October 2010 Table of Contents

Editorial Comment Contractor-Engineer Crossover

Relationships can be valuable, and volatile. Take for example, the relationship you have with your ready-mix supplier. Read more

Monitoring and Controlling Moisture Features Monitoring and Controlling Moisture

Recently constructed buildings are more energy efficient than their predecessors because of better insulation and tighter building envelopes that don't leak much air, in or out. Read more

Bracing Up Features Bracing Up

After Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, the area of Covington, La., began to experience an industry boom as a result of many companies seeking a safer, more elevated area. Read more

Hey, Cut That Out! Features Hey, Cut That Out!

Cutting concrete in restoration and repair projects takes care. Read more

The Challenge of a Lifetime Features The Challenge of a Lifetime

Concrete is at the heart of a bypass in one of the nation's most unforgiving environments. Read more

Educated Decisions Concrete Surfaces - Editorial Educated Decisions

While new big box retail construction in the form of Home Depots and Wal-Marts has slowed in this economy, schools offer promise for contractors who polish concrete. Read more

Meeting VOC Regs Concrete Surfaces - Troubleshooting Meeting VOC Regs

Since I began sealing concrete floors years ago, the EPA has adjusted its rules several times. It seems VOC levels for concrete sealers are constantly changing. What do I need to know if I work in different areas? Read more

Stamps and Textures Concrete Surfaces - Decorative Concrete Stamps and Textures

Stamping patterns and textures in concrete started in the 1950s and still is considered to be the bread-and-butter of the decorative industry. Read more

Makita USA PC5001C Concrete Planer Concrete Surfaces - Products Makita USA PC5001C Concrete Planer

The new 5-in. PC5001C Concrete Planer combines power with ease-of-use features and has a new adjustable front roller and auxiliary base engineered for consistent planing depth and added stability. Read more

Aztec Products UltraGrind Concrete Surfaces - Products Aztec Products UltraGrind

The UltraGrind is the newest addition to the manufacturer's extensive line of floor stripping, buffing, and polishing machines. Read more

L.M. Scofield Co. Solachrome High-SRI Topping Concrete Surfaces - Products L.M. Scofield Co. Solachrome High-SRI Topping

Solachrome High-SRI Topping is designed to provide a heat-reflective surface to exterior concrete. Read more

Shave Away, Europe Inc. Dust Muzzle Ultra Concrete Surfaces - Products Shave Away, Europe Inc. Dust Muzzle Ultra

The manufacturer's new version of the Dust Muzzle, the Dust Muzzle Ultra, is based on the efficient side-mounted exhaust port design of the original version. Read more

Fast Forming Concrete Surfaces | Contractor Clinic Fast Forming

Concrete countertops can be impressive without being a burden for contractors. Read more

Grand Entrance Concrete Surfaces - Showcase Grand Entrance

In June 2006, a small contractor based in Turlock, Calif., had his eye on the job. Julio Hallack, president and CEO of Concrete by Hallack, took a calculated risk to land the high-profile project. Read more

A Green Bean Solution Concrete Surfaces - Features A Green Bean Solution

Research shows soybean oil improves surface durability. Read more

Head of the Class Concrete Surfaces - Features Head of the Class

School districts embrace green construction and polished concrete. Read more

More to do, More to See at World of Concrete Concrete Surfaces - World of Concrete More to do, More to See at World of Concrete

Contractors who polish, coat, and repair concrete surfaces should start planning now for next year's World of Concrete. Read more

Reader Response Challenging an Old Notion

I am glad to see someone finally decided to challenge the age-old notion that a hard-troweled floor requires the same degree of curing that a light machine or handtroweled floor requires. Read more

News & Events Spending for Nonres Higher in July

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, private nonresidential spending rose 0.8% in July—the first increase since March 2009, despite a downturn in overall construction activity. Read more

News & Events CSDA's 2011 Convention

The Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association (CSDA), Clearwater, Fla., recently announced the CSDA 2011 Convention and Tech Fair will be held in Bonita Springs, Fla., at the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort & Spa on March 10–12, 2011. Read more

News & Events Double-Dip Recession in U.S.?

Almost 65% of Americans (or two in three) believe a double-dip recession is likely to happen. Read more

Archimedes' Principal, Part I Slabs on Grade Archimedes' Principal, Part I

Because my degree is in naval architecture and marine engineering, things that float interest me. Read more

Recovery, Growth Dependent on Few Factors Finance Recovery, Growth Dependent on Few Factors

The economy is continuing along a path reflecting a fragile recovery, including the recent slowdown in economic growth that fully was anticipated by the Portland Cement Association (PCA), Skokie, Ill. Read more

Turning on the Heat Jobsite Products Turning on the Heat

During the winter months, Milwaukee noticed workers wearing three to five layers of bulky clothing, and thought it would be safer and easier to move if they weren't so restrained. Read more

Husqvarna Construction Products K970 Jobsite Products Husqvarna Construction Products K970

The K970 power cutter's X-Torq engine produces 6.4 hp and 75% less emissions, while consuming 20% less fuel. Read more

Makita USA DPC7331 Jobsite Products Makita USA DPC7331

The 14-in. DPC7331 power cutter with 73-cc engine features a starter grip decompression valve for faster startup, cushioned grips with four vibration-absorption rubber buffers for increased operator comfort, and a reinforced aluminum blade guard with 70-degree range of positioning. Read more

Stihl TS 420 Cutquick Jobsite Products Stihl TS 420 Cutquick

The 14-in. TS 420 Cutquick cut-off machine comes equipped with an anti-vibration system that reduces vibration by 43% for maximum comfort. Read more

ICS CWS-200 Chain Wall Saw Jobsite Products ICS CWS-200 Chain Wall Saw

Make deep cuts without overcutting and less overall effort with the CWS-200 Chain Wall Saw. Read more

Hilti Inc. DS TS20-E Jobsite Products Hilti Inc. DS TS20-E

As a compact, midrange electric wall saw, the DS TS20-E cuts depths up to 21 in. Read more

General Equipment CS8 Random Crack Saw Jobsite Products General Equipment CS8 Random Crack Saw

Designed for crack repair in concrete and asphalt surfaces, the CS8 Random Crack Saw features 8-in. diameter dry cut-type diamond blades in a center-mounted blade configuration that produce smooth-sided cuts by pivoting on its own axis. Read more

Jobsite Products Cutting Done Right

Concrete saws come in a variety of sizes to satisfy different types of cutting applications. Read more

Rising to New Heights Products Solving Problems Rising to New Heights

The San Vicente Dam, Lakeside, Calif., soon will be the tallest dam of its type in the world. The San Diego County Water Authority is raising the 220-foot-tall dam an additional 117 feet. Read more

Problem Clinic Protecting a Slab From Rain

What should you do if rain hits after the slab has been placed? Read more

Problem Clinic Depth of Isolation Joints

Do I need to cut completely through a slab to form isolation joints? Read more

Carving Letters Into Architectural Concrete Problem Clinic Carving Letters Into Architectural Concrete

The architect on our current project has asked about engraving letters into architectural concrete after it is poured. The building is mostly underground, with an oval-shaped, domed glass roof that rises from a concrete ring beam just abovegrade. Read more

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