December 2006 Table of Contents

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All Hands on Deck All Hands on Deck

A parking deck's rough, uneven surface was smoothed, saving costs in the end. Read more

Solutions Solutions

Here's how some problems in the field got solved. Read more

Training Day Training Day

To achieve success coating a concrete substrate, the following six processes must be done carefully. Read more

Green Roofs: The Waterproofing Aspects Green Roofs: The Waterproofing Aspects

More green roof assemblies are being installed every year. However, a green roof assembly (GRA) is not simply a roof assembly covered with plants or landscaping. It's actually a complex waterproofing assembly that is landscaped to some extent. Read more

From Shrinkage to Shadowing From Shrinkage to Shadowing

We've been asked to bid on a polishing project on a recently placed slab. The engineer had been concerned about controlling concrete drying shrinkage. He developed a concrete mix design optimization plan that resolved many of the problems that occur on industrial slabs on ground. The slab has performed very well, but this surface has many dark spots on the hard-troweled surface. What are these spots? Read more

Showcase: A Beacon Rises Showcase: A Beacon Rises

The Oaklyn branch of the Vanderburgh Public Library in Evansville, Ind., not only creates a prairie blending into the landscape, it is a prime example of environmental stewardship. Read more

Back to the Future Back to the Future

Sister publication Concrete Construction points out that concern for concrete surfaces has been in the industry for a half-century. Read more

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