September 2015 Table of Contents

Using Lightweight Aggregate for Internal Curing Using Lightweight Aggregate for Internal Curing

Using lightweight aggregate to cure the concrete inside the slab helps resolve some issues for relatively little cost. Read more

Cultivating a Tilt-Up Workforce Cultivating a Tilt-Up Workforce

"To build a tilt-up crew the first thing is to understand the product,” says Shawn Hickey, president of SiteCast Construction, Ottawa, Ontario. Read more

High-Performance Concrete for Underwater Tunnel High-Performance Concrete for Underwater Tunnel

Huge precast tunnel segments were cast using self-consolidating concrete and slag cement, and then floated 220 miles to the construction site. Read more

Product Spotlight: Formwork Product Spotlight: Formwork

The September issue of Concrete Construction focused on Formwork. Read more

Problem Clinic Repairing a Structural Beam

What are the options for repairing a structural beam? External post-tensioning? External fabric reinforcement? Read more

Problem Clinic Getting Consistent Concrete at the Jobsite

One of our biggest problems is getting consistent quality of concrete--concrete that has the same quality and the same slump batch after batch. How do we improve that? Read more

Other Articles
Creating Community with Concrete Creating Community with Concrete

From the busy streets of Chicago to the playgrounds of Loveland, Colo., concrete is the bond that ties communities together. Read more

Changing Our Image Changing Our Image

Ideas and opinions from Concrete Construction editor-in-chief Bill Palmer. Read more

Is OSHA a Friend or Foe?

As intrusive, and some would say unnecessary, as OSHA seems, our industry has reaped some benefits. Read more

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