June 2010 Table of Contents

Editorial Comment Have We Turned the Corner?

According to the PCA, cement consumption will see a 3 to 5 million metric ton increase in 2010 as compared to the depressed levels of 2009. Read more

Keys on Momentum Bauma 2010 Keys on Momentum

Anticipation for bauma 2010 had been building for months as thousands of construction professionals from around the globe descended upon Munich, Germany, this past April. Read more

Lower Level Living Features Lower Level Living

In the past few decades, windows, walls, ceilings, and other residential building components have been upgraded to minimize energy loss. Now regulators look to enhancing the efficiency of foundations. Read more

The Evolution of Finished Concrete Floors Features The Evolution of Finished Concrete Floors

Finished concrete flooring has grown explosively in the past few years, with many new products benefiting applicators and owners. Read more

Design/Build Contracting Features Design/Build Contracting

The decision by owners to offer design/build contracts instead of a design/bid/build option often comes down to a consideration of risk and value. Read more

The New Reality Concrete Surfaces - Editorial The New Reality

While concrete as a decorative element has gained inroads, more marketing emphasis is needed to make it truly mainstream. Read more

Concrete Surfaces - News New CSDA Board, Online Training

The Concrete Sawing & Drilling Association (CSDA) announced its 2010 Board of Directors recently. Read more

Concrete Surfaces - News Floor Flatness Tolerance Agreement

Two national flooring associations have endorsed a position statement on floor flatness tolerances written by the American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC). Read more

Concrete Surfaces - News Blastrac Promotions

Surface preparation equipment supplier Blastrac, Oklahoma City, has promoted John Rippman to national sales manager. Read more

Concrete Surfaces - News Slab Moisture Certification

The International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) is launching the Slab MoistureTesting Technician Certification, Grade I, the association's first complete certification program. Read more

Concrete Surfaces - News Polishing Conference Slated

Concrete polishing contractors from across the nation willgather near Atlanta for the annual International ConcretePolishing & Staining Conference (ICPSC), Sept. 30-Oct. 3. Read more

Grinding and F-Numbers Concrete Surfaces - Troubleshooting Grinding and F-Numbers

Our business has become more focused on polishing concrete retails floors, and we are concerned how grinding and polishing affects a floor's flatness and levelness. How can we be sure we are meeting the correct specifications? Do any studies exist showing the effects on FFand FL numbers? Read more

Brush-Up on Polished Concrete Concrete Surfaces - Decorative Concrete Brush-Up on Polished Concrete

When owners and specifiers know the required type of finish for an application, contractors can bid prices that everyone understands. Read more

Concrete Surfaces - Product Selection Guide Product Selection Guide — Polishing & Grinding

Customers demand perfection when it comes to exposed concrete floors, whether they are in a warehouse or a high-end retail location. That’s why using the right surface preparation equipment is so important. Read more

Polish System for High-Quality Shine Concrete Surfaces - Products Polish System for High-Quality Shine

The Pro Polish floor polishing system produces high-quality polished surfaces without the need for expensive and complex equipment. Read more

L.M. Scofield Revive Color Refresher Concrete Surfaces - Products L.M. Scofield Revive Color Refresher

Revive Color Refresher improves the appearance of existing, unsealed exterior colored or uncolored concrete surfaces. Read more

Quikrete Wet Look Sealer—High Gloss Concrete Surfaces - Products Quikrete Wet Look Sealer—High Gloss

Wet Look Sealer—High Gloss forms a film coating designed to waterproof, seal, and enhance the color of decorative concrete. Read more

Bayer Material Sciences LLC Bayhydrol UV Concrete Surfaces - Products Bayer Material Sciences LLC Bayhydrol UV

Bayhydrol UV (ultraviolet cure) resins offer contractors and formulators an eco-friendly concrete coating with a faster return to service. Read more

Sherwin Williams Cor-Cote HB Urethane Concrete Surfaces - Products Sherwin Williams Cor-Cote HB Urethane

Cor-Cote HB Urethane permits rapid return to service for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities. Read more

New Look International Cool-Stain Concrete Surfaces - Products New Look International Cool-Stain

Use Cool-Stain, a modified polymer, water-based, color stain, on existing, unsealed, and exterior concrete surfaces. Read more

Mapei Mapelastic SRS Concrete Surfaces - Products Mapei Mapelastic SRS

Mapelastic SRS is a seamless rubber membrane formulated for sewage and manhole rehabilitation environments. Read more

CTS Cement Skim Coat Concrete Surfaces - Products CTS Cement Skim Coat

Skim Coat is a high-bond strength, fast-curing, smooth hydraulic cement-based material for interior and exterior projects. Read more

Dur-A-Flex Hybri-Flex Series Concrete Surfaces - Products Dur-A-Flex Hybri-Flex Series

The Hybri-Flex Series systems offer the benefits of two resinous flooring systems in one. Read more

United Gilsonite Laboratories Drylok Concrete Protector Concrete Surfaces - Products United Gilsonite Laboratories Drylok Concrete Protector

Drylok Concrete Protector with SaltLok Technology provides clear weatherproof protection against deterioration. Read more

New Dimensions of Color Concrete Surfaces - Contractor Clinic New Dimensions of Color

With today's decorative color options, concrete contractors are no longer limited to dull, gray surfaces. Read more

Premium Floor for Premium Stores Concrete Surfaces | Showcase Premium Floor for Premium Stores

Designed and owned by Australian retail property giant Westfield, a colossal new shopping and leisure complex opened to deafening fanfare in London last year. Read more

News & Events The Kerry-Lieberman Bill

According to the Portland Cement Association (PCA), the energy and climate legislation released in May by Senators John Kerry (D-Mass.) and Joe Lieberman (ID-Conn.) needs to do more to balance protecting the environment and maintaining U.S. jobs. Read more

News & Events ACI Announces New Officers

The American Concrete Institute (ACI) introduced its new president, vice president, and four board members during the ACI Spring 2010 Convention in Chicago. Read more

Hime & Erlin On Concrete The Fate of Fly Ash

Today, due to cost advantages, the sustainability movement, past research and development, and successful applications, fly ash fills ready-mix plant silos, is used in blended cements, and is included in many mix designs. Read more

As Simple As 1-2-3 Slabs on Grade As Simple As 1-2-3

A level shovel of cement, two full shovels of sand, three full shovels of stone, enough water to make it workable, and voilà—the magic stuff around which the concrete profession revolves. Read more

KeyEst–Trade Specific Estimating Software Jobsite Products KeyEst–Trade Specific Estimating Software

KeyEst–Trade Specific Estimating Software uses an interactive database for a complete and concise bid. Read more

Explorer Software Inc. Contract Manager Version 7 Jobsite Products Explorer Software Inc. Contract Manager Version 7

Contract Manager Version 7 allows you to access your secure data from any desktop without installing an application. Read more

HCSS HeavyBid Jobsite Products HCSS HeavyBid

Bid jobs easier by automating the process with HeavyBid. Read more

Maxwell Systems ProContractorMX 2.2 Products Maxwell Systems ProContractorMX 2.2

ProContractorMX 2.2 is an all-in-one business solution that combines estimating, job cost accounting, and project management. Read more

Targeted Team Member Display Products Targeted Team Member Display

CMiC Dashboard provides a customized visual display unique to each user by consolidating company and project information. Read more

Jonas Software Accounting, Construction and Service Management Software Jobsite Products Jonas Software Accounting, Construction and Service Management Software

Jonas Accounting, Construction and Service Management Software increases company efficiency. Read more

All-In-One Solution Products Solving Problems All-In-One Solution

With budgets tight in the current economy, no company can afford to waste time and resources on redundant work. Read more

Removing Footprints Problem Clinic Removing Footprints

One of my workers walked on a parking deck too soon and left footprints in the concrete. There are a lot of prints, and they are very shallow but still visible. The owner wants them repaired so they aren't noticeable. Is there any way to do this economica Read more

Problem Clinic Nondestructive Strength Testing

Is there a way to determine the compressive strength of concrete in-place, without removing samples for laboratory testing? Read more

Problem Clinic Why Entrain Air?

I know that entrained air improves concrete's resistance to freeze/thaw damage, but why would air-entrained concrete be required in an area where freeze/thaw isn't an issue? Read more

Meet the First Women in ACI Women in Concrete Meet the First Women in ACI

It started before the Women in Concrete event at World of Concrete was even a thought. Yet it was the beginning of a big change. Women were gathering and acknowledging they weren't alone in the concrete industry. Read more

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Rapid Hardening Cement

The old adage time is money certainly applies to the construction industry. Delays waiting for materials to arrive or properly cure have been the headache of contractors for decades. That is why many concrete contractors are turning to rapid-hardening hydraulic cement to meet tight schedules. Read more

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