July 2011 Table of Contents

Insider Information What's Going On

News, views, and rumors on what's happening in the concrete industry. Read more

Crushed Concrete Aggregate Feature Crushed Concrete Aggregate

Made from demolished concrete or fresh concrete returned to the batch plant, crushed concrete aggregate is being used for projects throughout the U.S. Read more

The Future of Concrete Pumping Feature The Future of Concrete Pumping

Innovative projects point the way to new techniques and applications. Read more

The 2011 CC100: Realistic Optimism CC100 The 2011 CC100: Realistic Optimism

Margins remain slim and competition fierce, but the data from the 2010 indicate we're past the bottom. Read more

CC100 Easier or Harder?

Is it becoming easier or harder to make a living as a concrete contractor? Of the CC100 respondents, 99 say harder; one says: are you kidding! Here are some other interesting observations from contractors. Read more

CC100 Industry Snapshot: The 2011 Construction Business

What are the defining issues of today’s concrete industry? Read what contractors think. Read more

Fly Ash Fever Reader Response Fly Ash Fever

One reader clarifies the current views surround fly ash and possible EPA regulation. Read more

Steel and Cracks, Part 1 Slabs on Grade Steel and Cracks, Part 1

Find out how rebar or welded wire reinforcement contributes to the prevention of cracking in concrete slabs. Read more

Constructing Sports Arenas with Tilt-Up Tilt-up Constructing Sports Arenas with Tilt-Up

Tap into this niche market by emphasizing the advantages of tilt-up construction. Read more

Working with Water-Based Stains Decrorative Working with Water-Based Stains

There are different types of water-based stains on the market. Here is what they are and how to use them. Read more

Real-Time Collaboration Tool Jobsite Products Real-Time Collaboration Tool

As an optimized real-time collaboration system, ProjectWise helps teams improve quality, reduce rework, and meet project deadlines. Read more

Software Suite for Tablet Jobsite Products Software Suite for Tablet

The field layout software suite that includes Field Link for MEP and Structures can be used on the Table Rugged PC to review data in a 3D environment on the jobsite. Read more

Graphisoft ArchiCAD 15 Jobsite Products Graphisoft ArchiCAD 15

ArchiCAD 15 is an all-inclusive design-based BIM software program that meets the needs of designers, engineers, and more. Read more

Comprehensive BIM System Jobsite Products Comprehensive BIM System

As a model-based BIM platform, Revit Architecture provides preliminary visual analysis and documentation capabilities. Read more

Vectorworks 2011 Jobsite Products Vectorworks 2011

The 2011 release features a user-friendly interface, robust capabilities, the CINEMA 4D render engine, and an easy-to-use 3D environment. Read more

Bridging the Digital Gap Jobsite Products Bridging the Digital Gap

As an industrial-grade computer system, the BIM Kiosk is used by construction foremen on the jobsite. Read more

Applied Systems Associates Inc. ProConcrete Jobsite Products Applied Systems Associates Inc. ProConcrete

ProConcrete is a 3D CAD software tool used to model, detail, and schedule reinforced concrete structures. Read more

Paving Perfection Products Solving Problems Paving Perfection

Upgraded software increased paving efficiency on a 13-mile stretch of Iowa's Highway 30. Read more

Problem Clinic What's Hot?

How do I know when to use hot weather concreteing techniques? Read more

Problem Clinic Fog Spraying and Concrete Strength

If we fog spray flatwork to help prevent shrinkage cracking, is there any danger of increasing the water-cement ratio at the surface and reducing the strength of the concrete? Read more

Exposing Aggregate Problem Clinic Exposing Aggregate

We were placing a large concrete patio that was to have an exposed-aggregate finish. After placing and bullfloating the slab, we spread a layer of decorative aggregate across the surface, pressed it down so it was completely embedded in the concrete, then hand-floated the entire surface, slightly covering the aggregate with mortar. After waiting for the concrete to harden, we weren’t able to wash and brush away the paste to get a finish that would satisfy the owner. He insisted we come back and sandblast the surface before he would accept the work. How can we avoid this problem in the future? Read more

Wm. Winkler Co.: Two Become One Contractor to Watch Wm. Winkler Co.: Two Become One

For the Wm. Winkler Co. and Reed Concrete, both based in Spokane, Wash., keeping a company healthy meant joining forces by merging their companies. Read more

Other Articles
Innovations in the Concrete Industry Innovations Innovations in the Concrete Industry

Learn more about BuildSite.com, self-healing concrete, the Elephant Trunk, and two ultra-efficient government buildings. Read more

Turning Billets into Bars Rebar Turning Billets into Bars

Once scrap metal is melted down, it is molded into the desired rebar size. Read more

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