October 2006 Table of Contents

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From Grime to Shine From Grime to Shine

When the coatings at a Hitachi facility would scar and begin to peel after a few years, the company's continuous improvement group would hire someone to remove the coatings and then reapply them. But a new surfacing technique made that work a thing of the past. Read more

Concrete Surfaces: Solutions Concrete Surfaces: Solutions

Business owners want to create a warm, easy-to-live-in feeling for their customers and employees. Many are achieving this effect by focusing on their facilities' largest single surface—their floor. Read more

Taking the Charge Out Taking the Charge Out

With the increasing use of computer chip technology in many inventory systems, even a small unexpected charge from vapor transmission or static electricity can bring devastating results. Here's how surface work can alleviate this problem. Read more

Diamonds: A Surface's Best Friend Diamonds: A Surface's Best Friend

Diamond-polished concrete has many advantages. Read more

Sweating Slab Syndrome Sweating Slab Syndrome

What is sweating slab syndrome and how can it be prevented? Read more

Showcase: Right on Target Showcase: Right on Target

A team effort brought together experts in concrete surface polishing. Instead of failing floors or a short-term fix of solely densifying, Target and Ace Hardware have received long-term, permanent solutions. Read more

A Vital Voice A Vital Voice

Issues like moisture measurement and curing make this a great time to pay closer attention to concrete surfaces. Read more

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