February 2014 Table of Contents

Comparing EPS and XPS Insulation Comparing EPS and XPS Insulation

EPS and XPS solid insulation have been used in construction. This author cites evidence to compare the two. Read more

The Impact of Tier 4 Diesel Engines The Impact of Tier 4 Diesel Engines

New emissions control requirements on diesel engines will create some challenges for contractors. Read more

Internal Curing Standard is Improving Concrete Internal Curing Standard is Improving Concrete

ASTM Standard Specification for Lightweight Aggregate for Internal Curing of Concrete is benefiting concrete contractors more than a year after it was written. Read more

Cleaning a Carburetor Cleaning a Carburetor

With a few basic tools, a shop towel, and a couple of hours, you can clean an engine's carburetor yourself and save time and money. Read more

Super-Insulated Foundation Super-Insulated Foundation

A variety of drainage and insulation products were used to contribute to a net-zero energy home. Read more

Stream Rich, Full Sound Wirelessly Stream Rich, Full Sound Wirelessly

Stream sound wirelessly from more than 100 feet away. Read more

Anchoring Connection Software Anchoring Connection Software

Design concrete anchoring connections in minutes. Read more

Field Data Collection Field Data Collection

Track and record time, equipment, and production hours from remote locations. Read more

Rebar Detection System Rebar Detection System

Measures concrete cover and rebar diameter and location even in congested areas. Read more

Tracking Software for your Fleet Tracking Software for your Fleet

Software lets you track vehicles, heavy equipment, and other assets. Read more

Equipment Software Equipment Software

Equipment management solution for contractors includes features for preventive maintenance and equipment tracking. Read more

Integrated Job Cost Accounting Integrated Job Cost Accounting

Access critical information quickly and in real time. Read more

Use App to Search Products Use App to Search Products

App lets users seek out product lines, technical and data sheets, and more. Read more

Handheld Data Controller Handheld Data Controller

Data controller is designed especially for the construction industry. Read more

Solving Finishing Problems Solving Finishing Problems

Available paste in the mixture and available window of time both affect the ability to finish concrete. Read more

Bolster Contract & Design is a Contractor to Watch Contractor to Watch Bolster Contract & Design is a Contractor to Watch

This small contractor started as the only decorative concrete business in its market. Today, Bolster specializes in residential and commercial decorative projects. Read more

Other Articles
The Rise of Baseless Whistleblower Retaliation Claims

False whistleblower claims can be a costly burden for companies. Read more

Concrete Repair Webinar Educated Contractor Concrete Repair Webinar

Free online course focuses on the Concrete Repair Code (ACI562). Read more

A Blueprint to Reading Blueprints

When our foremen serve as gatekeepers of information on the jobsite, it is ineffective and counterproductive. Discover why it is essential for your bottom line, your crew’s morale, and your company’s future to have your laborers also able to read blueprints. Read more

Concrete Runway Expansion Project of the Month Concrete Runway Expansion

This $750 million project includes a $200 million joint venture to design-build two concrete bridges supporting a runway and taxiway. Read more

Telescopic Magnetic Flashlight Telescopic Magnetic Flashlight

Flashlight allows you to reach small dropped parts in hard-to-access spots. Read more

High-Strength Tape High-Strength Tape

"Ridiculously strong repair wrap" is handy for many applications. Read more

Good, Cheap Tools Good, Cheap Tools

Cool Tools' website recommends the best and cheapest tools available. Read more

Tool Holds Anchor Bolts in Place Tool Holds Anchor Bolts in Place

Mount the Bolt Star on top of a pole base form to position cast-in anchors. Read more

Concrete Polishing Progress

News and opinions from the CC editor. Read more

Protecting Temporary Workers Protecting Temporary Workers

OSHA requires contractors to protect temporary construction workers just like they were full-time employees. Read more

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