August 2008 Table of Contents

Editorial Comment Challenge and Change Accepted

As editors of this publication, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to frequently visit construction sites. Read more

Team Workability Features Team Workability

Chances are that when a load of concrete shows up at the jobsite, somebody's going to add some water. And that's not necessarily a bad thing. Read more

Laying It on Thick Features Laying It on Thick

Placing mass concrete—which is defined for practical purposes as concrete formed with a minimum dimension of 3 feet—presents challenges in any type of construction. Read more

Green Power Features Green Power

Mark Peters, deputy to the associate laboratory director at Argonne National Laboratory, says the public has three concerns about nuclear reactors: they must be safe from extreme forces of nature, they must not leak radiation and highly radioactive spent Read more

News & Events Destined for Shotcrete

The 2008–2009 American Shotcrete Association (ASA) Graduate Scholarship Program now is accepting applications for two graduate scholarships for the 2008–2009 academic year. Read more

News & Events Bosch Acquires CST/berger

In June, the Bosch Group announced it will acquire CST/berger from The Stanley Works portfolio. The transaction is expected to be completed in the next few months. Read more

News & Events Aligning ACI and Charles Pankow Foundations

Architecture students from around the world participate in the Concrete Thinking for a Sustainable World Competition; the cement sector adopts a sectoral approach on CO2 emissions; Tilt-Up Concrete Association announces a new heaviest panel on the Top Ten list and more. Read more

News & Events Seeking Cement Sustainability

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development's (WBCSD) Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSI), founded and cochaired by Lafarge and Taiheiyo Cement, called the G8 members and the UNFCCC to accelerate the creation of effective sectoral approaches Read more

News & Events Designing for Sustainability

Architecture students from around the world participated in the recent Concrete Thinking for a Sustainable World Competition. Co-sponsored by Portland Cement Association and the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association, and hosted by Association of Colle Read more

Reno Canoe Wins News & Events Reno Canoe Wins

University of Nevada, Reno engineering students crossed the finish line in style last month. Concrete style that is. The American Society of Civil Engineers' (ASCE) 21st Annual National Concrete Canoe Competition saw the best of the best come out and show off their concrete canoes in Montreal's Olympic Basin. Read more

About Misconceptions Hime & Erlin On Concrete About Misconceptions

What if some things you hear about portland cement, supplementary cementitious materials, cement paste, entrapped and entrained air, aggregates—coarse and fine—mineral and chemical admixtures, durability, concrete longevity, and strength are not true or o Read more

Beware of the Fine Print Tolerances Beware of the Fine Print

Every ASTM standard test is supposed to include statements on its precision and bias, which are a lot like the fine print on a legal document. These two sections describe how accurately one can expect the test results to reflect the true condition of what Read more

Reducing the Prominence of Craze Cracking Slabs on Grade Reducing the Prominence of Craze Cracking

It's called craze cracking or “alligator cracking,” and the more serious form "map cracking," which effects serviceability. Read more

Oztec Industries Rebar Shaker Products Oztec Industries Rebar Shaker

The Rebar Shaker employs a new method of consolidating concrete by using the rebar as the vibrating device. Read more

Westcoat Specialty Coating Systems EC-95 Products Westcoat Specialty Coating Systems EC-95

EC-95 is a two-component, high-solids polyurethane topcoat that resists UV rays, marring, and chemicals. Read more

Wacker Neuson Corp. PV 35A Pole Vibrator Products Wacker Neuson Corp. PV 35A Pole Vibrator

Operating at 10,000 vibrations/minute, the PV 35A pole vibrator is suited for light- to medium-duty concrete work. Read more

Buddy Rhodes Concrete Products LLC Natural Look Sealer Products Buddy Rhodes Concrete Products LLC Natural Look Sealer

Natural Look penetrating sealer is an aqueous, copolymer, chemically reactive dispersion. Read more

Pure Texture Pure-Shine HS Floor Finish Products Pure Texture Pure-Shine HS Floor Finish

Pure-Shine HS Floor Finish gives concrete, terrazzo, quarry tile, and other surfaces a glossy finish. Read more

Interstar EasyStar Products Interstar EasyStar

Use the EasyStar dispensing system to custom-blend and bag your own bags of color. Read more

US Spec Roca System Products US Spec Roca System

The Roca System line of products help create durable, quality decorative surfaces. Read more

Spec Formliners Products Spec Formliners

This company's formliner patterns come in three material choices: single-use plastic, multiple-use plastic, and high-reuse urethane. Read more

Vibco US-1600 Electric Vibrator Products Vibco US-1600 Electric Vibrator

The US-1600 high-frequency electric vibrator deliver 1600 lbs. of force operating at 9000 vibrations/minute on single-phase power. Read more

Multiquip. Flex-Shaft Concrete Vibrator Series Products Multiquip. Flex-Shaft Concrete Vibrator Series

The Flex-shaft concrete vibrator series offers eight models designed to work in medium- to high-slump concrete. Read more

Concrete Coatings Stain Products Concrete Coatings Stain

Available in a range of shades, these stains create a variegated appearance on concrete substrates. Read more

Preparing to Stamp Decorative Concrete Preparing to Stamp

Based on the sales of color and stamps, most manufacturers of these products will tell you that stamped concrete still represents the largest segment of the decorative concrete business. Read more

Waterproofing Sealer Products Waterproofing Sealer

Trojan Masonry Sealer penetrating sealer fills the voids and coats the interior particles of the matrix. Read more

Decorative Concrete Marketing Your Company for Next Year

Whether the industry will struggle or change is yet to be seen. Whichever way it turns out, it's best to move cautiously. Read more

Finding the Right Concrete Vibrator Jobsite Products Finding the Right Concrete Vibrator

Concrete vibrators are not used only to consolidate the concrete for maximum density, but they also internally blend the different lifts of concrete together into a single solid mass with few to no air pockets and no lift lines on the finished exposed sur Read more

Jobsite Rebar Fabrication Products Solving Problems Jobsite Rebar Fabrication

Rebar bending and cutting on a jobsite can be a difficult and laborious job. With the right tool, however, it can be less taxing on the operator. Read more

What Does This Moisture Test Data Mean? Problem Clinic What Does This Moisture Test Data Mean?

I am employed by a home builder and currently dealing with a homeowner who is claiming moisture damage to the hardwood flooring in her home. She hired a professional who completed the ASTM F2170 test. Read more

Problem Clinic Nominal Weight of Standard Concrete

What's the nominal weight of standard concrete? Read more

Kristi Hughes: Interior Designer Uses Concrete Artistry in Decorative Concrete Kristi Hughes: Interior Designer Uses Concrete

Concrete's decorative element now attracts artists who normally wouldn't have considered working with such a basic material. Read more

Other Articles
New Heaviest Panel

The Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA) announced a new heaviest panel on the Top Ten list. The new title-holder is the 339,000-pound panel for the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach, Fla. The owner selected tilt-up for this project because the method enabled them to achieve their desired look more economically than precast. Read more

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