October 2012 Table of Contents

Stamped, Stained & Sealed

Decorative faux flagstone over desert flex exterior flooring system Read more

Stringless Controls Speed Airport Project

Slipforming concrete at an active airport proves to be challenging. Read more

20 Simple Actions to Protect Your Business from Fraud 20 Simple Actions to Protect Your Business from Fraud

Identity theft has reached an all time high. These are steps you can take to protect yourself and your business. Read more

Difficult Concrete Mixtures Difficult Concrete Mixtures

Learning how to work with modern concrete mixes can be a challenge. Read more

Laying Out a Residential Site Laying Out a Residential Site

Despite technological advances, some say the old ways work best. Read more

Construction Project Collaboration Software Construction Project Collaboration Software

Project collaboration software allows control of multiple subcontractors and vendors from a single location. Read more

Atrium Glistens with Polished Concrete Atrium Glistens with Polished Concrete

University of Oregon project earns LEED Gold status. Read more

ABCs of VOCs ABCs of VOCs

Rules governing VOCs are ever-changing. Read more

Artistry in Decorative Concrete Artistry in Decorative Concrete

Returning to WOC in 2013 plus a new awards program. Read more

Dust Collection Products HEPA-FLO Dust Collection Products HEPA-FLO

The company’s line of dust collection systems for cutting, grinding, tuck-pointing, and crack chasing include matching HEPA-FLO vacuums. Read more

Dustless Technologies DustDroid Dustless Technologies DustDroid

DustDroid vacuums improve productivity and reliability with the AirBender cyclone filter system that captures 98% of dust particles before they reach the HEPA filter, greatly extending cleaning intervals. Read more

Camfill Farr APC FarrVac Camfill Farr APC FarrVac

The FarrVac pulse-cleaned industrial vacuum operates without compressed air to reduce clogs and prevent suction loss. Read more

Metabo ASR 35 Metabo ASR 35

The ASR 35 has an automatic electromagnetic vibration filter cleaning system that keeps the vacuum running at peak performance, since it does not need to be shut down for cleaning. Read more

Smith Mfg. Inc. MaxiVac Smith Mfg. Inc. MaxiVac

The MaxiVac is designed to extract air-borne powders and particles from scarifiers, line removers, and saws.  Read more

U.S. Saws Inc. Ultra-Vac U.S. Saws Inc. Ultra-Vac

Ultra-Vac vacuums are built for construction sites, with durable steel frames and aluminum bodies. Read more

CS Unitec CS 1435 CS Unitec CS 1435

The CS 1435 wet/dry vacuum automatically cleans its filters without interrupting suction, when it detects decreased airflow. Read more

Quest Portable Climate Control PowerHEPA 500

The portable PowerHEPA 500 (500 cfm) air scrubber with optional carbon and potassium absorption filter removes 99.9% of all airborne particles, as well as airborne odors, and chemicals. Read more

Bon Tool Urethane Texture Mats

Urethane Texture Mats give concrete the look of cut stone, slate, brick, or cobblestone. Read more

Butterfield Color Bluestone Texture Mats Butterfield Color Bluestone Texture Mats

Bluestone texture mats are cast from attractive bluestone slabs, offering natural appeal in an easy-to-use, high-quality, feather edged mat system. Read more

The Concrete Edge Log Texture Mats The Concrete Edge Log Texture Mats

The log texture mat is designed to turn freshly extruded concrete landscape edging into decorative log-style landscape borders. Read more

Increte Systems Aquatic Life Texture Skin Increte Systems Aquatic Life Texture Skin

Teeming with images of sea shells, star fish, and sea horses, the Aquatic Life texture skin adds an eye-catching marine theme to new concrete or stamped overlay surfaces. Read more

Innotech Seamless Texture Skins Innotech Seamless Texture Skins

High-density polyurethane Seamless Texture Skins imprint the precise texture of natural stone or slate onto concrete and overlay surfaces. Read more

Matcrete Inc. Wavecrete Seamless Texture Skins Matcrete Inc. Wavecrete Seamless Texture Skins

Wavecrete Seamless Texture Skins mimic a texture that might be found in the middle of the barren desert, or at the depths of the ocean floor — not quite a slate or stone. . Read more

Pacific Concrete Images Fossil Effects Pacific Concrete Images Fossil Effects

Create a dozen archaeological images with Fossil Effects texture mats, including the Archaeopteryx. Read more

Walttools Tru Impressions Walttools Tru Impressions

The Tru Impressions Medieval Cobblestone stamp was inspired and created from hand selected street stones from the 1600s. Read more

Concrete Solutions Inc. Spray-Top Concrete Solutions Inc. Spray-Top

Spray-Top is a just-add-water, polymer modified, cementitious microtopping developed for restoring old, stained, smooth, or stamped concrete to a like-new finish. Read more

Hands-On Training at World of Concrete

World of Concrete is a great place for training. Read more

Placing Concrete on an Elevated Slab Placing Concrete on an Elevated Slab

What causes a rippling effect in concrete? Read more

Blistering of Air-Entrained Concrete

Hard trowled concrete can blister if air entrained. Read more

Other Articles
Fiber Reinforced Concrete Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Fibers in concrete provide many improvements. Read more

Back to Basics Back to Basics

Concrete fundamentals: mixing and placing of concrete. Read more

Pavement Design Pavement Design

Webinar on concrete pavement design for street and road design. Read more

Safety Excellence Awards from ASCC Safety Excellence Awards from ASCC

What it takes to earn the Safety Excellence Award from ASCC. Read more

Underwater Concrete Art Underwater Concrete Art

Concrete sculptures created underwater help coral growth. Read more

Light-Transmitting Concrete Blocks Light-Transmitting Concrete Blocks

Concrete that allows light to pass through. Read more

Easy Prequalification Easy Prequalification

Building an audited prequalification profile online. Read more

Flying and Extracting Column-Hung Forms Flying and Extracting Column-Hung Forms

Making the process of flying in column forms more efficient. Read more

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