February 2009 Table of Contents

Time Will Tell Editorial Comment Time Will Tell

A couple of years ago, Concrete Construction editors discussed the possibility of conducting a field test involving shrinkage and curling in warehouse floors. An excellent idea with plenty of potential to impact the industry, although one key ingredient w Read more

Adjusting Air Entrainment Features Adjusting Air Entrainment

It's possible that you as a contractor will never have to face up to the problems that air entrainment can cause when it's either too high or too low in concrete. Read more

Understanding F-Numbers Features Understanding F-Numbers

First used on a large-scale commercial project in 1983, the F-number system for measuring floor flatness and levelness has been perhaps the most significant factor in enabling the construction of flatter and more level concrete floors. Read more

Researching Warehouse Floors CC Field Test Researching Warehouse Floors

The idea of initiating a field test to learn more about shrinkage and curling in warehouse floors is something that Concrete Construction magazine has considered for the past couple of years. So when Greg Scurto, president of Scurto Cement, Gilberts, Ill. Read more

Reader Response Ease Doesn't Equal Performance Ease

Lithium silicates are the new darling of the chemical hardening and densification industry, and though it is important that new products are discussed, it is more important that they are presented, not only for their stated features, but also for what act Read more

News & Events Builders Urge Congress to Act

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) launched an effort to make housing a centerpiece of the massive economic stimulus package that lawmakers are expected to complete by mid-February. Read more

News & Events House Unveils Stimulus Bill

In January, the U.S. House of Representatives unveiled an $825 billion economic stimulus package called the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan. Read more

The New American Home 2009 News & Events The New American Home 2009

The New American Home (TNAH) 2009 showcases the savings concrete systems provide home builders and homeowners. Read more

The Passion of Cement Hydration II Hime & Erlin On Concrete The Passion of Cement Hydration II

When we discussed hydration last month, it dealt mostly with calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH) or CH), which seemed like a good way to introduce the subject—after all, calcium hydroxide constitutes about 20% to 25% of the portland cement paste. Read more

Valuable Information, Conveniently Bundled Tolerances Valuable Information, Conveniently Bundled

A new book published by the American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC) chronicles the current state of tolerances related to concrete construction. Read more

Creating a Safety Culture Safety Matters Creating a Safety Culture

Hendrik Van Brenk is the senior vice president of health safety and environment at Precipity, N.J.-based Skanska, an international commercial and residential construction company. Brenk focuses on creating a culture-based environment that inspires employe Read more

Decorative Concrete Managing in Tough Times

For many decorative concrete contractors, 2008 was a difficult year and there's relief that it's in the past. The next challenge will be the 2009 construction year. Read more

Towmaster Inc. T-14DD Jobsite Products Towmaster Inc. T-14DD

The T-14DD drop-deck trailer offers a low deck height for easy loading. Read more

Equipment Haulers Jobsite Products Equipment Haulers

The Tag trailers are manufactured in 10, 12, 20, and 25 tons to accommodate hauling backhoes, excavators, skidsteers, and other small construction equipment. Read more

Tandem, Single Axles Jobsite Products Tandem, Single Axles

The T7B (tandem axle) trailers are built with structural steel frames for strength and torsion axles for reliability and easy maintenance. Read more

Behind the Wheel Jobsite Products Behind the Wheel

If it doesn't already, your fleet soon will include hybrid trucks. Given high fuel prices, concern for the environment, and the goodwill generated by setting an example for your community, it's inevitable. Read more

Restoring a Lighthouse Products Solving Problems Restoring a Lighthouse

Falling into disrepair after years of neglect, the Ashtabula Lighthouse, Ashtabula, Ohio, was ready for restoration. Read more

Problem Clinic Checking Carbon Dioxide

We are pouring a 60,000 square-foot indoor facility in Northern Ohio that is being heated with a 2 million btu salamander. We have good ventilation but are concerned about carbonation. Read more

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