July 2006 Table of Contents

Residential Interior Overlays Residential Interior Overlays

Years ago encountering an interior concrete residential floor happened in atypical homes, perhaps a Frank Lloyd Wright creation or a futuristic glass and steel home. Today concrete floors are considered a mainstream option for homeowners. Read more

Vapor Barriers and Vapor Retarders Vapor Barriers and Vapor Retarders

The primary reason for the move to vapor barriers for residential construction is to improve the thermal efficiency of residential buildings. Mold and fungus litigation has also promoted increased use of vapor barriers because the movement of moisture from the ground through floor slabs is a primary delivery system for moisture into the house envelope. Read more

Who's Biggest? Who's Biggest?

Each year, Concrete Construction, the parent magazine to Residential Concrete, compiles a list of the largest concrete contractors in America. Read more

Living In A Sculpture Lafayette, Colorado Living In A Sculpture Lafayette, Colorado

Profile of Southwestern-style house with innovative concrete features Read more

Growing The Concrete Home Building Council Growing The Concrete Home Building Council

Since 2004, CHBC has developed and implemented six successful educational programs that are held and promoted through NAHB and its local home builder associations nationwide. Along with these programs, CHBC developed an annual Concrete Technologies Tour, geared toward helping home builders better understand the use of concrete and other cement-based building materials. Read more

Connecting Wood Frame Floors to ICF Walls With a Ledger Connector Connecting Wood Frame Floors to ICF Walls With a Ledger Connector

Many methods are used to attach wood frame floors to insulating concrete form (ICF) exterior walls. The most popular ones involve connecting a wooden ledger board to the walls at floor height. A popular method of attaching the ledger boards to the walls is with the ICF ledger connector. Read more

Stamping Tools Home Front Stamping Tools

Adding texture to fresh concrete is getting easier every day. The range of stamping products and tools is growing at a steady rate. Read more

Concrete Pavers Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers offer a variety of patterns and colors that add to the character of any home, providing durable yet low maintenance surfaces. Read more

The Concrete Finisher's Guide The Concrete Finisher's Guide

The Concrete Finisher's Guide, 2006, published by the Portland Cement Association (PCA), is a basic primer for concrete finishers and offers instruction and technical information to anyone involved with concrete—engineers, architects, specification writers, or homeowners. Read more

www.buildsite.com www.buildsite.com

This useful website is described as "a single source of product and technical information on-line," detailing information from over 200 manufacturers. Read more

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