July 2007 Table of Contents

Interior Concrete Walls Interior Concrete Walls

Concrete is a diverse structural and design element for modern home building. In the past 10 years the Arts and Crafts movement has enjoyed a resurgence of popularity, and is being used in the design of concrete elements inside of homes. Contractors and architects have been able to take the comfort, warmth, and fine craftsmanship shown in the simple, clean lines of this style and apply it to concrete walls. In some cases, the contractors are even incorporating more creative methods, such as leaving exposed beams, nail holes or luminous effects, in order to balance a natural concrete look indoors and out. Read more

Quality Control of Concrete for Residential Applications Quality Control of Concrete for Residential Applications

Dave Shepard, director of sustainable development for the Portland Cement Association (PCA), shares his insight on how to get better quality residential concrete. Read more

ICFs for Multifamily Construction ICFs for Multifamily Construction

There was a time when insulating concrete forms (ICFs) were thought of as appropriate only for basement walls. Today, they are used successfully in the construction of everything from an 11-story condominium, in Ft. Myers, Fla., to a Bed Bath & Beyond store in Apple Valley, Minn. Read more

ICFS: Out of the Underground ICFS: Out of the Underground

Three short years from now, concrete building systems will account for 25% of above-grade structural walls in single-family homes in the United States, according to predictions by the Portland Cement Association (PCA). Read more

Settling into the Concrete Industry Settling into the Concrete Industry

I have to be honest with you, I never really gave concrete much of a thought outside of the highway- and pipe-related feature stories I had written while I was an editor for a different publication. Read more

Efficiency in Tight Spaces Des Plaines, Ill. Efficiency in Tight Spaces Des Plaines, Ill.

To battle the small jobsite and busy downtown traffic along River Road in Des Plaines, Ill., SREE Construction had to take over one lane of River Road for a limited amount of time each day to maneuver the panels into place. Read more

Concrete Did That Concrete Did That

From insulated concrete forms (ICFs) to colorful concrete creations, the 2007 National Association of Home Builders' (NAHB) Concrete Technologies Tour made a mark for old hats and new faces. Read more

Concrete Floor Slabs Concrete Floor Slabs

Common mistakes in concrete floor slab construction can be avoided with proper base preparation, mix design, placement, finishing, and curing. Read more

Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement

Permeable interlocking concrete pavements (PICPs) offer an environmentally friendly way of providing long-lasting beautiful walkways and driveways Read more

Take Dramatic Steps Take Dramatic Steps

Concrete steps can be found in almost every home with finishes from natural gray to colored and decorative. Read more

Mechanical Stud Anchor Allows Easy Insertion

With an improved wedge design and higher strength base material, the Kwik Bolt 3 stud anchor allows shallow embedment depths to reduce drilling time. Read more

10 Tips for Foundation Drainage

Keeping water drained away from home foundations is important for three reasons. Read more

Other Articles
Powers Fasteners Heli-Pin

The Heli-Pin facade anchor stabilizes brick and masonry walls and makes less visible repairs to masonry building facades. Read more

Tile Eze USA Keil mechanical anchor

Made from stainless steel, the Keil mechanical anchor comes in eight different lengths from 4 mm to 15 mm. Read more

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