January 2007 Table of Contents

Quest for the Perfect Floor Quest for the Perfect Floor

Doesn't everyone have a part of their home that should look great but that, due to some fatal flaw, only serves as a reminder of lost potential? Ten years ago, when my wife and I built our home, we wanted an integrally colored concrete floor slab with radiant heat pipes embedded for the first floor. This 700-square-foot floor includes two bedrooms, a hallway, and a bathroom. Despite what I thought was good advance planning, the floor turned out less than perfect. Read more

Waterproofing Residential Foundations Waterproofing Residential Foundations

Thirty years ago most residential foundations were “waterproofed” with a solvent-based asphaltic product that was either sprayed on or hand applied. Read more

The Evolving Removable Form Concrete Home

Every builder who uses removable concrete forming (RCF) systems does not build in the same way. Some use concrete throughout the home—for the exterior and interior walls and for the decks that form the floors and ceilings; others use concrete for the shell and build interior walls and floors of wood; others still use RCFs to build the basement and first level only. Read more

Other Articles
Wind-Lock Grappler drywall anchor

The Grappler drywall anchor is the ultimate solution for hanging products on insulating concrete form (ICF) walls. Read more

Outdoor Kitchens Outdoor Kitchens

Second kitchens are not a new idea. Before the days of air conditioning, homes with basements sometimes had kitchens downstairs to use during hot weather. Read more

Insulating Removable Form Walls Insulating Removable Form Walls

Although attaching insulation to cured concrete walls is common, it is increasingly popular to cast foam into the concrete in the forming process. Read more

News Briefs

The latest news from news from The Tilt-Up Concrete Association, The Concrete Counter-top Industry Conference, The National Association of Home Builders' Concrete Home Building Council and more. Read more

ICFS and Antique Finishes Create a European Feel Monterey, Calif. ICFS and Antique Finishes Create a European Feel Monterey, Calif.

Three very special high-end custom homes are being constructed in Monterey, Calif., all using insulating concrete formwork for the walls. Read more

Little Green Things Little Green Things

Sustainability and how concrete can contribute has been on my mind a lot recently. Read more

Vinyl Technologies Inc. Vbuck vinyl block-out system

Installed at a price equal to wood, the Vbuck vinyl block-out system for insulating concrete form (ICF) structures keeps jobsites looking cleaner. Read more

The Vertical ICF Inc. TF System

Available in any height up to 12 feet, the TF System's vertical design mimics traditional concrete formwork and accommodates virtually any design, from curved to elliptical walls. Read more

Logix Insulated Concrete Forms Logix Pilaster Form

For commercial and institutional construction, the Logix Pilaster Form allows builders to quickly and simply create pilasters in insulated concrete walls. Read more

Reward Wall Systems TieKey

The Reward TieKey is an easy-to-install, cast-in-place, adjustable ICF masonry tie anchor embedded into an ICF-formed concrete wall. Read more

Lite-Form Technologies Brick Ledge Block

The Brick Ledge Block features a 4-inch insulated projecting ledge that supports exterior brick and masonry fascia (veneer). Read more

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