December 2015 Table of Contents

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ACI Repair Code REPAIR ACI Repair Code

ACI 562 addresses many considerations that are unique to concrete repair. Read more

Removing old Acrylic Sealers Removing old Acrylic Sealers

Nox-Crete introduced a two-component poultice that combines chemical and physical processes to remove sealers without abrasion. Read more

Jigsaw Puzzle Floor Jigsaw Puzzle Floor

A marketing firm turns to a client to transform his damaged studio floor into a centerpiece that inspires creativity. The client-contractor proposed a four-piece jigsaw puzzle design to give the floor pizazz. Read more

Setting up a Mixing Station Setting up a Mixing Station

A mixing station is an important part of a successful topping installation. It should also provide efficient access to the point of placement so you can deliver materials in a timely fashion. Read more

Product Focus: Sealers Product Focus: Sealers

The December issue of Concrete Surfaces focused on Sealers. Read more

Concrete Polishing Winners

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to polished concrete. Read more

Managing Customer Expectations Managing Customer Expectations

Contractors who effectively manage customer expectations increase profitability by minimizing rework. You can accomplish this by being honest upfront. Read more

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