October 2008 Table of Contents

Five in One Editorial Comment Five in One

As 2008 has progressed, I noticed that more of you have been visiting our Web site in recent months. In case you haven't visited lately, below are some of the new Web-based highlights that Concrete Construction now offers our readers. Read more

Cutting Concrete Safely Features Cutting Concrete Safely

Cutting concrete is a dangerous aspect of the concrete industry. Personal protective equipment not only prevents concrete cutting-related injuries, it also can save lives. Read more

Learning to do Pervious Features Learning to do Pervious

As an environmentally friendly product that provides more than a paved surface to drive or park on, pervious concrete offers a new frontier for concrete contractors Read more

Updating O'Hare Features Updating O'Hare

One of the largest airport modernization projects ever undertaken, the O'Hare Modernization Program (OMP) couldn't happen soon enough. Read more

Surveying in an Electronic Age Tools for the Concrete Pro Surveying in an Electronic Age

From the beginning of time, land surveying has been an essential part of civilization. First used to accurately divide land for the purpose of taxation, today, it is used in the construction industry to map and stake-out land. Since 1571, the theodolite—a Read more

Choose Wisely Now, Gain Later Tools for the Concrete Pro [Ergonomics] Choose Wisely Now, Gain Later

Drop into any construction supply store or home improvement center, and you're likely to find aisles full of tools labeled “ergonomic.” But what exactly does that mean for contractors? Simply put, ergonomics is the science of designing and producing tools Read more

Tools for the Concrete Pro More Power to You

With construction down, concrete contractors aren't inclined to spend money needlessly. But tool manufacturers are pushing forward with research and development, readying a new generation of cordless power tools. Read more

News and Events News & Events News and Events

According to Ken Simonson, chief economist for The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), “Nonresidential construction spending continued growing in July, despite the weak economy and housing slump.” Concrete crews from James McHugh Constructio Read more

Hime & Erlin On Concrete The First of the Red Hot Mammas

We thought of now discussing portland cement minerals beginning with tricalcium silicate, as well as dicalcium silicate and tricalcium aluminate. Read more

Tolerances The Work Goes On

If you've been following our monthly updates, you know ACI's Tolerances committee has three projects under way and all recently have been in the “ongoing hard work” phase. The process of updating the A117 “Standard Specifications for Tolerances for Concre Read more

Integral Color Decorative Concrete Integral Color

The last time we wrote about integrally colored concrete, liquid dispensed color had just been introduced to ready-mix producers. Only a couple of manufacturers were involved in this market, but now most manufacturers of color for concrete have liquid dis Read more

Concrete Security Products Solving Problems Concrete Security

When plans for a new DHL facility in Allentown, Pa., were under way, security was a top priority for wall contractor Pickering Valley Landscape Inc., Glenmore, Pa., and construction manager, Opus Corp., Plymouth Meeting, Pa. Read more

Problem Clinic Concrete Versus Rocket Exhaust

I'm working on a project for a rocket engine test facility where the exhaust goes down a concrete-lined trench. How can we make the concrete more heat resistant? Read more

Problem Clinic Dealing With Burlap Stains

One problem with trying to remove this type of stain is that you may find yourself left with a nonuniform appearance--the areas of cleaner, brighter concrete standing out where dark stains used to be. You might try blasting lightly using blast media that' Read more

Proving It's a Greener World With Concrete Women in Concrete Proving It's a Greener World With Concrete

VanGeem is earning our industry's respect as the key spokeswoman on the topic of concrete and cement's contribution to sustainability. Read more

Other Articles
DeWalt 18-V DC827KL Impact Wrench/ Driver Products DeWalt 18-V DC827KL Impact Wrench/ Driver

DeWalt has focused on making the transition to Li-ion technology, and now all 40 of its 18-V tools can use Li-ion batteries. Read more

Hitachi 18-V DH18DL SDS Rotary Hammer Products Hitachi 18-V DH18DL SDS Rotary Hammer

Hitachi introduced its 18-V DH18DL SDS rotary hammer, which is compatible with Li-ion, NiCad, and NiMH batteries. Read more

Max USA Rebar-Tying Tools Products Max USA Rebar-Tying Tools

Max USA offers cordless rebar tying tools that can wire-tie reinforcing bars five times faster than manual tying. Read more

Milwaukee Electric Tools Model 2611 Hammer Drill Products Milwaukee Electric Tools Model 2611 Hammer Drill

Milwaukee Electric Tools has introduced the Model 2611 hammer drill as part of its M18 line of 18-V Li-ion-powered cordless tools. Read more

Makita USA BHR202 Rotary Hammer Products Makita USA BHR202 Rotary Hammer

Makita USA recently has introduced the BHR202—a compact cordless rotary hammer powered by an 18-V Li-ion battery. Read more

Tilt-up Finishes First

The construction of two new elementary schools by the Leander Independent School District (LISD) in Texas gives new meaning to academic competition. Each is being built using a different construction method, and the race is on for project success. Read more

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