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Epoxies and Other Options

“There is a growing high-end garage floor market for epoxies,” says Tim Goote, owner, Acme Epoxy Flooring, Grand Rapids, Mich. “It's easy to clean, seamless, and people love to look at it.” Read more

Garage Floor Coatings Pickup Speed Garage Floor Coatings Pickup Speed

The trend to upgrade your garage floor is gaining popularity. This additional space accommodates entertainment areas, second kitchens, and workshops, and homeowners understand that this existing square footage can be the least expensive expansion to their home. Decorative finishes, such as vinyl color flake, quartz aggregates, and embedded images, are being sealed with epoxy coatings, acrylic sealers, and now polyaspartic polyurea floor coatings. Read more

Insulating Concrete Forms Insulating Concrete Forms

As the conclusion to the first decade of the 21st century approaches, builders are making the move to insulating concrete forms (ICFs) in custom-build projects, incorporating them in a variety of applications and design. Read more

Five Who are Influencing the Concrete Home Building Industry Five Who are Influencing the Concrete Home Building Industry

For the first time, Residential Concrete is writing about people who are making a difference in the concrete housing industry. Through their efforts they are improving the way concrete is used in residential construction and the way consumers are being taught about the values and benefits of concrete. This is at a time when sustainability and building green have suddenly become a national priority. The following individuals have been critical to this movement. Read more

Building the Wright Way

In 1950 the Chahroud's asked Frank Lloyd Wright to design a house for them on their newly acquired island in Lake Mahopac, N.Y. Their instruction to him was to "design the house of his dreams" and there is indication that Wright did just that. Read more

Residential and Decorative Concrete a Focus of WOC 2008 Residential and Decorative Concrete a Focus of WOC 2008

The ever-expanding spectrum of residential concrete will be the focus for many attendees at the 2008 World of Concrete this Jan. 21–25 in Las Vegas. Read more

Cast-In-Place Retaining Walls Cast-In-Place Retaining Walls

Removable concrete forms can create a vertical concrete retaining wall with almost any shape desired. Large walls and special situations require design by a professional engineer. The typical installation procedure for a simple retaining wall less than 4 feet tall on good soil is described in this article. It is advisable to get local building department approval for the design, however. Read more

Federal Energy Tax Provisions

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPAct 2005 H.R.6) created tax incentives for energy-efficiency measures in buildings or systems placed in service from Jan. 1, 2006 through Dec. 31, 2008. Read more

Engraving Concrete—Unlimited Color and Design Engraving Concrete—Unlimited Color and Design

A simple concept such as cutting a line into concrete with diamond blades and reciprocating impactors produces attractive geometric and complex curvilinear forms. Read more

HouseGuard Waterproofing ComfortDRY LC

ComfortDRY LC is an elastomeric and high-build waterproofing coating for masonry and concrete surfaces. Read more

Below the Grade: Mix Design for Foundation Walls

Mix design is based on knowledge of the materials, experience, and testing. If job conditions are different from lab conditions, the trials should extend to the field to replicate job conditions. Read more

Other Articles
Walk the WOC

Hosted at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Jan. 21–25, WOC 2008 is the largest trade show in the industry, with more than 1700 exhibitors. Catering to contractors, manufacturers, and industry professionals, there is something for everyone. Read more

Epro Services System III

The System III moisture barrier application consists of three components: Ecoshield-P is a tough, nondegrading, laminated sheet that provides a substrate for the liquid membrane. Read more

Cosella Dorken Products Delta-MS

Delta-MS is a waterproofing treatment that keeps basements dry using air-gap technology. Read more

Tremco Barrier Solutions Tuff-N-Dri

Tuff-N-Dri basement waterproofing system consists of a seamless membrane that seals out leaks and seepage from basement walls and an insulating board on the outside that reduces condensation on the inside. Read more

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