August 2011 Table of Contents

Concrete to Its Core Web Exclusive Concrete to Its Core

A San Diego federal courthouse featured a complex concrete elevator core and staircase, constructed with the help of formwork. Read more

Rising to Any Height Web Exclusive Rising to Any Height

Meeting the demands of sports facility construction means having flexible forming solutions Read more

Web Exclusive Keep Unused Equipment Maintained

How to get your fleet back on the road. Read more

Web Exclusive 2011 Concrete Canoe Competition

This year's contest pushed the limits on design and aesthetics, challenging the next generation of engineers. Read more

Web Exclusive Forming Safely

A protection screen kept a busy Toronto area safe during the construction of a luxury hotel. Read more

Expanding the Panama Canal Web Exclusive Expanding the Panama Canal

The monumental project features two enormous lock installations, with formwork playing a key role. Read more

Climbing as You Build in the Windy City Web Exclusive Climbing as You Build in the Windy City

The chosen formwork system is keeping this condo project on time and on budget. Read more

Working with Form Manufacturers Feature Working with Form Manufacturers

Form requirements for some jobs are very complicated and involve a close working relationship between contractors and form manufacturers. Read more

Using Maintenance Software to Keep Track of Equipment Feature Using Maintenance Software to Keep Track of Equipment

Increase company efficiency by employing a software package that keeps equipment functional and tracks costs. Read more

Drilling Down to Details Concrete Surfaces | Editorial Drilling Down to Details

A CSDA survey shows sawing and drilling contractors have expanded their businesses. Read more

Selecting and Using Bond Coats Concrete Surfaces | Troubleshooting Selecting and Using Bond Coats

Using the wrong bond coat is a major reason for failing to join two concrete surfaces. Read more

UV Curing Acrylic Resin Concrete Surfaces | Decorative Concrete UV Curing Acrylic Resin

UV-cured acrylic resins offer many benefits to contractors and owners. Read more

Polishing Conference Nears Concrete Surfaces | Polishing Corner Polishing Conference Nears

Polishing contractors from around the U.S. will gather for the annual event. Read more

Concrete Surfaces | Product Selection Guide Product Selection Guide — Polishing & Grinding

Selected manufacturers of polishing and grinding equipment. Read more

Port Project Earns LEED Silver Designation Concrete Surfaces | Showcase Port Project Earns LEED Silver Designation

Polished concrete is a major component of Port of Everett's facelift. Read more

Diamond Tooling Basics Concrete Surfaces | Feature Diamond Tooling Basics

The diamond tooling market is always changing, with new and improved products. Read more

Committing to Maintenance Concrete Surfaces | Feature Committing to Maintenance

Concrete polished must stress the importance of maintenance to their customers. Read more

Slabs on Grade Steel and Cracks, Part 2

Face continues his discussion on the intimate relationship between embedded steel and concrete. Read more

PERI Formwork Systems Inc. Variokit Shoring Tower Jobsite Products PERI Formwork Systems Inc. Variokit Shoring Tower

Designed for large bridge and civil engineering projects, the Variokit Shoring Tower is a heavy-duty load-bearing scaffold that supports nearly 90 tons. Read more

Doka USA Ltd. Cantilever Forming Traveler Jobsite Products Doka USA Ltd. Cantilever Forming Traveler

The highly adaptable Cantilever Forming Traveler conforms to all types of box girder cross-sections. Read more

EFCO Bridge Edge Deck System Jobsite Products EFCO Bridge Edge Deck System

The Bridge Edge Deck system replaces traditional wood deck forms with durable, high-strength steel gangs in 12-, 18-, and 24-ft. sections. Read more

Ulma Construcción Hydraulic Windshield System Jobsite Products Ulma Construcción Hydraulic Windshield System

Providing superior overall security and protection from the elements, the self-climbing Hydraulic Windshield System can be installed around the entire perimeter of a project, shielding three floor levels at once. Read more

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From Ash to Afghanistan Innovations From Ash to Afghanistan

Social media, handling joint deflection, fly ash concrete, and concrete cloth are just a few industry innovations. Read more

Insider Information Concrete Moves

Programs, events, and developments across the industry. Read more

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