September 2009 Table of Contents

World of Concrete Approaching Fast Editorial Comment World of Concrete Approaching Fast

We have a bevy of new features to introduce in 2010, but I am not going to let the cat out of the bag quite yet. Instead, I'll highlight a few of the staple programs attendees and exhibitors alike should check out. Read more

Road, Bridge Technologies Expand Features Road, Bridge Technologies Expand

Highway owners and users are demanding more from roadways and bridges. They want infrastructure to be built quickly, at low cost, with minimal impact on the environment, and with low long-term maintenance. Read more

Retail Tilt-Up Features Retail Tilt-Up

In the arena of retail construction, time and creativity are equally paramount. Failure to meet a proposed deadline simply is not an option. Read more

Curling and Shrinkage in Floors CC Field Test Curling and Shrinkage in Floors

Six months ago Scurto Cement, Elgin, Ill., along with several companies that contributed products, constructed a warehouse in the Chicago area. As one of the nation's largest floor contractors, Scurto searches for ways to reduce long-term shrinkage and curling in its floors. Read more

Sustainable Home of the Year Runner-Up Residential Concrete - Features Sustainable Home of the Year Runner-Up

Two single-family homes recently built in Yellowstone National Park achieved LEED certification partly by using insulating concrete forms (ICFs). Read more

Sustainable Home of the Year Residential Concrete - Features Sustainable Home of the Year

Achieving a LEED platinum rating, the highest level, for a home means doing everything feasible to make it energy efficient and sustainable. For the Gallo residence in Minneapolis, which the owners named 5ive, that included concrete sandwich panel walls. Read more

Residential Concrete - Below The Grade Energy-Efficient Concrete Homes

We must do more to reduce energy consumption, and thereby CO2 contributions, in our homes and buildings. Read more

News & Events New Report on Rebar Corrosion

The Epoxy Interest Group of the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute recently announced the publication of “Corrosion-Resistance of Reinforcing Bars: An Accelerated Test,” a report on the corrosion resistance of various types of rebar. Read more

News & Events New Line of Adaptable Concrete

Staker Parson Companies recently introduced its line of customizable concrete mixes, which can adapt to weather conditions, time restraints, and other challenges. Read more

News & Events PCA Against New Emissions Standards

At a series of public hearings held by the EPA, the Portland Cement Association (PCA) spoke out against proposed air pollutant regulations that it believes could hurt the nation's portland cement manufacturing industry. Read more

Erlin & Hime on Concrete White Stains on the Panes

The obvious and overwhelming evidence rendered a summary judgment against the aggregate supplier. But it wasn't over: A trial still ensued over a damage award. Read more

Integral or Shake-On Color? Decorative Concrete Integral or Shake-On Color?

There are differences between coloring systems, but common problems lie with each. Read more

Miller Fall Protection Twin Turbo System Jobsite Products Miller Fall Protection Twin Turbo System

Offering continuous, 100% fall protection, the Twinin Turbo System combines the Twin Turbo D-Ring Connector with two lightweight compact TurboLite Personal Fall Limiters (PFLs). Read more

Dual-Mode Lifeline Jobsite Products Dual-Mode Lifeline

The Ultra-Lok RSQ SRL with Rescue offers duall-mode operation in one self-retracting lifeline. Read more

Minimize Free-Fall Distance Jobsite Products Minimize Free-Fall Distance

The 2706 Series Retractalok features centrifugal braking technology that minimizes free-fall distance while cushioning the worker. Read more

Branching Out Sustainability Branching Out

Looking for a way to grow your business? Sustainable construction may become the next profitable niche. Read more

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