August 2010 Table of Contents

Specifications: What's in it for Me?

Part 2 of our exploration of the importance of being able to read construction drawings. Here we look at construction specifications. Read more

Editorial Comment Good Luck Gentlemen

It's never easy saying goodbye to friends. In this case, the friends are Bernie Erlin and Bill Hime, who have contributed a column to CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION since 2004. Read more

Backyard Expanses Features Backyard Expanses

Scott Cohen is riding a wave in California. But it's not the type of wave surfers in the Golden State maneuver. Read more

Self-Curing Warehouse Floors? Features Self-Curing Warehouse Floors?

In February of 2009, CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION and Scurto Cement, Gilberts, Ill., decided to do a two-year warehouse floor study to monitor curling. Read more

An Ounce of Prevention Features An Ounce of Prevention

Equipment manufacturers and service personnel say that contractors often neglect to perform routine maintenance procedures and then wonder why equipment breaks down. Read more

It's Time to Fly Concrete Surfaces - Editorial It's Time to Fly

It's already time to plan now for getaways that involve your businesses. Read more

Polishing Conference Nears Concrete Surfaces - News Polishing Conference Nears

The annual International Concrete Polishing & Staining Conference (ICPSC) takes place Sept. 30-Oct. 3 in Duluth Ga., just north of Atlanta. Read more

Air-Entraining Decorative Concrete Concrete Surfaces - Decorative Concrete Air-Entraining Decorative Concrete

Air-entraining admixtures are the most problematic of all admixtures for manufacturers, ready-mix producers, and concrete contractors. Read more

Concrete Surfaces - Product Selection Guide Product Selection Guide — Pigments & Dyes

With a wide array of colors at their fingertips, contractors can transform ordinary concrete projects into decorative masterpieces. Pigments and dyes offer a quick and affordable way to create a natural appearance or make a bold statement. Read more

Concrete Surfaces - Product Selection Guide Product Selection Guide — Surface Preparation

New concrete surfaces must be cleaned before final coatings or toppings are added. Existing slabs often require a deeper cleaning to remove built up stains, grease, rust, and grime. Existing paint, epoxy, or adhesives must also be removed. There are many Read more

Amber Waves of Concrete Concrete Surfaces - Showcase Amber Waves of Concrete

In the heart of a modern residential and retail mixed-use community in Colorado, a dancing water fountain pays tribute to the town's heritage.  Read more

More to Do, More to See at World of Concrete Concrete Surfaces - Features More to Do, More to See at World of Concrete

The Concrete Polishing Luncheon & Forum is returning. Read more

On the Level Concrete Surfaces - Features On the Level

There is a convergence of factors that favor overlays, and the opportunities are tremendous now. Read more

News & Events Workers Risk Injury Without Safety Equipment

Nearly all of the safety professionals in a survey released today said that workers in their organizations had at some point failed to wear the necessary safety equipment while on the job. Read more

News & Events Partnership Promise Quality African Housing

Wall-Ties & Forms, Inc. and The Tagos Group, LLC have signed a partnership agreement to immediately begin construction on low cost, mass housing across the continent of Africa to assist local governments and private investors in addressing a critical shortage of safe, affordable housing. Read more

News & Events NRMCA's Sustainability Conference

The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association will host its first International Concrete Sustainability Conference, December 13-14, 2010 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), in partnership with Grey Matters Consultancy of UAE. Read more

News & Events Industry Reports

June marked a 0.9% decrease in sales of construction materials and supplies after three months of increases, according to the Producer Price Index Report by the U.S. Department of Labor. Read more

News & Events Concrete Canoe

California Polytechnic State University (CPSU) was the winner of the 23rd annual Society of Civil Engineer's National Concrete Canoe Competition. Read more

Emerging From Bankruptcy News & Events Emerging From Bankruptcy

After nine months of protection, Schwing America Inc., St. Paul, Minn., exited Chapter 11 bankruptcy when the Federal Bankruptcy Court approved the company's reorganization plan. Read more

Hime & Erlin On Concrete Legacies

As part of our legacy, we leave behind a just-published book, The Concrete Intrigue. Read more

Curl Numbers Slabs on Grade Curl Numbers

Although various standard tests for measuring floor and pavement profiles exist, none directly address the quantification of slab curl. Read more

Software Increases Project Efficiency Tilt-Up Software Increases Project Efficiency

Competition for projects is extremely fierce in today's economic climate. This competition has led design and construction professionals to incorporate new technologies into their projects to be more cost-effective and enable them to meet tight schedules. Read more

Titan Formwork Systems LLC Outrigger Platform Jobsite Products Titan Formwork Systems LLC Outrigger Platform

The fully assembled Outrigger Platform reduces jobsite labor expense and enhances safety. Read more

Olympic Panel Products Barrier Film Jobsite Products Olympic Panel Products Barrier Film

Barrier Film premium polymeric overlay applied to dense hardwood-faced plywood and Douglas Fir inner plys creates long-lasting forms. Read more

Western Forms Inc. Aluminum Forming System Jobsite Products Western Forms Inc. Aluminum Forming System

This aluminum forming system includes form panels, hardware, tools, and accessories to complete the job for less money. Read more

Problem Clinic Avoiding Hot-Weather Problems

I know ready-mix producers have to make an effort to deliver concrete at an appropriate temperature during hot weather. What steps should a concrete contractor take to keep concrete cool enough for hot-weather placement? Read more

Problem Clinic Applying Form Release Agent

How often should release agent be applied to plywood form panels? Read more

The Importance of Reading Blueprints Problem Clinic The Importance of Reading Blueprints

In Part 1 of our series on the importance of being able to read contract specifications, we look at reading blueprints. Read more

Other Articles
Restore, Revive, Resurface Restore, Revive, Resurface

Resurfacing can be an attractive, cost-effective alternative to removing and replacing cracked or stained concrete. Read more

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