April 2014 Table of Contents

Stringless Curbs and Gutters Stringless Curbs and Gutters

Longtime contractor in Tennessee adopts 3D GPS for its concrete curber. Read more

Concrete and Resilient Construction go Hand-in-Hand Concrete and Resilient Construction go Hand-in-Hand

Hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods cause more widespread damage than they used to in the U.S. Concrete building systems can help lessen the impacts. Read more

Repairing Concrete Runways Repairing Concrete Runways

Elastomeric concrete has proven to be a durable repair material for concrete runways. Klamath Falls Airport in Oregon and Beale Air Force Base in California are two examples. Read more

Polyethylene Drum Mixer Polyethylene Drum Mixer

A simple tap with a rubber mallet cleans out dried material from the drum in minutes without dents or cracks. Read more

Next Generation Mixer Drum Next Generation Mixer Drum

Drum's spherical shape ensures efficient mixing; benefits include increased capacity and more efficient mixing. Read more

Front-discharge Mixer Front-discharge Mixer

Mixer introduces CAN bus technology, which reduces wiring connections and provides real-time diagnostics. Read more

Twin-shaft Mixer Twin-shaft Mixer

Mixer's features allow for fast discharge and short cycle times. Read more

Volumetric Mixer Volumetric Mixer

Volumetric mixer features a dual-chain material feed system. Read more

New Line of Concrete Mixers New Line of Concrete Mixers

Mixers' features include high-abrasion, welded steel drums. Read more

Contractor to Watch: KAM Concrete Pumping Contractor to Watch Contractor to Watch: KAM Concrete Pumping

KAM Concrete Pumping in Florida attributes its success to faith and family. Read more

Other Articles
Hot-temperature concrete can stand the heat Project of the Month Hot-temperature concrete can stand the heat

Several concrete forming and finishing challenges were part of the design/build Osprey MV-22 taxiway expansion, but the use of steel forms help resolve issues. Read more

Working Closely with Architects

Considering and understanding the architect's perspective will lessen the tension contractors often have with this important group of people. Read more

New Hazard Communication Standard New Hazard Communication Standard

Any company whose employees are exposed to hazardous chemicals are required to have a hazard communication plan. This includes all construction companies. Read more

Concrete Easy Chair Concrete Easy Chair

Concrete furniture that looks like a soft cushion. Read more

Aggregate Moisture Webinar Educated Contractor Aggregate Moisture Webinar

Presentation discusses how aggregate moisture is handled as an industry practice and the technically correct procedures for moisture adjustments. Read more

Ideas and Opinions Ideas and Opinions

CC Editor Bill Palmer comments on recent events. Read more

Report Transcription Service Report Transcription Service

Note Vault transcribes spoken daily reports and forwards them to the proper parties. Read more

Hard hat Light Hard hat Light

A loop of LED lights makes the Halo Light a unique way to illuminate a jobsite. Read more

Microspheres Replace Entrained Air Microspheres Replace Entrained Air

This new admixture replaces entrained air with plastic microspheres. Read more

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