March 2014 Table of Contents

Beneath the City Beneath the City

To waterproof concrete in this massive tunnel, an integral waterproofing admixture was added to the concrete. Read more

Using Prefabricated Wood Forms

Using a prefabricator to create your wood forms is an easy way to get great quality and eliminate carpentry crews onsite. Read more

Winner: Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge Opens Winner: Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge Opens

Forward thinking policies of the project owner, MoDOT, allowed contractors to offer design input and take a hands on approach to quality control ultimately improving the bridge design and project timeline. Read more

Installing Concrete Anchors Installing Concrete Anchors

The choice of concrete anchoring systems depends on many factors, usually by a mechanical or adhesive means of attachments. Here is a look at both, with an emphasis on installing mechanical anchors. Read more

Alternative Fuel Generators Alternative Fuel Generators

Alternative fuel choices provide reduced cost and logistics compared with diesel fuel equipment. Read more

Mobile Power System Mobile Power System

Compressor-generator provides complete mobile power system. Read more

Diesel and Gas-powered Generators Diesel and Gas-powered Generators

Diesel- and gas-powered generators are designed for thousands of hours of life. Read more

Compressor-Generator Units Compressor-Generator Units

Two models provide portable air and power source in one. Read more

New Portable Generators New Portable Generators

Portable generators include models ranging from a 1.0 kW inverter to a 12.3 kW gasoline version. Read more

High-performance Generators High-performance Generators

Sensor monitors all outlets for current leakage. Read more

Heavy-duty Generators Heavy-duty Generators

New generators are built with heavy-duty steel and are equipped with steel fuel tanks. Read more

Mobile Generators Mobile Generators

Tier 4-compliant generators feature cooling system with variable-speed cooling fan. Read more

Contractor to Watch: Charles Pankow Builders Contractor to Watch Contractor to Watch: Charles Pankow Builders

For more than 20 years, this general contractor has lead the way in design-build delivery. Read more

Other Articles
Measuring Slab Thickness Measuring Slab Thickness

Measuring slab thickness is simple with this meter that then allows precise driling for internal relative humidity testing. Read more

Portland Cement Alternative Portland Cement Alternative

Solidia Cement is an alternative cemntitious material that cures by reacting with carbon dioxide. Read more

Aluminum Pickup Truck Aluminum Pickup Truck

The new and old Ford F150 pickups have lots of fans. Read more

Strategic Thinking: BIM, Repair Codes, and More Strategic Thinking: BIM, Repair Codes, and More

Ideas and opinions on the February 2014 Strategic Development Council meeting. Read more

Work Gloves for Workers Work Gloves for Workers

Well-designed and well-made work gloves make the job easier for workers. Read more

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