June 2009 Table of Contents

Value Added Content Editorial Comment Value Added Content

In the current era of wheeling and dealing, when contractors can buy slightly used construction equipment for cents on the dollar, you get a bargain in this editorial as well—seven editorials for the price of one. Read more

Repairing Bridge Deck Cracks Features Repairing Bridge Deck Cracks

There is a better way to stretch maintenance budgets, achieve favorable results, and, in the process, create chemical/waterproofing by bonding the deck into a single, monolithic structure to provide a safe driving surface. Read more

Preparing Subbase Features Preparing Subbase

Sustainable concrete is becoming more popular than green concrete because it includes useful service over a long time. In the case of floors and pavement, the concrete must stand up to the service needs of an application for a long period of time, with mi Read more

Advances in Lightweight Features Advances in Lightweight

When even lower unit weight concrete is needed, or higher insulation value, cellular concrete is the solution. Read more

Hit the Deck! Residential Concrete - Features Hit the Deck!

If you are a foundation contractor, one way to secure more work in this down economy, and into the future, is to do more work on the contracts you have. Read more

Removing Coatings From Concrete Decorative Concrete Removing Coatings From Concrete

Problems with coatings often rank No. 1 with decorative concrete contractors. They arise when sealed surfaces become white or frosty, scale off, or blush. Read more

Jobsite Products Pervious Screed

Add a cross-compacting roller and grooving roller to the Wildcat Roller Screed to make a complete package for placing pervious concrete. Read more

Power Screed Jobsite Products Power Screed

Powered by a Honda 32cc 4-stroke engine, Pro 3200 screed design transfers power to the beam through a high-strength aluminum alloy casting. Read more

Wacker Neuson Corp. Wet Screed Jobsite Products Wacker Neuson Corp. Wet Screed

The wet screed gives contractors an economical and faster way to strike off concrete. Read more

Somero Enterprises SXP-Diagnostic Jobsite Products Somero Enterprises SXP-Diagnostic

More control is given to the operator with the full-time electrical system diagnostics and operator adjustable controls. Read more

Allen Engineering Corp. Power Screed Pro Jobsite Products Allen Engineering Corp. Power Screed Pro

This lightweight, battery-powered cordless floater screed is applicable for a variety of screed work. Read more

Other Articles
Clean As New Products Clean As New

There was a time when people would look at graffiti strewn across a clean, smooth concrete surface and then simply shrug their shoulders or shake their heads. Read more

Thin-Patch Repairs Showcase Thin-Patch Repairs

Rehabilitating and protecting concrete on wastewater structures has consistently been a challenge to engineers and contractors. No hydraulic cement, regardless of its composition, will long withstand water of high acid concentration (pH 3 or lower) common Read more

Editorial Comment Don't Fall Behind

I think people in all industries are struggling with similar decisions on a greater scale as our economy struggles to regain its footing. Read more

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