April 2010 Table of Contents

Editorial Comment Finding a Common Solution

If a contractor delivers a floor that does not meet the specified flatness, chances are good he will end up in court, possibly spending thousands of dollars on litigation, which could put his business in jeopardy. Read more

Concrete Mix Design for Paving Features Concrete Mix Design for Paving

Many specifying authorities seek to assure the quality of concrete provided to them by choosing a prescriptive approach that narrowly defines the quality or source of raw materials, and the proportions in which they are used. Read more

Cut It Out Features Cut It Out

With the proper knowledge of structural behavior, repair hardware, and post-tensioned field practices, retrofitting openings and other penetrations in PT slabs is not only feasible, but achievable safely and economically. Read more

Designing Pervious Features Designing Pervious

For the past couple of years, several concrete associations have marketed pervious concrete as a sustainable product with many benefits. Read more

Rachel K. Bruce Artistry in Decorative Concrete Rachel K. Bruce

Floormap Stencil Designs, Springdale, Ark. Read more

Mike Meredith Artistry in Decorative Concrete Mike Meredith

Arizona Falls, Las Vegas Read more

Chris Swanson Artistry in Decorative Concrete Chris Swanson

Colour, Rescue, Calif. Read more

Pablo Johnson Artistry in Decorative Concrete Pablo Johnson

Pablo Johnson, an employee at Mozell by Design, says the company focuses on murals and other faux work. Read more

Gene Dean Artistry in Decorative Concrete Gene Dean

Dean's Concrete Service, Greenwood, Ind. Read more

Troy Lemon Artistry in Decorative Concrete Troy Lemon

Cornerstone Decorative Concrete, Fennville, Mich. Read more

David Earnest, Kevin Hill, and Dimas Jordan Artistry in Decorative Concrete David Earnest, Kevin Hill, and Dimas Jordan

Substrate Management Services, Carnesville, Ga.; Niagara Machine, Charlotte, N.C.; Decorative Concrete Resurfacing Inc., Randleman, N.C. Read more

Nick and Gigi Relampagos Artistry in Decorative Concrete Nick and Gigi Relampagos

It's Concrete, Hayward, Calif. Read more

Debbie and David Quick Artistry in Decorative Concrete Debbie and David Quick

Quick Creations, Lincoln, Calif. Read more

Gary Hayden Artistry in Decorative Concrete Gary Hayden

Prehistoric Tops and Custom Hardscapes, Grand Junction, Colo. Read more

A People Industry Concrete Surfaces - Editors Note A People Industry

Presentations at CONCRETE SURFACES' Concrete Polishing Luncheon & Forum were devoted to common sense, people-oriented advice. Read more

Predicting Windy Day Problems Concrete Surfaces - Troubleshooting Predicting Windy Day Problems

We are planning to bid on a decorative patio on a high-profile project overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The area is known for its continuously changing weather and especially windy conditions. We would like to try to estimate how the varying weather conditions will affect our productivity. Read more

Concrete Surfaces - Product Selection Guide Product Selection Guide — Pigments & Dyes

With a wide array of colors at their fingertips, contractors can transform ordinary concrete projects into decorative masterpieces. Pigments and dyes offer a quick and affordable way to create a natural appearance or make a bold statement. Read more

Encountering Concrete Counters Concrete Surfaces | Contractor Clinic Encountering Concrete Counters

Concrete countertops continue to gain acceptance by builders, architects, and homeowners as an up-scale design alternative to granite, topaz, and other high-end materials. Read more

Towering Achievement Concrete Surfaces - Artistry in Decorative Concrete Towering Achievement

After retired firefighter Ed Gruetzner lost 32 of his firefighter comrades in the Sept. 11, 2001, World Trade Center collapse, he wondered how to build a fitting memorial. Read more

News & Events WOC's Education Heads East

World of Concrete's Regional Conference, scheduled for May 14–15, 2010, in Orlando, will provide the information and continued education hours that attendees need in today's challenging economic climate. Read more

News & Events Women's Leadership Academy

The Women's Leadership Academy targets business owners, education directors, office managers, training coordinators, or anyone interested in learning how to be a more effective leader. Read more

News & Events Examining Epoxy-Coated Rebar

The Epoxy Interest Group of Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute, Schaumburg, Ill., released a report on the performance of epoxy-coated bars in West Virginia. Read more

News & Events Wacker's Trowel Challenge

The results are in for Menomonee Falls, Wis.-based Wacker Neuson's Ride-On Trowel Challenge, held during World of Concrete. Read more

News & Events Improvement Seen in First Quarter

First quarter reports show a slight improvement from the 2009 fourth quarter reading of 47.7 in nonresidential construction. Read more

CIM Students Give Back News & Events CIM Students Give Back

Students from the Concrete Industry Management (CIM) program at California State University, Chico, recently helped Catalyst Domestic Violence Services to build two 840-square-foot transitional housing units located near the Catalyst facility. Read more

Hime & Erlin On Concrete The Sometimes Magical Elixir

Air—who would think something so visible, whose composition is so invisible, pervades our universe so completely, and has such omnipresence and power, can be both so useful and so harmful? Read more

A Pop Quiz Slabs on Grade A Pop Quiz

The following true or false quiz should give you a fair sense of your current technical level. Read more

A Pop Quiz: Answers Slabs on Grade A Pop Quiz: Answers

The following true or false quiz should give you a fair sense of your current technical level. Read more

Artistry in Concrete 2010 Artistry in Concrete Artistry in Concrete 2010

The demonstrations covered a variety of techniques. Read more

Mar-flex Building Solutions Air & Vapor Barrier 1800 Materials Mar-flex Building Solutions Air & Vapor Barrier 1800

Air & Vapor Barrier 1800 provides a seamless and continuous membrane around the building envelope. Read more

Hydraulic Mudpumps VersaPump 2 Jobsite Products Hydraulic Mudpumps VersaPump 2

The VersaPump 2 can be used for either slabjacking or concrete pumping. Read more

Kubota Tractor Corp. Loader and Backhoe Jobsite Products Kubota Tractor Corp. Loader and Backhoe

This loader and backhoe is designed with a slanted boom and braceless frame, and has a lifting capacity of 2200 lbs. Read more

Polyset Co. Inc. Ply-Krete Joint Systems Jobsite Products Polyset Co. Inc. Ply-Krete Joint Systems

Ply-Krete joint systems are ideal for high stress applications, such as bridges, parking structures, and airports. Read more

L.M. Scofield Revive Color Refresher Concrete Surfaces - Products L.M. Scofield Revive Color Refresher

Revive Color Refresher improves the appearance of existing, unsealed exterior colored or uncolored concrete surfaces. Read more

Lower Moisture Vapor Transmission Lower Moisture Vapor Transmission

ProSpec Moisture Vapor Reducer lowers the moisture vapor transmission rate of a concrete substrate by up to 80%, taking a substrate that emits 15 lbs. of moisture per 1000 sq. ft. in 24 hours to less than 3 lbs./1000 sq. ft. in 24 hours. Read more

Goldblatt Tool PRO Grip Concrete Floats Tools & Equipment Goldblatt Tool PRO Grip Concrete Floats

PRO Grip concrete floats are made with high-grade magnesium. Read more

Kraft Tool Co.  Squeegee Trowel Jobsite Products Kraft Tool Co. Squeegee Trowel

The soft-grip handle Squeegee Trowel smooths a variety of coatings in new construction, drywall, overlays, and restoration. Read more

TexMaster Magic Trowel Decorative TexMaster Magic Trowel

The Magic Trowel is a decorative concrete tool, designed to smooth the surface of overlay cementitious products. Read more

Anchor System Protects Bridge Products Solving Problems Anchor System Protects Bridge

The Pont Telpyn Bridge, located in Denbighshire County, Wales, needed serious remediation after severe flood damage. Read more

Concrete Science Sustainability Concrete Science

Two industry leaders are advancing concrete's potential as a sustainable building product. Read more

Other Articles
Bosch Power Tool Challenge Jobsite Products Bosch Power Tool Challenge

World of Concrete 2010 attendees were invited by Bosch Power Tools & Accessories, Mt. Prospect, Ill., to use the company's tools to demonstrate their professional skills in performing various feats during the “My Skills Are No Bull” Bosch Power Tool Chall Read more

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