September 2012 Table of Contents

Tilt-Up Software Saves Time

Panel drawings from the field using web-based software proves efficient. Read more

Blast Resistant Tilt-Up

Costello Construction Completes Construction of One of the Country’s First Blast Resistant Tilt-Up Concrete Buildings. Read more

Artistic Concrete Renovation

Company’s national concrete expertise tested locally on a unique project. Read more

Helical Anchors Gain Ground in Tilt-Up Concrete Construction Helical Anchors Gain Ground in Tilt-Up Concrete Construction

Helical ground anchors offer some advantages for bracing tilt-up wall panels during construction. Read more

Cause of Debonding and Blistering of Epoxy Floor Coatings Cause of Debonding and Blistering of Epoxy Floor Coatings

A failed floor coating may seem to be the result of near-surface alkali reaction but further investigation may be warranted. Read more

Multiquip's Ride-on power trowel Multiquip's Ride-on power trowel

The HTXD6i ride-on power trowel reaches a top rotor speed of 160 rpm and features several improvements from previous models. Read more

Husqvarna's Small floor grinder Husqvarna's Small floor grinder

With 220 V, the PG 400 floor grinder works on concrete, mastic, glue, overlayments, and epoxies. Read more

Bunyan's Pervious surface finishing Bunyan's Pervious surface finishing

The Pervious Pan Float is designed for pervious flatwork. Read more

Wyco Tool's Vibrating screed Wyco Tool's Vibrating screed

The Screed King saves time and labor, and provides finished concrete quality. Read more

Wacker's Hydraulic ride-on trowel Wacker's Hydraulic ride-on trowel

A 60-in. ride-on trowel, the CRT 60-66K combines the performance of hydraulic drive with three distinct features. Read more

MAKO's Screed support systems MAKO's Screed support systems

The FinCap screed support system increases accuracy, saves time, and improves profit margins. Read more

JLIN's Vibrating tamp JLIN's Vibrating tamp

The PT300 Power Tamp was designed to be the replacement for the old hand-tamp. Ideal for stamping concrete, the power tamp features an adjustable throttle stop and a kickstand that can be used as an extension handle. Read more

PT Anchors Left Out PT Anchors Left Out

Installing post-tensioning stressing end anchors. Read more

Expansion Joints Expansion Joints

Are expansion joints necessary? Read more

Concrete Vapor Barriers Concrete Vapor Barriers

Effective vapor barriers underneath concrete slabs. Read more

Other Articles
Concrete's Best, Safety Awards, America's Best, & Staff Addition

Insider information from CC's Editor in Chief. Read more

Concrete Sock Concrete Sock

Having driven unhappily behind a ready mix truck dribbling concrete from the chute, I completely understand the motivation behind the ConcreteSock. Read more

Dust Mask Dust Mask

The neoprene mask fastens behind the head with Velcro and has a metal nose bridge that conforms to the individual. Read more

Thermal break for balconies Thermal break for balconies

Cantilevered balcony slabs that are continuous with the interior floor conduct a lot of heat out during the winter and in the summer. Read more

App Review App Review

If you are looking for apps that will contribute to your work as a concrete contractor, you should read through this list of construction apps. Read more


Controlled low-strength materials (CLSM) are self-consolidating, cementitious materials used primarily as a backfill in place of compacted fill. CLSM can be placed by chutes, conveyors, buckets, or pumps, depending on the application and its accessibility. Read more

Exposed Aggregates Exposed Aggregates

The four elements of artistic expression: color, pattern, texture, and shape are used to design concrete surfaces. Read more

Avoiding Moisture Issues Avoiding Moisture Issues

“How to Avoid Moisture Problems in Concrete Floor Construction” is a seminar with a 10-year history at the World of Concrete. Read more

Safety Guide fopr Fall Protection Program Safety Guide fopr Fall Protection Program

A step by step guide to implementation of your fall protection program. Read more

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