November 2012 Table of Contents

Concrete Durability

Is American portland cement inferior to European cement? Read more

Oceanview Mural Down Under Oceanview Mural Down Under

Completing an almost 2000-square-foot concrete mural is a work of art. Read more

Highway Restoration Highway Restoration

Using concrete pavement restoration as a more cost-effective treatment method. Read more

Testing for Pervious Concrete Pavement Testing for Pervious Concrete Pavement

Testing to control the fresh density of pervious pavement will lead to the desired in-place engineering and hydrological properties. Read more

Industrial Concrete Pavements Industrial Concrete Pavements

Industrial paving presents a great opportunity for concrete contractors to exapnd their line of work to offer to owners. Read more

Constructing Artwork About Construction Constructing Artwork About Construction

Profile of an artist who specializes in construction paintings. Read more

Super-Krete International's Super-Krete International's

S-300 Super-Quik is a two-component, fast-setting concrete repair mixture that sets in 5 minutes. Read more

SealGuard's SealGuard II SealGuard's SealGuard II

SealGuard II is highly reactive, dual-component hydrophobic polyurethane with a 1 to 3 second reaction time. Read more

Quest Building Product's Kretus Easy Patch Quest Building Product's Kretus Easy Patch

Kretus Easy Patch is a two-component, 100% solids epoxy ideal for patching cracks, spalled areas, and small holes after surface preparation. Read more

Atlas Construction Supply's Pro-1Patch Atlas Construction Supply's Pro-1Patch

Pro-1 Patch is a one-component, high-strength, rapid setting concrete patch for many applications, including spall repair for bridges, highways, airports, parking structures, warehouse floors, and also for vertical structural repairs. Read more

Arizona Polymer Flooring's Rapid Repair Epoxy Arizona Polymer Flooring's Rapid Repair Epoxy

Rapid Repair Epoxy is a resin system designed for patching damaged, cracked, or spalled concrete prior to application of coatings or flooring overlays. Read more

Rebar in Stem Wall Rebar in Stem Wall

Does the strength the p-t provides make it so that a horizontal bar is not needed at the top of the stem wall? Read more

Fly Ash and Overlays Fly Ash and Overlays

Can concrete with high percentages of fly ash or slag create a problem when installing a polymer overlay? Read more

Other Articles
The ASCC Hotline Offers Concrete Advice The ASCC Hotline Offers Concrete Advice

How to receive expert advice on concrete-related issues from the American Society of Concrete Contractors. Read more

Industry Insider

Thoughts and Opinions on the concrete industry. Read more

Printing on Concrete Printing on Concrete

The Concrete Printer is a CNC engraving machine that can etch any logo or pattern into a concrete surface. Read more

Fabric Forms Fabric Forms

The formwork is a double layer of fusible fabric (creating sort of a pillow) with the concrete poured in-between the layers. Read more

Duplex Form Screws Duplex Form Screws

Screws that can be driven with a Phillips head bit or a hex drive. Read more

Crane Qualification Crane Qualification

Seminar at World of Concrete: OSHA Updates: Hazard Materials, Silica Dust, and Crane Operators. Read more

Communication in Your Company Communication in Your Company

Learning to create a communication plan in your company can save you money. Read more

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