problems. Read more

Tools of Productivity Tools For The Concrete Pro Tools of Productivity

When it comes to choosing the “right tools for the job,” the prudent contractor does his homework before getting in over his head. Today, choosing tools incorrectly, or not including the needed tools in the bid for a project, can financially sink a contractor when repairs are needed because of poor slab placement. In some cases, multimillion dollar lawsuits may result. These scenarios do happen and are avoidable when a job is carefully evaluated and the right tools are used. Read more

The Art of Concrete Stairs Features The Art of Concrete Stairs

Stairs play an important part in many projects. Providing both access and egress, stairs can be out of sight and infrequently used—such as in high-rise buildings—or they may be among the most prominent features at the gateway to a site. Read more

Placing Structural Concrete Under Winter Conditions Features Placing Structural Concrete Under Winter Conditions

Winter conditions increase the level of risk for everyone, and maintaining good concrete conditions is a challenge. Read more

Robert Berman & Monte Burch Artistry in Decorative Concrete Robert Berman & Monte Burch

Robert Berman and Monte Burch own the company together, doing general concrete work and decorative. Read more

Nathan Giffin Artistry in Decorative Concrete Nathan Giffin

After working in the software industry for several years, Nathan Giffin became smitten with the creative possibilities presented by artificial rockwork. Read more

Kristi Hughes & Cathy Richardson Artistry in Decorative Concrete Kristi Hughes & Cathy Richardson

The duo constructed an area rug in the center of their slab by masking areas and applying microtoppings in stages in order to layer the pattern. Read more

Nancy Jones Artistry in Decorative Concrete Nancy Jones

Nancy Jones got her start doing faux finishes on concrete and plaster. Read more

Jason Lehtonen Artistry in Decorative Concrete Jason Lehtonen

Jason Lehtonen's company markets both vertical and horizontal stamped concrete. Read more

Stevi Michner Artistry in Decorative Concrete Stevi Michner

Stevi Michner's background is interior design, but she became interested in the artistic possibilities that concrete offered and started Surface LLC to focus on both functional art and art pieces that she sells through her art gallery shop located in down Read more

David Mitchell Artistry in Decorative Concrete David Mitchell

David Mitchell's company is both a manufacturer of overlay materials and a contractor. Read more

Neil Ohmie Artistry in Decorative Concrete Neil Ohmie

Neil Ohmie and his brother-in-law, Erick May, formed their company to do both commercial and residential work. Read more

Dave Pettigrew & Dave Wilber Artistry in Decorative Concrete Dave Pettigrew & Dave Wilber

Dave Pettigrew says that he was originally a carpenter and got involved with concrete by framing foundations. Read more

John Sellers Artistry in Decorative Concrete John Sellers

John Sellers says his company is a full-service concrete contractor, though most of its revenue comes from decorative projects. Read more

Mike Todd Artistry in Decorative Concrete Mike Todd

When Mike Todd was 19 years old he worked for Brad Boman, who invented stamped concrete, on the J. Paul Getty art museum project. Read more

Tools For The Concrete Pro Best New Products Named

The winners of the 2008 Most Innovative Products contest have been selected and the result is an exciting array of new materials and equipment. Read more

News & Events Concrete Canoes Take Canada By Storm

American Society of Civil Engineer's 21st Annual National Concrete Canoe Competition will be hosted by the École de technologie supérieure in Montreal on June 19–21. Read more

News & Events TCA October convention

The Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA) recently announced its fourth annual convention's theme as “Highlighting Tilt-Up Achievement.” Read more

News & Events Honoring Sustainability

The Portland Cement Association (PCA) announced its first PCA Sustainable Leadership Awards—created to honor government leaders advancing sustainable developments through the use of concrete and cement-based products. Read more

Hime & Erlin On Concrete More on Pozzolans and Other Portland Cement Supplements

The Romans had pozzolans, in the form of volcanic ash, long before anyone else. Read more

Tolerances For Where the Concrete Isn't

The CSDA is one of the associations that joined with related organizations from around the world to create IACDS in 1995, and then worked together with IACDS members to determine useful tolerances applicable to this type of work. Originally developed in 2 Read more

Aggregate View Aggregate View: The Time is Right for Concrete Parking

Whether you are talking conventional concrete parking, pervious parking, or even roller-compacted concrete, it is time to doggedly pursue this market segment. Read more

Creative Forming and Finishing Tilt-Up Creative Forming and Finishing

The introduction of new technologies and products has helped fuel the rapid growth of tilt-up over the past decade. Combined with creativity on the part of the designer, tilt-up is dispelling the perception that it is only for big-box construction. Read more

Safety Matters Safety Matters: Concrete Pump Safety

Concrete pumping is an economical and efficient means of placing concrete for most concrete placement jobs in the construction industry today. Knowing how to safely work with the concrete pump on the jobsite will help to ensure you have a successful and p Read more

The 2008 Artistry Demos Artistry Preview The 2008 Artistry Demos

At the 2008 World of Concrete, Artistry in Decorative Concrete demonstrated diamond polished concrete, custom-stamped concrete, an integral cast-in-place sink and countertop overlay cement, precast concrete, and handcarved rockwork. Read more

Brian Whinnery Decorative Concrete Brian Whinnery

Brian Whinnery says that his company concentrates on a wide range of decorative finishes but he also installs industrial flooring. Read more

Cellular Concrete Geofoam SP 2008 Most Innovative Products — Nominee Cellular Concrete Geofoam SP

Geofoam SP enables the production of pervious cellular lightweight concrete from 20 to 40 lbs./cu.-ft. Read more

Exaktime PocketClock/G Time and Tracking System 2008 Most Innovative Products — Attendees' Choice Winner Exaktime PocketClock/G Time and Tracking System

PocketClock/G turns Windows Mobile powered device into an accurate time and location tracking system. Read more

Bluebeam Software Inc. Bluebeam PDF Revu 2008 Most Innovative Products — Experts' Choice Winner Bluebeam Software Inc. Bluebeam PDF Revu

Bluebeam PDF Revu is a PDF creation, viewing, markup, and editing software designed for Tablet PC users in the construction industry. Read more

Crack Inducer System 2008 Most Innovative Products — Nominee Crack Inducer System

A method for construction of slabs on grade, this system is particularly suited to large area floors that are to have applied finishes, such as vinyl and ceramic tile. Read more

2008 Most Innovative Products — Nominee Thermoplastic Waterproofing Membrane

The CoreFlex composite waterproofing membrane consists of a reinforced thermoplastic membrane integrally bonded to a proprietary active polymer core (APC) layer for waterproofing protection. Read more

Pathway Polymers Inc. Masterworks 2008 Most Innovative Products — Attendees' Choice Winner Pathway Polymers Inc. Masterworks

Masterworks is a two-component, water-based, acrylic polymer/mineral resin system that can be hand- and spray-laminated, cast, or injected. Read more

One Day Floors System MIP 2008: Decorative One Day Floors System

One Day Floors integrates the latest advances in polyaspartic coating technology, enhancing chips, quartz, or stained floors. Read more

2008 Most Innovative Products — Nominee Diamond Saw Blades

Matrix technology is used to place diamond grits precisely in 3-D patterns to deliver accurate performance to its users. Read more

2008 Most Innovative Products — Nominee Multi-Purpose Positioner

P.A.M.’s multi-purpose socket is capable of holding a wide range of hammers and tools, and its structure is designed to withstand repeat chipping impact. Read more

2008 Most Innovative Products — Nominee Updated Telehandler

A continuous compaction control system designed specifically for reversible plate soil compactors., Compatrol-MSM incorporates eight machine and service management functions into its compaction control panel. Read more

Shotless Technologies Inc. Striker 1500 2008 Most Innovative Products — Experts' Choice Winner Shotless Technologies Inc. Striker 1500

The Striker 1500 provides shotless surface preparation while you easily achieve a controllable, uniform profile. Features include a 15-in. cleaning path, onboard dust collector, one-person operation, and no expensive wear parts to replace. Read more

2008 Most Innovative Products — Nominee Reward Wall Systems Corner Bracket Form

Reward is the only ICF producer to offer this unique type of full height, double-H bridging corner bracket form. Read more

Precise Forms Inc. Precise Eliminator 2008 Most Innovative Products — Experts' Choice Winner Precise Forms Inc. Precise Eliminator

Pouring one-sided walls with the new Precise Eliminator removes most safety issues. Read more

G&S Super Saddle Super Saddles 2008 Most Innovative Products — Attendees' Choice Winner G&S Super Saddle Super Saddles

Super Saddle positions a screed rail so it floats above the concrete surface, providing obstruction-free base for screeding the concrete flat. Read more

Curb Roller Mfg. Curb Roller 2008 Most Innovative Products — Attendees' Choice Winner Curb Roller Mfg. Curb Roller

The Curb Roller is a walk-behind roller screed that forms the curb and gutter as it spins. Read more

Concrete Overshoes 2008 Most Innovative Products — Nominee Concrete Overshoes

Finishing Slicks are overshoes designed to be worn during the finishing phase of concrete placement. Read more

Stake Driving Tool 2008 Most Innovative Products — Nominee Stake Driving Tool

The Striker is a stake-driving tool making the process for driving stakes more efficient and safer while saving the user time and money. Read more

Adjustable Templates 2008 Most Innovative Products — Nominee Adjustable Templates

The Bolt-Rite 4-bolt adjustable template takes the time, expense, and frustration out of accurately setting anchor bolts for steel columns, light poles, sign standards, and pier footings. Read more

Nielsen- Kellerman/Kestrel 4300 2008 Most Innovative Products — Nominee Nielsen- Kellerman/Kestrel 4300

Measuring relative humidity, temperature, and wind speed right where the concrete is being placed can help prevent plastic shrinkage, and the Kestrel 4300 may be a solution. Read more

American Concrete Institute Course 2008 Most Innovative Products — Attendees' Choice Winner American Concrete Institute Course

It's a cram course on curled floors, efflorescence, or ASR. A spreadsheet program offers assistance with form-work design. Instant access to information that will help you understand building code requirements for concrete. Read more

Cast-in-Place Concrete Window Well System 2008 Most Innovative Products — Nominee Cast-in-Place Concrete Window Well System

This cast-in-place concrete window system integrates into existing forming, pouring, and stripping cycles. Read more

Midwest Rake Co. Flexible Bed Spiked Shoes 2008 Most Innovative Products — Experts' Choice Winner Midwest Rake Co. Flexible Bed Spiked Shoes

Coating contractors gain more flexibility with the Flexible Bed Spiked Shoes than the golf shoes of old. Read more

Decorative for Existing Slabs Problem Clinic Decorative for Existing Slabs

I am a California architect and read your article about decorative concrete at the World of Concrete. Are there processes that can be used on existing concrete floors to make them more decorative? I know you can use dyes and then stamp it with wet concret Read more

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