April 2016 Table of Contents

SLABS & FLOORS Concrete Slab Demonstrations at WOC

One of the most interesting events at the World of Concrete in 2016 was the Slabs Showcase which included six different demonstrations. Read more

Floor Slab Experiment SLABS & FLOORS Floor Slab Experiment

A contractor placed a concrete slab in each of five sheds. Wanting to learn more about how to control cracks and curling, the contractor decided to try something different in each shed. Read more

Placing Responsibility PLACING CONCRETE Placing Responsibility

New rules affect everyone on a jobsite where concrete is placed by pump or conveyor. Read more

Defining Concrete Repair CONCRETE REPAIR Defining Concrete Repair

A new Guide has been developed for the American Concrete Institute’s Code Requirements for Evaluation, Repair, and Rehabilitation of Concrete Buildings (ACI 562), which sets minimum requirements that address the unique nature of construction on existing buildings. Read more

Using Bar Mats to Increase Productivity REINFORCEMENT Using Bar Mats to Increase Productivity

Many contractors are looking for ways to streamline their critical path, and prefabricated reinforcing steel has tremendous appeal—welded, steel reinforcement mats in lieu of hand-tying loose rebar. Read more

Reader Response
Ambassadors for Pervious Ambassadors for Pervious

During the World of Concrete I heard a question at an educational session about the durability of pervious concrete in freeze-thaw environments. The response was not in my opinion nearly strong enough. Let’s state it clearly: good pervious concrete can easily withstand any freeze-thaw environment. Read more

Jobsite Products
Product Focus: Screeds Product Focus: Screeds

The April issue of Concrete Construction focused on Screeds. Read more

Problem Clinic
Internal Curing, ASR, Education Internal Curing, ASR, Education

Questions and asnswers form the WOC Breakfast with the Experts include internal curing, alkali-silica reactivity, and education. Read more

Other Articles
Lenox Hill Construction Lenox Hill Construction

Lenox Hill Construction provides construction services in the Chicago area. Read more

Small-scale Concrete Projects Small-scale Concrete Projects

This month's projects focus on an award-winning architectural structure, an observation deck overlooking the Mississippi River, and the roof decks of two apartment buildings in San Francisco. Read more

What Will Concrete Construction Look Like in 2029? What Will Concrete Construction Look Like in 2029?

Are you interested in the future of concrete construction in North America? Do you have ideas on what could be done to improve concrete construction? To make it the material of choice? If so, you should consider attending Concrete 2029 in San Antonio on May 10. This event is the first step in a major industry effort to improve concrete construction. Don't miss this opportunity! Read more

Unifying Your Crews

Nothing can crush your momentum quicker or kill morale faster than needless tension between your workers. Read more

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