March 2010 Table of Contents

Editorial Comment WOC 2010 Breeds Sense of Optimism

Really good, incredible, better than expected, outstanding—these are the responses I received from both attendees and exhibitors when I asked, “How is your experience at this year's World of Concrete?” Read more

Surface Preparation Tools for the Concrete Pro Surface Preparation

Sometimes there's a need to alter the surface of concrete even though it's basically structurally sound. Read more

Back to School Features Back to School

With commercial construction slow to nonexistent in many areas of the country, the nearly $25 billion in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act allocated for school construction is a bright spot. Read more

One Year Later CC Field Test One Year Later

In February 2009, Concrete Construction magazine and Scurto Cement Construction Ltd., Gilberts, Ill., joined forces to conduct a field study focused on curling and shrinkage in warehouse floor slabs. Read more

EDCO Model CD-5 5-Head Scabbler Tools for the Concrete Pro EDCO Model CD-5 5-Head Scabbler

EDCO's Model CD-5 5-Head Scabbler uses either 5- or 9-point carbide bits to texturize or remove the surface of concrete. Read more

Terrco Inc. Model 6200 Tools for the Concrete Pro Terrco Inc. Model 6200

Terrco Inc.'s Model 6200 is its largest, heaviest, and most powerful grinder/polisher. Read more

Husqvarna PG820 Tools for the Concrete Pro Husqvarna PG820

Husqvarna's PG820 is designed for high productivity in industrial surface preparation and grinding. Read more

SPE-USA MP 6000 Tools for the Concrete Pro SPE-USA MP 6000

The MP 6000 from SPE-USA is a ride-on multipurpose preparation unit designed to perform the most demanding surface preparation tasks. Read more

Blastrac 1-16DB Hydraulic Drive Shot Blaster Tools for the Concrete Pro Blastrac 1-16DB Hydraulic Drive Shot Blaster

The Blastrac 1-16DB hydraulic drive shot blaster produces a 16-in.-wide blast path that lets an operator strip, clean, and profile. Read more

News & Events Field Study Examines Epoxy-Coated Rebar

The Epoxy Interest Group of CRSI is pleased to announce publication of a report on the performance of epoxy-coated bars in West Virginia. Read more

News & Events ACI to Examine Haiti Recon

Several technical sessions at the ACI Spring 2010 Convention, March 21–25, 2010, held in Chicago, will highlight concrete repair in nontraditional and extreme conditions. Read more

CIM Auction Raises $386k News & Events CIM Auction Raises $386k

At the fifth annual Concrete Industry Management (CIM) auction held at World of Concrete (WOC), $386,000 was raised for the business intensive program that awards students with a four-year Bachelor of Science degree in concrete industry management. Read more

Hime & Erlin On Concrete The Simple Doesn't Last Long

Thomas A. Edison, looked at the way portland cement was manufactured and said, “There must be a better way to make that cement.” Read more

Slabs on Grade More Dog Work

You must remember Murphy's Law is always at work, especially when the interests of others on whom you must rely conflict with your own. Read more

2010 Tilt-Up Achievement Awards Tilt-Up 2010 Tilt-Up Achievement Awards

The Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA), Mount Vernon, Iowa, recently announced the recipients of the 2010 Tilt-Up Achievement Awards. Read more

Self-Leveling Overlays Decorative Concrete Self-Leveling Overlays

Self-leveling overlays can be installed very quickly. You can place and finish more product per day, per worker than with any other cast-in-place decorative product. Read more

Multiquip Inc. HHX Series Ride-On Trowel Jobsite Products Multiquip Inc. HHX Series Ride-On Trowel

The HHX series ride-on trowels feature a clamshell upper frame design for simplified maintenance. Read more

Wacker Neuson Corp. Model CRT 48-35L-PS Jobsite Products Wacker Neuson Corp. Model CRT 48-35L-PS

Model CRT 48-35L-PS offers easy operation, service, and performance for flatwork concrete jobs. Read more

Stone Construction Equipment Inc. Smooth Operator Power Trowel Jobsite Products Stone Construction Equipment Inc. Smooth Operator Power Trowel

Smooth Operator Power Trowels feature an extra-strong cast iron spider, rotating stabilizing ring, and variable blade adjustments. Read more

Bartell Morrison BMi Power Trowels Jobsite Products Bartell Morrison BMi Power Trowels

BMi power trowels come in both walk-behind and ride-on models. Read more

Arrow-Master Inc. F-Series Jobsite Products Arrow-Master Inc. F-Series

Get consistent, reliable power for a smoother, flatter finish with the F-Series direct-drive, walk-behind power trowel. Read more

Allen Engineering Corp. Economy Series Jobsite Products Allen Engineering Corp. Economy Series

The Economy Series walk-behind power trowels offer an economical alternative to other models. Read more

Tunnels Get a 21st-Century Makeover Products Solving Problems Tunnels Get a 21st-Century Makeover

Norfolk Southern embarked on a $150 million project to increase the height of 28 of its Appalachian tunnels and ensure that they will be safe and stable for another 100 years. Read more

Problem Clinic SCC in Tilt-Up Applications

Q: Can self-consolidating concrete be used for tilt-up panels? What does the finish look like, and are plastic shrinkage cracks a problem? Read more

Problem Clinic Battling Graffiti

We have a concrete tide gate that was recently hit by graffiti, covering much of the surface. We could paint over it, however, then we would have the ongoing maintenance of the paint. Can you recommend the best cleaning methods? If we sandblast it, will it harm the integrity of the concrete? Read more

Problem Clinic The Ideal Concrete Surface for a Hospital

Q: We have a hospital expansion project and are considering polished concrete as the flooring material throughout. Our issue on this project is moisture (about 92% internal relative humidity after eight months), so the sheet vinyl originally installed has Read more

Sharing Stories and Giving Back Women in Concrete Sharing Stories and Giving Back

Three industry experts presented their experiences within the concrete industry at this year's Women in Concrete Breakfast & Forum held during the World of Concrete 2010 (WOC). Read more

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