December 2008 Table of Contents

When We Were Kings Editorial Comment When We Were Kings

It has been quite a year, to say the least, as the construction industry was hammered by the uncertainty surrounding the residential marketplace, and the trickle-down effect now impacting the commercial marketplace. Read more

The Truth About BIM Features The Truth About BIM

What is BIM, anyway? What most people in the construction world mean when they use this term these days is “building information modeling.” Read more

Changing the Industry Features Changing the Industry

The five honorees who significantly influenced the concrete industry in 2008 weren't chosen by the sophisticated polling methods we've heard too much about during the presidential campaign. We didn't ask our readers to vote for their favorite candidate ei Read more

News & Events Bridge Debuts New Technology

Construction on the first bridge with a permanent installation of hybrid-composition beams (HCBs) recently was completed. Read more

News & Events New Forecast Predicts Decline

The latest Portland Cement Association (PCA) forecast has projected significant weaknesses for the construction industry through 2010, due to the economy. Read more

TCA Dedicates Industry Award News & Events TCA Dedicates Industry Award

The Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA) announced the dedication of the Distinguished Engineer of the Year award in honor of Dave Kelly, at its annual meeting in October. Read more

News & Events Research Projects Fuels the Industry

The Concrete Industry Management (CIM) program at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) announced five research projects designed to benefit the industry and provide students with valuable experience. Read more

News & Events PCA Evaluates Nation's Bridges

A recent Portland Cement Association (PCA) report analyzed the National Inventory Data and concluded that for all classes of road or highway systems, reinforced and prestressed concrete bridges have a lower rate of structural deficiency than steel bridges Read more

Ending the 2008 Year, Gratefully Hime & Erlin On Concrete Ending the 2008 Year, Gratefully

Over a span of almost four years, we have completed more than 40 column articles, and now find another year's end approaching. Read more

Tolerances Between Rocks and Hard Places

The ACI Tolerances committee spent a grueling three and a half hours in St. Louis on Nov. 4 working through 45 comments from the Technical Activities Committee (TAC) on revisions to ACI 117, Specification for Tolerances for Concrete Construction and Mater Read more

Lithium Silicate Densifiers Products Lithium Silicate Densifiers

Lithium silicate chemical hardeners for concrete have been growing in market share in comparison to sodium or potassium silicates, increasing in direct proportion to diamond-polished floor work. So why are lithium silicate densifiers sales increasing? Read more

W. R. Meadows Inc. Duogard Citrus Jobsite Products W. R. Meadows Inc. Duogard Citrus

Duogard Citrus is a multireactive form release agent for various types of forms. Read more

Nox-Crete Products Group PCE Form Release Jobsite Products Nox-Crete Products Group PCE Form Release

Nox-Crete PCE form release agent is designed for architectural concrete. Read more

2008 Most Innovative Products — Nominee Dayton Superior Corp. Bio-Release EF

Bio-Release EF is an earth-friendly concrete form release agent that contributes to LEED EQ Credit 4.2. Read more

2008 Most Innovative Products — Nominee RoMix Chemical & Brush Reactive Release Agent

This soy-based reactive release agent is biodegradable and offers high coverage rates. Read more

Unitex Chemicals Farm Fresh Jobsite Products Unitex Chemicals Farm Fresh

Farm Fresh is a organic chemical release agent that uses the latest in micro-emulsion technology. Read more

Jobsite Products Cresset Chemical Co. Crete-Lease Bio-Tru

Crete-Lease Bio-Tru is a soy-based form release agent that allows for easy stain-free removal of forms and formliners. Read more

Data Backup Products Solving Problems Data Backup

T. B. Penick & Sons, a general contractor in San Diego, Calif., recently hired San Diego-based technology consulting firm RestorWare to help develop a solution for its data backup capabilities. Read more

Sealing Up All Cracks Products Solving Problems Sealing Up All Cracks

The Provencher Bridge, completed in 2003 in Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada, was experiencing excessive cracking in its concrete deck. Read more

Cleaning Up the Air Products Solving Problems Cleaning Up the Air

When two sculptures were built for the new I-35W St. Anthony Falls Bridge in Minneapolis, the decision was made to use a new form of concrete—photocatalytic concrete—a mixture that removes carbon monoxide, nitrous oxides, and sulfur dioxide from the atmos Read more

Problem Clinic Grinding Questions From a Novice

I am the building manager for a large church on the East Coast. We recently have contracted with a company to grind and overlay about 5000 square feet of our church. Read more

Problem Clinic Did Salt Finish Affect Color?

I am the building manager for a large church on the East Coast. We recently have contracted with a company to grind and overlay about 5000 square feet of our church. Read more

Sundt Construction Contractor to Watch Sundt Construction

Founded in 1890 by a Norwegian ship carpenter who immigrated to the United States, Sundt Construction has grown to be a successful general contractor with 1500 employees. Read more

Keeping Companies Safe Women in Concrete Keeping Companies Safe

Craig Safety is an OSHA, DOT, and EPA regulatory management company that provides OSHA and DOT compliance services and products. Read more

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