July 2010 Table of Contents

Egyptian Construction Methods Evident Today Web Exclusive Egyptian Construction Methods Evident Today

This past May, Concrete Construction was offered the opportunity to take a step a back in time -- approximately 2000 years -- to examine construction materials and methods uncovered at an excavation site in Egypt. Visiting the excavation site required a trip halfway around the world to Alexandria, Egypt, located approximately three hours north of Cairo. Even more intriguing, the excavation site is located underwater in a harbor just off Alexandria. Read more

Editorial Comment Closing the Book on a Tough Year

Unfortunately, the 2009 construction season was notable due to significant revenue declines. Read more

Changing the Way We Build Features Changing the Way We Build

What's happening in the world of building information modeling (BIM)? A better question may be what's not happening? Read more

Bright Idea Features Bright Idea

A second solar panel fabrication facility nearing completion in Fremont, Calif., symbolizes the trend toward clean energy technology serving both environmental responsibility and economic recovery. Read more

CC100 The 2010 CC100: Bottoms Up?

After poring over the numbers for months, one expression that could be used to describe the companies that comprise our CC100 list may be: Survival of the fittest. Read more

News & Events New ASTM SCC Standard

New standard ASTM C1712 helps concrete producers develop and provide control when measuring and maintaining the stability of self-consolidating concrete (SCC) mixtures. Read more

Hime & Erlin On Concrete Unheralded Performance

Fresh and salty marine water exposures, whether external or internal, usually require special concrete precautions above and beyond the norm to weather potential adverse effects. Read more

Self-Delusion Slabs on Grade Self-Delusion

Slabs on grade have always been burdened by their passing resemblance to structural concrete. As long as the two remain confused, serious problems will persist. Read more

Installing Vertical Overlays Decorative Concrete Installing Vertical Overlays

Vertical overlay concrete or grout is used to complete vertical rock-work, thinset coatings on walls, stamped masonry unit patterning, free-standing art sculpting, and architectural detailing. They can be built up as much as 3 inches in thickness without sagging or slumping. Read more

Lower Moisture Vapor Transmission Lower Moisture Vapor Transmission

ProSpec Moisture Vapor Reducer lowers the moisture vapor transmission rate of a concrete substrate by up to 80%, taking a substrate that emits 15 lbs. of moisture per 1000 sq. ft. in 24 hours to less than 3 lbs./1000 sq. ft. in 24 hours. Read more

W.R. Meadows Inc. Perminator Underslab Vapor Mat Concrete Surfaces W.R. Meadows Inc. Perminator Underslab Vapor Mat

The Perminator underslab vapor mat helps reduce the penetration of moisture and water vapor through the slab and into the structure. Read more

Henry Co. Blueskin VP Henry Co. Blueskin VP

Completely seal a building enclosure with the easy-to-apply Blueskin VP, a fully integrated, self-adhered, vapor permeable air and water barrier membrane. Backed with a patented permeable adhesive layer, it is applied with simple hand tools in a weatherboard fashion. Read more

Insulation Solutions Inc. Viper VaporCheck II Jobsite Products Insulation Solutions Inc. Viper VaporCheck II

Designed for underslab use to prevent moisture migration, Viper VaporCheck II acts as a barrier and retarder. Read more

Versatile Boom Pumps Products Solving Problems Versatile Boom Pumps

Construction of the Marriott Atlanta Airport Getaway Hotel focused on two factors when building began: Finding an efficient boom pump for a restrictive site and receiving LEED certification for efforts in green energy. Read more

Problem Clinic Concrete and Copper Concerns

We've been asked to place a concrete pad as the floor for a newhome, on a base of crushed limestone. There will be copper water pipescoming up through the floor. Are there any reasons for concern about a chemical reaction between the limestone and the cop Read more

Problem Clinic Using Fibers on Pool Decks

Can fiber reinforcement be used in a swimming pool deck or will fibers at the surface be a problem for bare feet? Read more

Problem Clinic Foam Concrete and SCIP

I am planning to build a house using structural concrete insulated panels (SCIP)—that is, foam panels that have wire grids on each side and are faced with shotcrete, such as 3-D panels or the Solarcrete system. Is it possible to use foamed or cellular con Read more

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