July 2009 Table of Contents

Extending the CC100 Editorial Comment Extending the CC100

I often am asked what qualifies a company to be listed in our CC100 as a top concrete contractor in America. Annual revenue is certainly the main criteria for our rankings, but what other factors could affect the ranking of a top concrete contractor in Am Read more

Hospitals and Health Care Facilities Features Hospitals and Health Care Facilities

A concrete industry sector still growing in 2009. Read more

Move It or Park It Features Move It or Park It

How to choose among your concrete pumping options. Read more

The 2009 CC100: Mixed Messages CC100 The 2009 CC100: Mixed Messages

Is 2008 the low point or only the beginning? Read more

Concrete Surfaces - Product Selection Guide Product Selection Guide — Bridge Deck Repair

Although new "shovel-ready" infrastructure projects have been in the spotlight this year, the urgent need for bridge repairs has always been a serious issue. Repair and rehab projects are an important part of the nation's stimulus initiative. Contractors Read more

News & Events News & Events News & Events

UC Berkeley Concrete Canoe Champs, 2009 Decorative Project of the Year, and more... Read more

Three Faces of Concrete Litigation Hime & Erlin On Concrete Three Faces of Concrete Litigation

In the next few months, we would like to describe several examples where analytical data was used in forensic processes. Because our work involves problems, we invariably get involved in forensic situations. Our end is to provide analytical data—facts—upo Read more

Controlling Cracking in Pavement Decorative Concrete Controlling Cracking in Pavement

The rules for laying out contraction joints, also referred to as control joints, for decorative concrete are essentially the same as for any other concrete pavement. The only difference may be the decorative nature of the joints. Read more

Sany America SY5650THB72 concrete pump Jobsite Products Sany America SY5650THB72 concrete pump

Able to pump 300 cu. yds./hr., the SY5650THB72 truck-mounted concrete pump features a special five-section, 236-ft. (72-m.) boom. Read more

CIFA USA Inc. ZLJ 40X-4Z boom pump Jobsite Products CIFA USA Inc. ZLJ 40X-4Z boom pump

Featuring a Z-fold design for increased placement options, the ZLJ 40X-4Z 40-m. boom pump's X-style outriggers provide stable support and fast setup. Read more

Putzmeister America Addidrive system Jobsite Products Putzmeister America Addidrive system

The Addidrive system, featured on the 70Z truck-mounted concrete boom pump, is a front-drive system that provides more than 12,000 lbs. of traction force to the tractor steer axles, offering a 10x10 drive configuration. Read more

Jobsite Products Sermac America Inc. Extreme 4ZR21 Pump

The Extreme 4ZR21 pump features a four-section boom that gives it a vertical reach of 67 ft. and maximum horizontal reach of 54 ft. Read more

Gunite Supply & Equipment Cyclone Gunite Machine Jobsite Products Gunite Supply & Equipment Cyclone Gunite Machine

The Cyclone gunite machine sprays dry-mix gunite material, powered by an air motor that pushes the material through a hose. Read more

Jobsite Products Schwing America Schwing Select

Schwing Select reconditions pre-owned concrete pumps. Read more

Formwork Supports Bridge Replacement Products Solving Problems Formwork Supports Bridge Replacement

The Brightman Street Bridge had endured 100 years of use and abuse. Serving the city of Fall River, Mass., it is a vital link for residents traveling across the Taunton River to neighboring areas. Read more

Problem Clinic Thinking About Sustainability

Are concrete contractors really committed to green issues? Or are they just paying it lip service to get jobs? Read more

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