August 2009 Table of Contents

Cracks in Integrity? Editorial Comment Cracks in Integrity?

Are concrete testing companies all they are cracked up to be? A recent report in the New York Times indicated that one New York-based concrete testing company has been accused of falsifying reports on a variety of public and private construction jobs. Read more

Doing It Right Features Doing It Right

At Concrete Construction's first Industry Trends Roundtable in June 2002, the hot topic was moisture coming out of concrete floors and delaminating vinyl flooring, tile, and coatings. Read more

Innovative Formwork Features Innovative Formwork

Sixteen bridges with more than 300 columns, 250 bridge caps, and 900,000 square feet of bridge deck have only two years for construction, from start to completion. Read more

Structural Concrete Projects Features Structural Concrete Projects

New Orleans is currently the fastest-growing city in the U.S., partly due to the work of the Army Corps of Engineers. Read more

Case of Slighted Evidence Erlin and Hime on Concrete Case of Slighted Evidence

More than 100 inground outdoor swimming pools and integral spas—constructed using reinforced shotcrete shells faced with nominal 12.5-mm-thick (½-in.-thick) intimately bonded white mortar veneer—had cracked after a few years of use. Read more

Precasting Polished Countertops Decorative Concrete Precasting Polished Countertops

Some contractors are building precast countertops and sinks featuring surfaces as shiny as glass when released from their forms or molds. Read more

Peri Formwork Beamdeck System Jobsite Products Peri Formwork Beamdeck System

The Beamdeck system ensures fast forming and easy handling with three components: main beam, drophead, and crossbeam. Read more

Table Form Lifting System Jobsite Products Table Form Lifting System

The Table Lifting System is an electric-powered lifting platform that allows preassembled table formwork to be cycled between floors. Read more

Efco Deck Single-Post Handset Shoring System Jobsite Products Efco Deck Single-Post Handset Shoring System

The Efco Deck single-post handset shoring system accommodates 7- to 15-ft. floorto- ceiling heights with up to 12-in. slab thicknesses. Read more

Ulma Form Works Inc. Support Deck Slabs with the CC-4 Horizontal Formwork Jobsite Products Ulma Form Works Inc. Support Deck Slabs with the CC-4 Horizontal Formwork

Support deck slabs with the CC-4 horizontal formwork system. Read more

Cast-In-Place Gives Theater a Makeover Products Solving Problems Cast-In-Place Gives Theater a Makeover

The Arena Stage renovation project in Washington, D.C., presented Clark Concrete Contractors, Bethesda, Md., with unusual challenges. Read more

Problem Clinic Preparing for an SCC Pour

We have our first large self-consolidating concrete (SCC) project coming up soon, so I want to ensure that we get this right. The engineer performed the required test mixes to confirm slump, flow, spread, and compressive strength performance. The mix from Read more

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