January 2012 Table of Contents

Out With Moisture Web Exclusive Out With Moisture

This Virginia-based medical project ran into a moisture problem until an easy drying process presented itself. Read more

Playing with Decorative Concrete Project of the Month Playing with Decorative Concrete

Over 50,000 squage feet of decorative concrete coatings in a New Jersey theme park brings the outdoors in. Read more

Outlook for 2012 Web Exclusive Outlook for 2012

As we leave 2011 behind and inch closer to 2012, CC presents economic outlooks from a variety of sources. Is a recovery finally at hand? Read more

WOC 2012 for the Concrete Contractor Feature WOC 2012 for the Concrete Contractor

Check out these Concrete Construction sponsored events. Read more

Getting Good Concrete Feature Getting Good Concrete

Contractors take their concrete for granted but there is intense activity behind the scenes to make sure they get a good product. Read more

Troubleshooting Pervious Concrete Feature Troubleshooting Pervious Concrete

Proper mix proportioning and the right materials will result in workable and durable pervious concrete. Read more

Special Section
2012 Most Influential People Most Influential People in the Concrete Industry 2012

CC selects five people each year to recognize for helping to make advances in the concrete industry. Read more

Tom Adams 2012 Most Influential People Tom Adams

Two days after Tom Adams accepted the job as the executive director of the American Coal Ash Association (ACAA), the Kingston, Tenn., coal ash storage facility failed. “We were in crisis mode from day one,” he says. Read more

Steve Morrical 2012 Most Influential People Steve Morrical

For guiding the new 306 report to completion, Steve Morrical is one of CC’s Most Influential People of 2012. Read more

Casimir Bognacki 2012 Most Influential People Casimir Bognacki

Casimir J. Bognacki, known throughout the concrete world as Cas, is the chief of materials engineering at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Read more

Peter Craig 2012 Most Influential People Peter Craig

In 2008 the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) started to develop a certification program for repair technicians with a focus on surface prep and cleaning rebar. Read more

John Kevern 2012 Most Influential People John Kevern

John Kevern has helped define how to make pervious successful and for that he is one of CC’s Most Influential People in 2012. Read more

World of Concrete Approaches Editorial World of Concrete Approaches

There is plenty for Concrete Surfaces readers to do at World of Concrete. Read more

Craze Cracks Troubleshooting Craze Cracks

These fine, random cracks on the surface of concrete are just aesthetic, not structural. Read more

Polishing Corner Sustainable Polished Concrete

Polished concrete has many sustainable attributes. Read more

Polished Concrete for the Home Showcase Polished Concrete for the Home

Polished concrete gives homes a contemporary look. Read more

Feature Crack Evaluation and Repair

Perform a crack evaluation before repairing the surface. Read more

Installing Sealers More Successfully Feature Installing Sealers More Successfully

A CC-sponsored ASCC conference looks for solutions in sealer applications. Read more

World of Concrete Around the Corner World of Concrete World of Concrete Around the Corner

Artistry and concrete polishing take center stage at the show. Read more

Problem Clinic
Problem Clinic Protecting Steel from Corrosion

Does high fly ash concrete provide the same passivating protection as portland cement? Read more

Problem Clinic Popouts

What causes popouts? Popouts on a concrete surface are from absorbant aggregates that freeze and expand. Read more

Other Articles
Construction Conversion Calculator App Review Construction Conversion Calculator

inchCALC+ transforms your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch into a construction conversion calculator. Read more

Innovative Ideas and Products Innovations Innovative Ideas and Products

Innovative apps and products in the concrete industry. Read more

Moisture in Concrete Slabs How-To Zone Moisture in Concrete Slabs

Moisture can be a problems in slabs. Understanding what's going on will help. Read more

Insider Information Important People

People make up our industry, and they're doing impressive things. Read more

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