February 2008 Table of Contents

Transportation Infrastructure Still Lagging Editorial Comment Transportation Infrastructure Still Lagging

Currently, the nation and politicos fix their attention on the mortgage foreclosures affecting the housing industry, placing our infrastructure problems in the back seat—way in the back in terms of priority. Read more

Maintaining Slab Subgrade Features Maintaining Slab Subgrade

There are several options available to owners, developers, and design and construction teams to maintain, or improve, the exposed sub-grade and subbase and keep your project on track. Read more

Beyond Crack Repair Features Beyond Crack Repair

One of the advantages of building with structural concrete is its repairability. Proper repair techniques and materials are important to taking advantage of that attribute. Read more

The Burj Dubai Features The Burj Dubai

The Burj Dubai—meaning “The Tower of Dubai” in Arabic—is now the tallest building in the world and it's still rising. At the time of publication, the building's height has reached 1921 feet (totaling 156 floors), making it 251-feet taller than the Taipei 101 building in Taipei, Taiwan, the previous tallest building. Concrete Construction takes a closer look at this modern marvel. Read more

Color, Color, Color Hime & Erlin On Concrete Color, Color, Color

Sometimes color provides an esthetic emotion like the specialty “warm tone” portland cements of some years ago and today's proprietary colored mortar cements. Today, there are pigments of all sorts—mineral and chemical—and colored concrete is becoming mor Read more

Precisely Measuring an Imprecise Parameter Tolerances Precisely Measuring an Imprecise Parameter

ASTM subcommittee C09.60, which deals with testing fresh concrete, met in Tampa, Fla., in December to consider, revisions proposed to ASTM C231-04, “Standard Test Method for Air Content of Freshly Mixed Concrete by the Pressure Method.” Read more

Aggregate View Construction Demand Still Strong

The construction outlook for 2008 has been revised slightly downward compared to previous projections since the third quarter. Regardless of the trend, nonresidential construction will remain fairly strong in 2008 despite the housing downturn and tighteni Read more

Henry Medical Center: Parking Deck Tilt-Up Henry Medical Center: Parking Deck

A 205,000-square-foot parking garage in Stockbridge, Ga. Project submitted by Nawkaw Corp., Watkinsville, Ga. Read more

Saint Louis University Walk Tilt-Up Saint Louis University Walk

A 9500-square-foot special project in St. Louis, Mo. Project submitted by Concrete Strategies, St. Louis, Mo. Read more

Ave Maria University Oratory Tilt-Up Ave Maria University Oratory

A 24,000-square-foot spiritual building in Ave Maria Towne, Fla. Project submitted by Woodland Construction Co., Jupiter, Fla. Read more

Tilt-Up And the Winners Are...

For the 17th consecutive year, the Tilt-Up Association (TCA), Mt. Vernon, Iowa, is announcing the recipients of the 2008 Tilt-Up Achievement Awards. Read more

The Skin You're In Safety Matters The Skin You're In

Cement residue can follow you all the way home. It can remain on your skin, your clothes, and even the interior of your car, making you the perfect carrier for dermatitis—a silent skin irritant that infiltrates your home and can possibly affect your famil Read more

Basics for Concrete Artists Decorative Concrete Basics for Concrete Artists

As more and more contractors begin to diversify their business by including concrete work into their repertoire, even more that are solely dedicated to decorative concrete have begun to flood the industry. Although most have had previous concrete experien Read more

Diesel or Gasoline? Jobsite Products Diesel or Gasoline?

Advances in technology have given both diesel and gasoline engines individual advantages. Read more

Products Solving Problems Portable Power Saves the Day

By using rental power, portland-cement producer Cementos Cruz Azul was able to avoid delays in commissioning a new plant and began production at the facility early. Read more

Problem Clinic How Much Should Concrete Fall?

What is a good rule of thumb for the fall on exterior flatwork? Read more

Problem Clinic Water Ratios

Is there a difference between w/c and w/cm? Read more

Problem Clinic Floors with Class

What does it mean when somebody specifies a Class 5 concrete floor? Read more

California Dream Builder Women in Concrete California Dream Builder

At a recent meeting of key industry leaders who came together to help draft a vision statement outlining concrete's role in creating a sustainable world, more than a third were women. One of these vision crafters is Kristin Cooper-Carter. Read more

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