July-August 2016 Table of Contents

America's Concrete Contractors for 2016 American Concrete Contractors America's Concrete Contractors for 2016

Common traits include innovation, longevity, and dedication. Read more

Animation Safety Safety Animation Safety

3-D animation can help construction companies communicate safety to their workers Read more

Contractors with Passion for their Teams Insider Information Contractors with Passion for their Teams

This year’s profiles of America’s Concrete Contractors include some big self-performing GCs and some tiny father-son enterprises. Read more

What's in Your Bucket? Uncommon Sense What's in Your Bucket?

We should welcome efforts to develop new tools and equipment. Read more

Consolidating Concrete How-to Zone Consolidating Concrete

When concrete comes DOWN the chute and flows into forms it carries entrapped air (not to be confused with entrained air). If the entrapped air isn’t removed, it leaves holes in the concrete (HONEYCOMBS), especially next to form surfaces. Poorly consolidated concrete is more porous and REBAR is poorly bonded. Read more

Education, Recreation, and Entertainment Projects that Rock Education, Recreation, and Entertainment

This month’s projects focus on three main pillars of society: education, recreation, and entertainment. Read more

Portland cement Portland cement

AMX 140 Portland Cement Type I / II Read more

High-performance mix High-performance mix

For concrete repair or restoration projects requiring fast strength gain, durability, and low shrinkage. Read more

Concrete repair material Concrete repair material

HD 50 is a fast setting, fiber-reinforced, latex-modified, heavy-duty, one-component concrete repair material requiring only water to mix and apply. Read more

High strength underlayment High strength underlayment

FIRM-FILL High Strength floor underlayment corrects concrete problems. Read more

Fast set concrete mix Fast set concrete mix

Commercial Grade FastSet Concrete Mix Read more

Crack-resistant concrete mix Crack-resistant concrete mix

Formulated to reduce the risk of surface shrinkage cracks. Read more

Rapid setting concrete Concrete Materials Rapid setting concrete

Fastrac 246 Concrete is a one-component, shrinkage-compensated blend of cements Read more

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