October 2011 Table of Contents

Web Exclusive Nondestructive Evaluation Should Be on Owners’ Radar

With the help of techniques such as GPR and impact echo testing, structures can be inspected without adverse effects. Read more

Facing a Tight Schedule Web Exclusive Facing a Tight Schedule

The use of fast-setting grout benefitted the Highway J Bridge replacement project. Read more

Project of the Month Forming the Boston Harbor Park Pavilion

CW Keller uses 3D modeling software and digital fabrication to develop impressive cast-in place roof canopies for the Harbor Park Pavilion in Boston. Read more

Web Exclusive Software That Grows with a Business

The mission for Archdale, N.C.-based Ace/Avant Concrete Construction Co. Inc. is to use the latest technology and methods in order to provide its clients with superior concrete construction solutions and maintain the utmost quality, efficiency, and integrity. Read more

Web Exclusive Hospital Projects Highlight Local Adoption of BIM

Building information modeling (BIM) has become a major construction simulation and visualization process. Read more

SCC Contributes to a Project’s Success Feature SCC Contributes to a Project’s Success

SCC is increasing in use and this article provides some tips for achieving success. Read more

Flatness and Levelness + Durability = Longevity Feature Flatness and Levelness + Durability = Longevity

Concrete floor quality is not guaranteed by high F-numbers, but rather creating a long-lasting durable floor. Read more

Cold Weather Concreting 101 Feature Cold Weather Concreting 101

The new ACI 306 guide covers the basics and a lot more. Read more

Slabs on Grade F-min Numbers, Part 1

The F-min number system spurred from a need to ensure quality flat warehouse floor construction. Read more

Tilt-Up Certification Helps Contractors Tilt-up Tilt-Up Certification Helps Contractors

The Tilt-Up Certified Contractor program provides a marketable verification program that assures tilt-up expertise. Read more

How to Lay Out Steps Decorative Concrete How to Lay Out Steps

Layout out steps isn't easy, so here are some guidelines to help with quick, accurate layout. Read more

Adeunis NA VOK-ENG wireless communication system CC Solutions Adeunis NA VOK-ENG wireless communication system

Version 3 of the VOK-ENG wireless communication system allows users to create up to eight subcommunication channels to address different teams onsite. Read more

Trimble TerraSync Software CC Solutions Trimble TerraSync Software

TerraSync software is a geographic information system (GIS) data collection and asset management tool that includes one-click data capture. Read more

ETemplate Systems ELaser Digital Measuring System CC Solutions ETemplate Systems ELaser Digital Measuring System

The ELaser digital measuring system provides comprehensive two- and three-dimensional as-built measuring for construction design, fabrication, and installation. Read more

Bosch Power Tools and Accessories D-Tect150 Wall/Floor Scanner CC Solutions Bosch Power Tools and Accessories D-Tect150 Wall/Floor Scanner

The D-Tect150 Wall/Floor scanner displays material type, depth, and relative width information. Read more

Topcon Positioning Systems Inc. RL-H4C Self-Leveling Rotating Laser CC Solutions Topcon Positioning Systems Inc. RL-H4C Self-Leveling Rotating Laser

With an operating range of nearly half a mile (2620 ft.), the RL-H4C self-leveling rotating laser can be used on most jobs. Read more

US Spec Dura-25 Jobsite Products US Spec Dura-25

Dura-25 increases the flexural, bond, and compressive strength of grouts, masonry and stucco coatings, and masonry mortars. Read more

Euclid Chemical Co. Plastol 6200EXT Jobsite Products Euclid Chemical Co. Plastol 6200EXT

The Plastol 6200EXT agent is a high-range, water-reducing admixture designed for jobs with extended haul or longer placement times. Read more

Kryton International Mortar Admixture Kryton International Mortar Admixture

Krystol Mortar Admixture waterproofs and protects mortar rendering on brick, block, and other masonry walls. Read more

Grace Construction Products V-MAR VSC500 Liquid Chemical Admixture Jobsite Products Grace Construction Products V-MAR VSC500 Liquid Chemical Admixture

V-MAR VSC500 is a multifunctional liquid chemical admixture specifically for making quality pervious concrete. Read more

Gemite Adi-Con SRA Jobsite Products Gemite Adi-Con SRA

Adi-Con SRA is a clear liquid admixture suitable for portland cement-based concrete and mortar. Read more

Sika Corp. ViscoFlow Jobsite Products Sika Corp. ViscoFlow

ViscoFlow is a polycarboxylate, ether-based superplasticizer (PCE) engineered to achieve a significantly enhanced slump retention without additional retardation. Read more

Mapei Mapecure SRA Jobsite Products Mapei Mapecure SRA

Mapecure SRA is a liquid admixture that reacts chemically to reduce shrinkage and the formation of micro-cracks. Read more

Tracking Precast Pieces Products Solving Problems Tracking Precast Pieces

To effectively manage materials across the supply chain for just-in-time delivery, this company turned to Vela Systems and Tekla Corp. to provide a Field BIM solution. Read more

Easy PDF Markup Products Solving Problems Easy PDF Markup

PDF editing software will soon make design questions even easier to answer, and a Field BIM solution saves money on a design/build stadium project. Read more

Removing Urine Odor from Concrete Problem Clinic Removing Urine Odor from Concrete

Our cat frequently urinated on our basement concrete floor, which now has a strong urine smell. I’m in the process of getting the house ready for sale and have tried everything I can think of to remov Read more

Problem Clinic Optimizing Polymer Overlay Performance

Do you have any information on the long-term performance of polymer overlays? Read more

Other Articles
Column Stability Working with Rebar Column Stability

The CRSI manual “Placing Reinforcing Bars” discusses the assembly of a pretied column cage. Read more

RigIT Innovations RigIT

The RigIT mobile application gives you instant access to all the necessary rigging capacity chart information. Read more

Innovative Materials Innovations Innovative Materials

Epoxy-coated rebar and portland limestone cement are featuerd, among other innovative materials and tools. Read more

Out-of-Joint Cracking The Educated Contractor Out-of-Joint Cracking

Random or out-of-joint cracking in slabs on ground may affect appearance and performance, and typically will increase future maintenance costs. Read more

GFRC in Countertops The Educated Contractor GFRC in Countertops

Glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) is concrete that relies heavily on the use of glass fibers to provide strength. Read more

Overhead Recovery The Educated Contractor Overhead Recovery

Overhead is not charged, it is recovered. And you don’t make any money until you recover your overhead. Read more

Walk and WOC Insider Information Walk and WOC

Groundbreaking reasearch at MIT and CFA contractors stay busy, while the CIM Auction calls for contributions and the Artistry in Decorative seeks demonstrators. Read more

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